Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tuesday tidbits


If I had more time, I would put a smiley face on each of these flowers.  That's how happy I am that the temp has dropped from near 100 to the 80's and in the 60's last night.  Whoo hoo!  I can be dignified when the occasion calls for it, ahem...no snickering from those who really know me please, but right now this cooler weather makes me feel positively giddy with delight! 

I'm still searching for photos that I've misplaced.  Nothing aggravates me more than to not be able to find something.  Do you ever look at something and think you'll put it where you can find it and forget where you put it?  I'm sure I'm not alone in this...please tell me I'm not...but it is frustrating!!


My furbaby loves to lay in front of the monitor and the other night I was reading blogs and just happened to grab my camera to get her picture.  For once, she didn't move when I did.  She follows me all over the house.  If I get up from the chair, she usually gets up too, to see what I'm doing.  Anyway, I thought that the blog I was reading with a photo of a kitten seemingly looking at mine was a photo op!  The blog is very interesting and called The Stone Rabbit.
Have a great day!
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  1. Cooler temps can really make a person giddy! I understand completely... Cute kitty and I know what you mean about "lost" files in the computer or anywhere.

  2. I'm very giddy too. We aren't done with the high temperatures yet, but this reprieve is much appreciated.

    And you are not alone! I'm also misplacing things. Things on the computer and my glasses top the list!

    Have a wonderful day.

  3. What a lovely picture! I looks like the daisy's are even happy to get cooler weather, I can almost see them smiling! Nothing makes me more cranky than to be hot and uncomfortable! We are starting to turn the corner toward Autumn, our nights have been very cool, with daytime temps in the 80's. I'm not sure I am ready for winter, but is sure feel nice!

    Don't you just love your little furry friends?! Your little Furbaby is beautiful! I love cats, but hubby and all my kids are allergic to them. I can have outside cats, but it's too sad when something happens to them.

    I see that, Roger and LeAnn commented on your last post. They are my daughters, in-laws!! I love them to pieces!!

    Have a great day!


  4. We are enjoying a nice, soaking rain today. Sooo badly needed and we are relishing it. But, they say we'll be back in the 100's by Monday :o(

  5. I was looking for my box of croutons for a salad. Found them in the fridge! We were just on a mini-vacation and I thought I had left my purse on the floor of the car and locked the doors. I got back to the car, doors were unlocked, no purse to be found. I panicked, made a few phone calls, then remembered I had put it in a suitcase that morning. Funny thing is, I was SURE I remembered BOTH locking the car AND putting the purse on the floor under the mat. Hmmmm...guess not!

  6. Oh yeah I know how you feel! These temps have given me a new lease on life. They have put a spring in this old gal's step. Love your sweet kitty. Our home is needing a kitty, yep we need another Country Cat :)

  7. It has finally cooled down in Montana too.....oh I love it too!!! Us hotties......definitely like those cool temps!! (O:(O:(O:(O: