Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Another one room school

This old one room country school house was seen on one of our drives late last fall through the countryside.  It is very similar in appearance to many one room schools that once dotted the countryside back in the day.  And it very much resembles the one I attended for 6 years that I posted about yesterday.  The next photos will show you who the well-known person was who attended this school for a few years.


Here is a closer look at the plaque.


General of the Army Omar Bradley (Feb. 12, 1893-Apr. 8, 1981) was one of the main US Army field commanders in North Africa and Europe during World War II and a General of the Army in the US Army.  General Bradley was the last surviving five-star commissioned officer of the US and first chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

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  1. Obviously, those one-room schoolhouses cranked out a lot of excellent students. Wonder if there are any stats on that...

    This school has a wonderful location...very pretty. Is it a private home or a meeting house or how is it used today?

  2. Hi Cheryl~

    I have so enjoyed reading about the one room school houses! Times are so different today . . .

    I love how you can recall all of the details about going to school for that 6 years, it must have been a very wonderful experience for you as a child! I still love the smell of new Crayons!

    My grandmother was a school teacher, and taught in a one room schoolhouse. She had very fond memories of her students, and told many stories about her experiences teaching there.

    I loved all the pictures - thank you so much for sharing!

  3. Another great post! I really enjoy these posts, as I am a great believer that children do best in a smaller environment. I taught school for 13 years before my current career, so these things are a bit of a passion with me!

  4. Who would have thunk it? Omar Bradley. Great posts with the one room school houses. This is just what I love about blogging, learning new things everyday!

  5. Glad you all enjoyed the school house stories. Thanks for your comments! Vee, I'm not sure who owns the school but I do know that is it used for community gatherings and maybe as a polling place during elections. Missouri Friends, aren't you just loving this nicer weather! I can turn off the a/c at night and open windows....wooohooo! Barb, hope you're okay, haven't seen you posting lately. We miss ya!