Friday, June 10, 2011

Anniversary coming up...

♥ June 12, 1971 ♥

This Sunday we will celebrate 40 years of marriage.  And they said it wouldn't last!  We were engaged for about 9 months and I think many thought we'd never marry.  When we finally set the date, we decided that a big wedding was out.  I'm sure my parents were relieved as my younger brother had just gotten married in a large wedding a few months earlier.  We had my older brother and his wife standing up with us at the church and the rest of the family waited at the farm for us to arrive as man and wife.  We did have a formal wedding photo taken at the church, but I'll have to show it another time.  The snapshots above haven't fared well over the years.  Thankfully, the bride and groom have!  We've had our share of bumps in the road, but today I can say for certain that my hubby is my best friend and I am his.  This union has produced two beautiful children that we wouldn't trade for all the riches in the world.  We are a close-knit family that loves each other, prays for each other and we just really enjoy each others company.  We are blessed.  

Hubby asked me a couple of weeks ago what I wanted for an anniversary gift.  I'm sure he was thinking a piece of jewelry or something.  I told him that I didn't want a gift, but rather I wanted to do something special.  I asked if he would be willing to take a 2 week trip out west as we did a few years ago and he agreed.  I'm so excited, because I know he isn't as keen on traveling and being away from home as I am.  So sometime in September, we will take that anniversary trip. 

I get a good chuckle from the old photos when I see the styles and hairdos of those days.  Check out hubby's sideburns in our leaving for the honeymoon photo!  And that teased hairdo I have!  And my dress was well above the knees.  That was back in the days of the mini-skirts, you know.   Hubby remembers I was wearing a very short skirt the first time he saw me and told himself that he was going to marry me.   I remember his deep voice and blue eyes with very long lashes caught my eye.  That he had survived the Vietnam War was a huge achievement.  He had served with the 101st Airborne in that horrible Hamburger Hill battle.  He came home with a Silver Star, a Bronze Star and several Army Commendation medals.  He is my hero, then and now.  

♥ Happy Anniversary, Hubby, I love you!! ♥

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  1. This post bought a tear to my eye...just lovely! How gorgeous are you in these piccies and your husband is a bit of alright also ;]

    Congrats 40 years is a wonderful milestone to reach!

  2. Congrats to you, Cheryl, and that 'keeper' hubby!!!!! Forty years is WONDERFUL.... Love seeing all of the pictures.... I'll bet you are a 'natural' blonde... How gorgeous!!!

  3. Happy Anniversary to you both! What a nice anniversary gift to share in September, though I hope that you'll honor the actual day with something special, too.

    You were and are a very handsome couple!

  4. Happy Annivesary! We are just one year ahead of you and have a few things in common.
    First I made my wedding dress and mine looked a lot like your, especailly the cuff and see through sleeves.
    I too had a "going away" dress, which was very short, It looked very similar to your with the smae collar, only short sleeves and ablue. Very SHORT too. It's still in the closet, polyster it is! Probably dry rot by now.

    I can't wait to hear about your trip out west. If you go to Colorado, be sure to check out the tiny town of Ouray. It's awesome, there is also a great coal fired steam train you can ride between Durango and Silverton Colorado.

    And tell hubby Thank you, for serving our country.
    Have a great weekend!

  5. Oh - I love this post. You're right about the hairstyles and your hubby's sideburns! Those are definitely signs of the times.
    How wonderful to have 40 years together.
    (& I think those mini-skirts hooked many a man!)

  6. Happy Anniversary to the 2 of you. Your trip out west sounds like a wonderful way to celebrate 40 years of togetherness.
    I enjoyed seeing your wedding photos. How well I remember the hairstyles and fashions of the 70s.
    You make a very handsome couple.
    Wishing you many more happy years together.

  7. Hi Cheryl!

    Happy Anniversary!! I think that 40 years is such a wonderful accomplishment, especially in this day and age, and they didn't think it would last??!! What a beautiful love story... :0)

    The two of you look so happy - and you are so adorable!! Love the sideburns, my hubby used to wear them too - they were the thing then! He truly is a hero - without men like him, where would we be today? And, I know that he will always be your knight in shinning armour!

    At this stage in my life, a trip with my husband is always wayyyyyy better than a gift - it's the best gift! Have fun and take lots of pictures to share with us!

    Warm Hugs,

  8. Wow - that IS quite the teased hairdo. But that's what was 'in', back in the day. You looked great! So fun that you can celebrate now, and again on your little get-together in September. Happy Anniversary!

  9. I do so love to read the "happily ever after" posts. You two were adorable and your love for him shines through. His too for taking a trip that is not his first choice but he is doing it for you.
    What a guy.
    Happy Anniversary.

