Wednesday, June 8, 2011

How does your garden grow?

This will probably be the only veggie left standing in our garden this year.  Hubby discovered late yesterday that some little critter was devouring my cucumbers.  The other things we've planted haven't fared well with all the rain.  Our garden doesn't drain well.  Next year I hope we can try some raised beds.  With a tall fence around them!  Or just forget the whole thing, except for the tomatoes which usually do well, and buy from the local Farmer's Market.

So far I'm having much better luck with the flowers.  However, that is subject to change, I know.  We will have to make sure they are watered when needed and in this current heatwave we're experiencing, that is every day.   Everything is looking good at the moment.

The same flower bed.  The top photo is looking up toward the tomato garden near the house and the next is looking down from the tomato bed.  Because of our walkout basement, the ground slopes on each side of a retaining wall.  Our patio is almost the length of the house and 24 feet out and it can hold a lot of flowers so I have almost 30 flower pots on the patio that require a lot of watering in this heat! 

Wave Petunias 


Stella d'Oro 

The above Stella is in a different flower bed, but I do have Stellas in the above garden also, besides the Wave Petunias and Verbena, there is a Black-eyed Susan, Delphinium, and Knockout Rose.  There is a type of Spirea that we transplanted from a row we took out of the south side of the house.  

Anyone having problems with posting photos in Blogger?  It  has taken forever to upload and I can't post photos side by side as I once did.  Maybe I should go back to the old Editor?  If you have a better way of putting photos on your blog, especially side by side, please share your knowledge!!  Thank you!

Until next time...


  1. I am using the old version methinks and no probs at all.
    Your flower beds are just lovely!
    Damn the pests eating your veg. We have same probs here but the pest is Mr Bush Turkey sigh!

  2. No help on the Blog; I am still flying by the seat of my pants on mine.

    The flower beds are looking good.
    Don't give up on the veggie gardens.
    You will find a way.........we fenced the entire garden....mostly because of the resident dog!

  3. (Grrr is right. It takes so long to do so little with Blogger these days. One can't format pictures at all anymore. It's a waste of time to try. So I'm grrrr-ing along with you.)

    I water nearly daily here and we're not yet in a heat wave. You must really have to water. Your flowers look wonderful!

    Sorry about the critter eating his way through your garden. Don't let him get that tomato. I have often said that it is not worth my while to plant veggies, though I've planted a few this year because it's labor intensive and cost prhibitive. Suppose that if the economy completely tanks and there's no food to be had, that'd be a different story.

  4. Sorry your veggies are under attack. So far no pests here but am watering my brains out with this awful heat.
    Fingers crossed, I haven't had a problem with pictures but I don't post as many as you do. Blogger is really having growing pains.

  5. Yep...problems here with blogger...Took me forever last night to post some pictures...

    Guess my garden will come from the Farmer's Market this year...Will just have to let them deal with the pests..
    The flower beds look very good...I'm with you, I have to water every day to keep the flowers looking healthy...

    have a wonderful day..

  6. -madly waving hand- Me! Me! Me! I've been having trouble posting my cropped photos! Vee has been hearing me whine, and said you are having issues too.

    I only know of one other gal, but she doesn't blog that much.

    -moan- -pout- -whine- -sigh-

    It gets better for me, and reverts back to some cropped pics post and some don't. Don't know WHY!!! Eeek! That's the worst part. Not knowing WHY!



  7. Btw, I've switched back to Old Editor and it doesn't help.

    I completely re-booted this morning even.

    And I don't look on Blogger Status. I haven't had much luck there. I have to have one geek helping me. A bunch of them, I can't get much out of. :-)


  8. Lovely flowers! Sorry about the veggies. We have been under extreme heat and drought for a month so I am well acquainted with watering.

    I am the most basic of bloggers and so far no problems. I just don't have time to explore options so I guess it is a good thing until things get ironed out!

  9. Your flower bed is very beautiful. We can't even have a garden here, too may wild critters, large and small to eat it all up! ;D

  10. Kimmie: Bush turkeys? I guess they would be like our wild turkeys. I bet they like veggies, too.

    gld: I thinking we're going to have to fence, too. But first I have to find that Liquid Fence to try that another blogger suggested.

    Vee: I agree that it probably isn't worth our while to try to garden as many problems as we have. I just love the fresh veggies, tho.

    AR Patti: It's not much fun to have to do so much watering as early in the summer as it is. Hope it cools off a little.

    Shug: Oh I was so aggravated with Blogger last night. It took me almost an hour just to upload the photos. That's way too long!

    Aunt Amelia: Sorry you're having issues with your photos, too. Glad you told me the old Editor wasn't any help, I was about to try it again. I, too, would like to know WHY?

    Carolyn: I'm really glad that most of my blogging friends aren't having the problems I've been having. It's been so annoying. Oh well, maybe it'll be better next time. One can always hope!

    Julie: I bet you have lots of critters in that beautiful area you live in. We have quite a few here just living at the edge of town. Too many.

  11. That's a shame about the critters getting to your cucumbers. It seems like there's always something trying to sabotage our well planned gardens. We are watering like mad right now just to keep things alive. 3 of my cucumbers bit the dust and I just bought 3 more to replace them
    Your flowers sure do look pretty. I love the colors you have chosen.
    As for Blogger, I have had problems with photos loading. There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason as to when it happens, but it is very frustrating.

  12. Happy@Home: We planted a few more hills of cukes, too. This time we will try to cover them for protection. Good luck with yours.

  13. keep growing your garden - and keep looking for ways to keep the critters a bay - then share it with me - how about going ahead and try the raised beds
    Gardens are important and wonderful way to help you through the tough times - that is if you do Canner - but in any case keep planting -- your photos are lovely.

  14. one more idea -- How about a green house? That's what I want in my yard next time I go to plant a veggie garden - and build it to go through the winter months.. that might be something to think about.. hugs

  15. Kris: thanks for the encouragement on gardening. We'll probably keep trying to grow a few things. I don't can anymore, but do freeze a few things. We just love having our own fresh veggies!