Monday, May 7, 2012

A few random shots

Most of these flowers are still awaiting
planting.  I did get the Knockout Rose and
the Salvia planted and a few of the Wave Petunias
you see behind the Salvia.  I should have them
all planted by now, but I've gotten sidetracked.

The cheerful looking Gerbera Daisies were the only 
spot of sunshine after the thunderstorms and rain
 began after 2 pm yesterday. 

It was a clear night Saturday night for Full Moon viewing.
This is a hand-held SOOC shot using, of course, the zoom.  
I will try to remember the tripod and use it next time.


The Robin is making himself heard in the back yard.
I hadn't seen the Goldfinches for a few days,
but noticed in between rains during the 
afternoon that a few of them were at the feeder.

The Honeysuckle is blooming now and smells so good.
What's blooming in your yard?

Until next time...


  1. Wonderful eye candy, Cheryl!! You took some beautiful shots. That moon was so SUPER! ;)

  2. Beautiful! You have a very steady hand and an unobstructed view!

  3. i love honeysuckle and it's smell. like those tall purple flowers.

  4. we're heading into the heat and dryness of summer now. love the colors you've got going on!

  5. So many are posting flower pics by now. Not so up here. We still have to wait, till chance of frost is past. -pout-

    WOW WHAT A MOON SHOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  6. Cheryl, what a beautiful kaleidoscopic of flowers.. shooting the full moon and Mr Robin.

  7. Beautiful shot of the moon. And I love purple and yellow together in the garden. Some of my faves.

  8. What a beautiful combination of flowers for your garden! It's all going to look wonderful when you get it in the ground where you want it. I LOVE your honeysuckle! (I have one of those too... which reminds me that I should get out there and take a picture of it.)

  9. Great picture of that moon.
    That was something else, wasn't it ?!

    Love the flowers. Hope it warms up, and you're able to get everything planted.

    The honeysuckle is gorgeous!

    Lilacs are in bloom here.. and still a few tulips and daffodils.

    Warm wishes..

  10. Beautiful moon shot Cheryl! Flowers are pretty :) We couldn't get rid of the rain and dreary weather could we? Saturday and Sunday were fine but the humidity was ugly. I have impatiens, petunies, vinca and ferns out! Not even going to begin the list of stuff CH has in the ground :) Hoping to kick the humidity out of here today!

  11. Your pictures are incredible. Your yard must be lovely. I need to get some plants in soon; but just can't seem to get the energy to do it. Maybe by the end of the week I will get my self together. Your beautiful picture and thoughts have brighened my day.

  12. I had a feeling you would capture a beautiful photo of the moon. It was totally hidden by clouds here.
    Love the color combination you selected for your flowers.

  13. live in Paradise, I say!!!!

  14. Cheryl could I have your permission to copy your moon picture and save it for maybe using at some later date in a post that it might fit with. It is soooo good!!!

  15. Lucky you to get rain. We are still bone dry though last night was noisy and windy but no rain.
    That honeysuckle looks too much like my bush honeysuckle that is devouring my property as I type.
    This year I am going Begonia crazy.

  16. Thanks for the permission, Cheryl!

  17. what a fun and colorful post.

    i noticed today that my knockouts are blooming and the old fashioned roses are full of buds!!

    the virburum and azaleas are still hanging on and i have some late blooming little kim lilacs that are just starting to bloom.

    oh and the rhododendroms started to open up today!!

    love your photo of the robin, my yard is loaded with them!!

  18. Such beautiful color Cheryl! I've been under the weather, sorry for running behind. :)

  19. Cheryl, you have certainly mastered the new camera. These shots could have been made by a professional photographer. The moon shot is spectacular.

    I have camera envy but I suspect it is the photographer not the camera at play here. I do think Canon gets top marks in digital cameras though.

  20. Beautiful pictures.

    My Clematis (sp?), are beautiful. As are my roses. Blackberry blossoms hold out promises if good things to come!

  21. I just love the smell of honeysuckle. I am looking forward to buying some flowers to plant. Next paycheck for sure! The robin and moon are beautiful!!!!! So are the flowers!