  10. What a wonderful thing to celebrate! Congratulations to both of you and may that trip be awesome for you! Love the hair...really! :D

  11. How sweet...Congratulations to the two of you...This is a Blessed accomplishment! We will celebrate 39 years on June 16th...I suppose June is a great month for weddings..
    Can't wait to hear about your coming up (2 week) trip in September..These are the best gifts of all....

    The picture of the hair, the sideburns...I remeber those days!
    Have a Blessed weekend..

  12. Happy 40th Anniversary - super wonderful - it's always enjoyable to me to see photos WAY back then - wink! Hope you are feeling better from the fall yesterday -- I wonder where you are planning to go in a few months from now -- umm!

  13. Congratulations on the big 40th anniversary! (We had our 50th recently).

    Hope you have many more happy years together.

  14. Kimmie: Thanks for your sweet comment. Doing this post brought a tear to my eye, too. I wondered where those young looking people went too. lol

    Betsy: Yeah, I've invested this many years in him...guess I'll keep him. lol No, the hair isn't natural. I was born blond and was a blond until my hair started darkening around age 16. My mother brought home some Clairol and colored my hair and I've kept it up ever since. Only now I just get it frosted as it's not very dark, probably because of the gray creeping in. lol

    Vee: Thanks, yes we are going out on our special day.

    OBQ: I still have my dress, too. And I'm pretty sure it has dry rot. lol I just wish I could still get in it! I'll check out the town of Ouray, sounds neat.

    Dianna: You're right about the mini-skirts. lol Wish I still had the legs I once did.

    Happy@Home: thanks, Kim. I can't wait for the trip. It was so much fun the last time and I'm looking forward to it again.

    Barb: You are right, the trip is much better than a gift would be. No more long sideburns! I guess they weren't as bad as the time he grew a beard. lol

    Leah: Wonder if the teased bouffant hair will ever come back in? lol And remember the beehives? That's what my MIL and SIL wore on my wedding day.

    AR Patti: He is a pretty good guy, I think I'll keep him. I've never contemplated divorce, but maybe murder a time or Billy Graham's wife Ruth once said. lol I'm sure he would say the same thing!

    Julie: Thanks for your nice comment. I don't miss the hairdo, but I miss the figure...where did it go? lol

    Shug: Congrats on your upcoming 39th! It is a great accomplishment, isn't it?

    Kris: Thanks, I'm still a bit sore in places and my back is acting up again. Think I'll be going to the chiropractor soon.

    gld: Congrats on your 50th. Now That is an Accomplishment!

  15. Congrats to you and your hero hubby!! I loved the pictures... what a beautiful/handsome couple you are. Enjoy your special weekend, Cheryl!

  16. Happy, Happy Anniversary to you and your husband, Cheryl. Forty years is an awesome accomplishment. And, your husband is hero to us all. Thank him for his service for me. It is an honor to *know* his wife. blessings ~ tanna

  17. Oh, my goodness...your wedding dress looks like a picture of mine! And we all thought we were going to be so independent and individual! I loved looking at your photos. Happy anniversary, and enjoy that trip!

  18. Congratulations Cheryl! Your photos are adorable. Yes, the styles were something else back then, weren't they. We are one year behind you and will be celebrating next weekend. Rather than getting each other a gift, the plan is to go to New England in the Fall. I'd much rather spend money on travel than jewelry!

    Here's to another 40!


  19. Flat Creek Farm: Thanks Tammy, we did have a great weekend.

    Tanna: Thank you! I am glad to "know" you, too. My blogging friends are the best!

    Deb: Was your wedding dress short and above the knees, too? I loved that dress and I think it cost all of 20 dollars. lol

    Deanna: I agree, travel is more fun than jewelry any day. Congrats on your upcoming anniversary!

  20. Happy Anniversary Cheryl and hubby! What a WONDERFUL achievement...40 years...amazing. Isn't it wonderful when your hubby is your best friend and you're hubby and I feel the same way only we've been married 9 years. Oh goodness your hubby is so very lucky to have made it home from that horrible battle. PLEASE THANK HIM for his service ABOVE and BEYOND the call of duty. I hope you both have a WONDERFUL weekend and I agree with you...a memorable trip is much better than a piece of fancy jewelry..this way you both can enjoy it. Take care.
    Maura :)

  21. Maura: It's a blessing to be married to your best friend, isn't it? Thanks for your sweet comments.

  22. Soooo enjoyed this post Cheryl. Yes, Mickey had those long sideburns and I had the beehive look. Congratulations on the 40 years and plan a wonderful trip for this fall. Mickey & I have done a lot of traveling and so enjoyed it. Keep us abreast as you plan and lay out your trip.

  23. Susan: Thank you so much! I hope to get a lot of good photos on our trip and will probably be asking questions once we map out our exact route of what not to miss.