Thursday, August 12, 2010

Flower garden revisited

I'm through with this work week...yay!...and today I'm awaiting my daughter's call to pick her up and go with her to pick up some supplies for her work place.  It's still very hot and humid.  The photos below were taken at Shelter Insurance Gardens that I posted about earlier.   Doesn't the water fall and pond look cool and inviting?  In spite of the somewhat murky-looking water...:)

It was a hot day like today when I took these, I remember being jealous of the fish!

I wish my flowers were still looking this good.  (I think my gardener has slacked off on the watering around here!)

This was a nice cool spot.

There is a glimpse of the schoolhouse in the background.

I'm still trying to find a photo of the one-room schoolhouse that I attended before publishing that post.  Hopefully, I'll find one to share with the story of my early school days.

Hope you are having cooler weather than we are...I'm off to look for photos while awaiting a phone call.  Have a good day!

Until next time...


  1. They are promising us cooler temperatures soon... I hope they are right!

    Beautiful pictures. I wish my flowers looked that good at this time of summer. Oh well!

    Have a great day!

  2. I can see why you were jealous of the fish...the color of the water looks fine to me...was it stagnant? Hope you find what you're looking for soon.

    My flowers are hurting in the heat, too, and our heat is not what yours is.

  3. I love the flowers - so many different kinds and colors! The pond is so pretty and I'm sure very inviting on a hot day. What are the large orange flowers in the 4th picture? They are gorgeous!

    We are only in the 70's today, I was almost tempted to turn on the heat! I hope that things start cooling off in your neck of the woods.

    I am famous for losing things - especially things I want to keep track of - can't wait to see it when you find it though :0)


  4. Our yard is finally green! We've had brown grass for most of the summer. All my flowers are gone, except for the hydrangea that is competing for "most tenancious blooms in spite of no water." Actually, I do water that bush, but that's about it except for the vegetables!

    Your pictures make me want to go on a picnic in a cool spot near some running water!

  5. We were in CoMo a couple of weekends ago with my Mom-in-law, CH's brother and his wife and we all took a walk around Shelter's gardens because I mentioned I had read your post. We all hadn't been there for awhile. It really is one of those places that you can let out a huge sigh and just relax. I needed a brown squirrel fix :)