Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thursday's random thoughts

1.  Note to self:  Next year don't put marigolds in same pot with petunias.  You should know by now that they will get humongus and take over the pot!  How many years must it take before I remember this?  This is the before...haven't taken an "after" shot. 

2.  I'm getting my hair cut today, I'm so excited!  Not as excited as I was about the cooler temps, but close!   I've been needing it, just hate taking the time to do it. 

3.  They asked me to work some extra hours this week where I work part-time, don't they understand what part-time means?  If I wanted to work full time, I would have kept the full time job!!  I didn't make any promises I might not keep.

4.  My son will be home this weekend.  He's in a golf tournament with an old college friend.  What shall I cook?  Seems like I fix the same old thing.  I need new ideas!!

5.  My kitten, Stormy, is laying in front of the monitor with her back to me.  She looks like she could fall off.  I've put her on a diet.  She wants to eat all the time and is putting on weight.  Sounds like someone else I know...:)

6.  Tonight, on my supper break I ran to the grocery store.  I bought lettuce, spinach, cucumbers (mine are done in the garden), a green pepper (because I don't think we have any big enough, but we do have cherry tomatoes) and low calorie dressing.  I didn't buy the little sack of chocolate covered pretzels that I was drooling over in the checkout line.  They sure looked good...:(   

7.  I lied...I did buy a small bag of white chocolate covered pretzels and hid them!!  

8.  Last, but not least...have you been sent this photo by email yet, or maybe have seen the bumper sticker?  I cropped out the name of the pastor and church.  It is a message I hope my children, who read my blog, will take to heart.  And anyone else who may read this who text and drive.  Please think of those of us who love you before you do these dangerous things!  Talking or texting...either one is dangerous. 

Until next time...


  1. CH and I have taken a pledge to not use our cells in the car while driving. It's let the one who isn't driving do the cell stuff or pull off the road to do any yakking or texting.

    I enjoyed your Thursday Random thoughts. Don't forget where you hid those white chocolate covered pretzels that you didn't buy :)

  2. My flowers have about fizzled out. I'm thinking it might be a good weekend to clear out my pots & put out some fall color. Hmmm...I have a love for chocolate too & find myself stashing it away! I need to get myself to Weight Watchers...ugg. Have a great weekend! Enjoyed your ramblings.

  3. I enjoy your "randoms" and also want to remind you to write down the hiding place of the chocolate never can be too careful with snack security!

    I was in a book store today and noticed a whole wall full of magazines with FOOD and RECIPES...and all looked far yummier than anything I've cooked lately. Had I the time, I'd have browsed a little!

  4. 1.I had a kitty named Stormy. I had to put her down earlier this year.
    2.I need a hair cut and a color! I go to JC Penny's but thinking about trying somewhere new. Got any suggestions?
    3.I am part time and I work 3 days this week...ugh!
    4. My son in law was home this weekend. Glad we met for a bite so I didn't have to cook.
    6.I bought healthy snacks at Gerbes in Eldon yesterday.
    7. I also grabbed some baker's cheese puffs and hid them.
    8. I like the sign!!