Tuesday, June 21, 2011

First day of summer...

"I wonder what it would be like to live in a world where it was always June." 
                                                                       ~ L. M. Montgomery                              

It's the first day of summer and the days of June are hot and sunny, when it's not raining.
It's a time for strawberries and ice cream.  (Why do I always think of food?)
School is out and the swimming pools are busy, vacation plans are being made,
 and summer baseball is underway.  Do you have vacation plans made?
The evenings are still cool enough to sit out and watch the fireflies.  When is
the last time you prepared a glass jar hotel for fireflies or lightening bugs?
Gardens are growing and flowers are blooming everywhere.
Summer is meant to be filled with laughter and fun along with the everyday
chores of life.  Enjoy your summer!

Until next time...


  1. when you find the place that it is always June liet me know -- I'll be there..

  2. Our June has been a record breaking brutal heat already. Hit 105 this past weekend... Thank goodness for a bit of rain today... Your June sounds lovely! I want one! Hee hee! blessings ~ tanna

  3. Winter here at the mo. I adore the photo's you posted today!

  4. your gardens are soooo pretty and your daylilies look so healthy.

    i adore summer with all the fun things there are to do!!!

  5. I loved the picture and your thoughts. We are just barely starting to get warm weather and it feels so good.I love to see the flowers bloom and the trees turn green. Summer is full of fun and I look forward to some outings out with the grandchildren. Recently it has been going to their baseball and soccer games.
    I enjoy following your posts.
    Blessings to you!

  6. Wonderful thoughts spoken here today.
    June would be super nice to keep around, but just not this June! You know what I mean with all of our 104 and 105 temps...We did have rain today, but afterwards...it was like a sauna!
    Your pictures are so colorful! I always get a smile on my face when fireflies are mentioned...great memories of my childhood...
    Enjoyed your post..
    Take care sweetie...

  7. Happy first day of summer to you, Cheryl. Your mosaic is gorgeous. June is a lovely month. I'll soon be celebrating a milestone anniversary and will be taking a little vacation to celebrate.

  8. Cheryl it is always about FOOD at our house! Love your flowers :) I think we will take a short two or three night stay at a B&B in Sainte Gen. It was beautiful today! The Montgomery quote-I am all for June here in MissouREE, add the month of May and I would be happy all year. Heck I guess you would have to add October too!

  9. Kristeen: Yep, me too! Well and maybe a few other months. lol

    Tanna: I hope your heat wave lets up and you get more needed rain!

    Kimmie: Thanks, hope your winter is a mild one.

    Debbie: Summer is fun if it's not too hot! It's been plenty hot lately here, so I hope the flowers continue to do well with a lot of watering.

    LeAnn: Thanks for your sweet comment. I know you are having fun watching the grands at their games!

    Shug: Oh wow! Now that's HOT! And we think 90's is hot here. I do hope you get the needed rain. Stay cool!

    Happy@Home: Congrats on your upcoming anniversary, Kim! Hope you tell us all about the trip when you get back. Have fun!

    Pix: Do you know that I can't remember ever stopping at St. Gen?
    Take photos, OK? I agree about May and Oct. Really, I think Oct. is my most fav month. Enjoy your St. Gen. stay!

  10. I agree: wonderful thoughts! Blistering hot here today, though, so it's a day to stay inside and be thankful to the person who invented A/C.

  11. Such pleasant thoughts! Your flowers just say "summer"!

  12. June here in our area has been the hot and breaking all time heat records. We are having late July & August temps in the high 90's with heat indexes over 100. Wonder if it will be snowing in August, as crazy as this year has been!!!

  13. What beautiful flowers! Enjoy your summer too :)

  14. We are finally having nice days too..first time in 9 months! :D

  15. Today is the cattle drive through town followed by a chili feed... carnival through the weekend.

    After that, many days on the boat and evening BBQs. Yes, summer is here...

    Blessings, Debbie

  16. Filling a basket with produce I have grown my self just reeks of summer for me plus dusting off the kayak and hitting the rivers is wonderful.
    Could be about 10 degrees cooler but is doable.

  17. Dianna: Oh yes, I am sooo glad to have a/c, too. I'm not sure I'd survive without it, I'm such a wuss. :D

    Deb: Thanks for your comment. I love flowers but they are a lot of work to keep them going with its so hot.

    Susan: Snow in August, I hope not! LOL I know what you mean, tho. It's been really hot here already, too. And it does make you wonder what fall will be like.

    Marcia: Thanks!

    Julie: That is a long time to wait for nice weather. So glad you're having it now. Enjoy!

    no spring chicken: Thanks for stopping by. Sounds like a fun time coming up. And BBQ's are definitely a part of summer! Love them.

    AR Patti: Did most of your produce come from the hanging baskets? Kayaking sounds like a lot of fun. Motorboats gives me motion sickness, I wonder about the kayak? May have to get brave and try it. DD loves to go kayaking.