Monday, May 14, 2012

A Beautiful Day

Here are some of the many volunteer petunias that 
came up in various pots this year.  

The weather has been simply gorgeous lately and 
today is another beautiful day.  I've
enjoyed many afternoon breaks and evenings
sitting on the patio.   We grilled yesterday and
ate outside and it was so nice!  


A new little bird has been visiting the back yard
this spring.  I think this is an Eastern Phoebe.

I've been having to try several times to get each
photo uploaded to my blog.  This is not the
first time.  Is anyone else having this problem?

Until next time...


  1. i have had a few problems with uploading for the past 2 days. i upload 5 and then when i go back to get them, they are gone and i have to upload again. always something going on with blogger. love those petunias.

  2. The flowers are so pretty. In Arizona, it is getting awfully warm...104 degrees. Thanks for sharing. Have a great day.

  3. A beautiful day, indeed. Yes I had trouble uploading. Everything just up and disappeared when I tried. I gave up and tried again later, then it worked???

  4. Beautiful yard Cheryl! FeeBeeFeeBeeFeebeeFeeBEEEEEEEEEE! All day long! We love em! Sounds like the perfect Sunday!

  5. Hi There, I'm trying to begin catching up -after being gone for a week.

    Beautiful spring colors in your area now. We are getting some much-needed rain today!

    I struggle with keeping petunias alive --but love them. they just don't seem to love me!!!!! ha


  6. Love the flowers - beautiful photos. I don't have troubles uploading I have trouble putting something or getting spaces in the middle of the two photos. Love, sandie

  7. I didn't know petunias came up from year to year. Usually we have such a cold winter that they wouldn't survive here. They are very beautiful.

  8. Hi Cheryl...I have volunteer flowers, too! Don't you just love them. I think they are stronger than the new ones you plant. And, I am also having a few issues with blogger.

  9. Hi Cheryl,

    Beautiful pictures! I've been having trouble uploading pictures too. I've found it really helps to reduce the size of the photo.

    Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!

  10. loveliness all around you.

    no issues loading pics, but i've had slow loading of blogs and comment boxes.

  11. Yes, I have had some troubles, but not in the past few days. Annoying...

    Love those petunias that revive again. It helps the budget, doesn't it?!

  12. Your volunteer petunias are such a beautiful color.
    Your yard is so pretty and looks like such a peaceful place to relax.
    I've had that problem with photos loading from time to time. Frustrating!!

  13. What gorgeous flowers. Your back yard looks so pretty. I see a great spot to chill and read a book!

  14. Yes, I've had a bit of a problem. You have a wonderful view from your patio! Lucky you!!!!

  15. wow, what a view!! I can see why you would enjoy having your afternoon breaks out there. The petunias are just gorgeous. Have to admit I haven't had time to try to upload, so I don't know about that. Hopefully, it will be getting straightened out! blessings ~ Tanna

  16. Your volunteer petunias are beautiful. I would be taking many breaks on that patio too if I were you.
    Hope the beautiful weather continues.

  17. Your flowers and yard are looking beautiful!
    Any mosquitos yet?

  18. Love the view while grilling out! beautiful!

  19. The view of your yard in the first picture is so absolutely beautiful and peaceful!!!

  20. What a nice place! I upload a large batch to Picasa rather than individually to each post so haven't had any problems. But, I have been getting Service Not available when going from page to page.

  21. Lovely pictures and I envy just a bit the beautiful scenery in your backyard. My problem when uploading pictues is trying to get them positioned. The program that blogger uses isn't user friendly at least for me.

  22. The petunias are my favorites. I like them so much more than the fancy, frilled far I don't see any of mine coming back.

    It's funny how much I lost over our mildest winter.

    We have a phoebe nest over the light fixture on the back porch....not a pretty sight!