Friday, August 20, 2010

A Willow Arbor

First of all, that is not my husband!  I picked up a copy of Better Homes and Gardens Country Gardens recently and on page 30 found an article about this man, Bim Willow, a furniture maker who turns "trash" trees into rustic creations.  To find this article online and read how to create this rustic arbor, look here.  

I immediately thought "hey, we have the materials and I love the look, we could do that!" 

We have plenty of willows growing down by our pond that need to be cleared out.  Now if I can only talk hubby into helping me with this project.  I'll add this to our my ever-growing list of things we I want to do.

I can just picture this arbor with some kind of pretty flowering vine growing over it.  What do you think?

Until next time...


  1. I think it's scrumptious! Good luck with talking your hubby onboard. As a wedding gift, I purhased a book for my hubby about making rustic furniture. (He's a finish carpenter.) Believe me, it just never worked out, but I hope that it does at your house!

  2. I love the arbor! Make it his idea - that's what I do!! I would be very pretty with a flowering vine, maybe clematis, so pretty!

    I'm a little behind, so I just got done reading yesterdays blog - you are toooooo funny!

    I totally agree about the hair cut thing! I am such a procrastinator, I will put it off til' I can't stand myself, then, it feels so good when I finally get it cut! I have even tried making appointments ahead of time, and end up changing them to a later rime!

    Treats are ok! But I'm so glad yo confessed!!! Makes me feel less guilty!

    I think I should send the message about texting while you drive to all my kids - no one is invincible! Thanks for the reminder!

    Have a wonderful week=end :0)


  3. Cheryl I had to laugh at this and think small world! CH just set two support trees for an arbor that leads out to our west pasture this morning. We have some Hibiscus that he wants to let call the arbor home. We fell in love with Eve's(Sunny Side Up blog)arbor when we went to visit her in April. Her hubby built hers and we took pictures. What do I think? I think you definitely need that arbor, it is beautiful :) We clicked over to your link and think we need to customize! Good luck and I will be looking for pictures. Oh and I know if you are like us, it might be awhile!!!

  4. Looks like a keeper to me. Just be careful what you plant to grow over it. We built a arbor in the back yard a few years ago and planted wisteria to grow over it. It grew great BUT it grew very fast and had to be constantly trimmed back. Since it was getting a little dangerous for Mickey to be up on a ladder with a chain saw, cutting it back so often he had to eventually cut it back and kill it. He then took the arbor down.

  5. Love, love, love it! I have a great place in my yard for soemthing like this. Hmmmmm...where would I get willow? I dunno, but there's gotta be some around here!

  6. I think I want to make one myself!!!