Friday, May 18, 2012

It's a beautiful spring...

Peter Cottontail basking in the evening sun.  He
  was washing his face as I watched him.

The weather has been just wonderful here.
I'm loving being outside working in the
flower gardens and watching the animals and birds.

This is Socks, our neighbor's kitty who thinks 
this is his second home.  

Socks thinks the bird bath is for his drinking pleasure.   
I think that the flowers need to be pushed in a 
little.  It was getting dark when I finished this pot
the other day and it shows!

My camera has a mind of its own, I've discovered.
I was trying to capture the wildflowers and the 
bee which you might make out in the lower 
right corner.  Instead, the camera focused on the
bud in the foreground.

The wildflowers are numerous in the pasture behind
our house.  As I stood at the edge of our yard and
shot a few pics, I heard loud bird chatter not far

 Mr. Meadowlark and his wife were raising a fuss
because they thought I was too close to their nest
which is in the pasture.

The pasture will be mowed for hay soon, so I hope
their young are ready to fly before then. 

 I bought a few more flowers and a nice, new pot to
plant them in yesterday.  It seems I can't
stop making new flower gardens.  There is much
to do inside, but it's not
going anywhere and will be there for me to do 
when I get to it.  

How about you?  Wouldn't you rather be outside
when the weather is nice?  

Until next time...


  1. I know just how you feel. As soon as I get all my purchases planted and think I am done, I bring home more.
    It really has been beautiful but we are going into a string of
    90's in the next 7 days.

  2. Your flowers are so beautiful, Cheryl. And, the birds and bunny, too cute! So glad you are enjoying the beautiful weather! I believe you have to enjoy it while it's here! blessings ~ tanna

  3. Gorgeous photos - Socks is such a beautiful Tux! Love gerbera daisies. I planted lobelia in a strawberry jar one year; seems it doesn't do well once the weather gets really hot.
    Spring is such a wonderful time of year, isn't it? I, too, am going overboard with the planting...

  4. All beautiful. I like Peter and Socks. :) Our cat drinks out of the bird bath too, and if it's dry, she lays in it.

  5. It is pleasant to be outside. I mowed the yard yesterday and that was very nice. I have some flower shopping and flower pot shopping to do so that will be pleasant as well.

    All of your flowers are pretty and I am sure that your yard is beautiful. It must be a welcoming place or Socks would not feel so right at home. I see what you were trying to do with the picture, but isn't serendipity nice sometimes, too? It looks wonderful. Peter...hope he's as well behaved as he is cute.

  6. I'm impressed you were able to capture a photo of the bunny! Beautiful....

  7. i love outside best of all. and you have a wonderful outside to be in. love that bird bath mr socks is drinking from. sweet rabbit and beautiful flowers.

  8. I'm loving your Spring filled post this morning Cheryl. The bunny, Socks, the FLOWERS and Mr. Meadowlark! I am heading out today at some point to buy a birdbath to replace the plastic heated one we use for winter. Socks knows where life is good! And yep, I think you know I would most certainly rather be outside when the weather is being all gorgeous than inside!!!

  9. What a great birdbath. I have a difficult time planting in my jar. I finally got some sedum to take hold in the side holes.

    I still think you are doing a remarkable job with the new camera.

    These are wonderful spring photos.

  10. Yes, yes, & yes. It's almost too hot to be outside in Arizona unless it is early a.m. or p.m. Love the flowers. I have to to keep me away from the nursery this time of year cuz I'll be buying flowers & then trying to put them somewhere. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Good Morning Cheryl!

    Beautiful flowers. I say buy 'em all and enjoy them while ya can!

    I love warm weather,and I'm solar powered.... so I soak up the sun and light while I can!

    Did you make that little bird bath?
    I love it! How cute!!

    Have a wonderful weekend, and enjoy this beautiful time of year.

  12. love all your blooms. and a great shot of the meadowlark, too!

    after losing our sweet tuxedo barn cat this spring, i'd steal socks for myself...

  13. I love watching your garden through your camera lens. And I love watching Socks watch it all.

  14. Thank you for so beautifully capturing, your beautiful Spring.

    The wild flower-bee-bud pic... Even though you were aiming for the bee, it's still a lovely example of the photography effect of "Boukah." Or however you say it!!!! I love the effect, but can't remember how to spell the name. :-)

    "Listen; there’s a hell of a good universe next door: let’s go."
    ~~E. E. Cummings

  15. Oh and Peter Cotton Tail is so prettily captured, in evening "painter's light." Purrrrrrfect...

    "Listen; there’s a hell of a good universe next door: let’s go."
    ~~E. E. Cummings

  16. You do love the land don't you and the outdoors. It shows and it's pretty. Love how you have the flowers coming out of the birdbath - used by your neighbors cat. He's cute too. And the birds. My yard here in GA - is on a slant - kind of hard but I am working on it! lol How can you be in on the blogs and outside at the same time?

  17. What beautiful pictures! I love to be outside! Enjoy your weekend!

  18. What a pretty rabbit! Beautiful blooms! I hope the baby birds aren't killed. :(
    Socks looks just like a cat that was once our neighbor and his name was Socks too!
    Have a great weekend!

  19. Such lovely images of a beautiful spring have much beauty around you!!! The rabbits here freeze when they see anyone, he must have felt safe with you. I haven't seen a Meadowlark in a long, long time.

  20. Love the little rabbit washing his face! Those are all beautiful pictures. I'd rather be outside, but not necessarily working! :) I really like that bird bath/flower pot!

  21. Great pictures of the outdoors around you Cheryl. I'm like you, I would rather be outside now too. But I have company coming next weekend so have to spend some time indoors.

  22. Pretty flowers. Love SOCKS and the birdbath.

  23. The rabbit is just adorable! Great photos! And yes...I love being outside in this glorious weather!

  24. Great Pictures! And, I would rather be outside.... I need to get off this computer and go play.
    Thanks for the push!

  25. Cute bunny.. neighbor kitty stopping by for a drink and your beautiful flowers look so pretty. Mr meadowlark sure is a handsome fellow.

  26. I think your camera did a great job, even if it does have a mind of it's own...great pictures and a darling bunny...

  27. Wow! I love that strawberry planter birdbath. So easy and so sweet. I MISS my Scratches so much..he looked just like your cat.
    Every morning I'm in the garden in my pj's. :)

  28. Awesome photos...Really sweet!
    Yes...I do like to be outside when the weather is good. There are a lots of things we can do, and see. And do not forget That I was born in a farm...about 15minutes from the little town where I live now...
    I'm always forward to do to my the land, and the trees, and the chicken, and the mountains, and the wild flowers....


  29. We are so blessed here in Missouri. Your Meadowlark looks downright put out with you! Lovely pictures. Outside is definitely the place to be right now.

    Have a wonderful week!

  30. Flowers are spirit-lifters- I say buy and plant as many as you can! Cute pics of the bunny and Socks.