Monday, February 20, 2012

A Moo-ving Story

Look who is hogging the hay!
"Now what do I do?"

"I'll just go back to eating, that's
what I'll do!" 

"On second thought, she might call
the bovine police."

"Maybe I'd better get out of here."

"Coming through!"

"I'm out.  Are you happy now?"

Thanks to my daughter who noticed this scene in the pasture across the road from our house and quickly grabbed my camera and started shooting.  Did you notice the sun was shining?  Three days in a row we had sunshine!  It was great.  Hubby was off Friday and we packed a bag and headed down the highway.  We had a fun visit in Kansas City with our son.  I didn't snap one photo, just enjoyed the company of my two favorite men.

Until next time...


  1. Good grief, that is one agile and athletic cow. Funny!

  2. Cheryl, that is incredibly funny! Cows can be incredibly funny. Fun post. How fun, KC and visiting your son. I understand the no camera part. I hardly took a picture in Florida, I just wanted to enjoy every minute there. Love the look of "been standing here the whole time" in the last shot. The MissouREE weather has been wonderful after we got rid of that little snow event :) It felt and looked like Spring yesterday! Enjoy your Monday. We are headed to Jeff, then Fulton to see The Mama and take her to Crane's in Williamsburg for a cheeseburger! Maybe I shouldn't say anything about a burger in this comment for this post.

  3. too cute!! thanks, for the laugh. (:

  4. Cute pictures; glad your daughter snapped them so you could share them with us!
    I've never really thought about a cow getting up inside that "hay thing". Photo worthy, for sure.
    Glad you had a nice weekend. That's what I say when I'm with my hubby and son: "my two favorite guys". Gotta love it!

  5. That looks more like a bunch of goats than cattle. LOL! I have never seen one climb like that!

    Glad you enjoyed your weekend with you guys! blessings ~ Tanna

  6. My first thought was how in the heck did she get in there? Thank your daughter for answering my question.

  7. We have lost calves that got caught in the bars and broke their necks trying to get out. I hate the darned things, but we still use a few.

    Glad you got to visit with your son.

  8. I am so glad she grabbed the camera, i laughed all the way through each photo, this is hilarious. I wondered how she got up in there then saw how she got out. LOVE IT

  9. I just love these kind of capture the real story is so good..
    Seems that "Missy" was determined to get her share!
    Have a sweet day.

  10. I am so glad you had a great weekend with your two men. And that cow - I thought he was going to have to eat his way down!. sandie

  11. That is so funny!!! Reminds me of a little kid trying to hog all the candy.

  12. this made me laugh this morning! thank you!!!

  13. I've never seen one on/in there like that, too funny! =)

  14. Cute story, Cheryl... Your daughter got some great pictures. I'm just glad that the cow didn't get STUCK... ha ha

    Glad you got to visit your son. It's sunny here today but cold and there's still a ton of snow around.


  15. Cheryl
    This is just too funny! I love it.
    Those animals can reason far more than we give them credit for.
    It's easy to get wrapped up in visiting and never snap a photo.
    But that just speaks of how much fun you were having!

  16. These fun scenes are all around us if we take some time to see them. I don't blame you for just enjoying the company. Sometimes the best place for the camera is down.

    I'm happy to send you a magnet, if you're interested. :>

  17. Now that was one cute and moo-ving story. Your daughter was smart to capture the photos and your story was perfect.
    Glad you had fun in KC.

  18. This is one of the BEST post ever! Hubby and I laughed so hard! The expression on her face is priceless. Great photos!!!

  19. Agile little fella- glad didn't get stuck in that. Glad the sun is's about time!

  20. The pictures brought back a fun memory about cows. My parents and my brother and I rode horses up to a cabin. We had our dog, nippy with us. We met some cows on the way and the dog was scared of them so he tried to get on my brother's horse. Meanwhile, the cow came closer and then snorted and spread the .... all over the horse and dog. Yuck!
    We got our first read snow storm Sunday morning and now we have a beautiful sunny day with bright white snow. I just wish we would have had this one on Christmas Eve.

  21. If I were a cow (no snide remarks please) I'd be that bovine gal. She knew what she wanted and she went after it. Then she realized oops, I'm a fix now.


  22. So funny! Gotta wonder what that bovine was thinking! :))

  23. She is obviously the leader of the pack and didn't expect to get caught...Thank goodness the rest of them didn't follow.....

    Spending time with our men is glad you got to go......

  24. haha....I liked your moo-ving story.