Thursday, February 16, 2012

Blue skies, where are you?

I want to see blue skies!

We've had too many cloudy days lately.
 My mood is turning cloudy.
Does the weather affect your mood?
Tell me I'm not alone.

I need to fill my days with cleaning out
closets or painting the beadboard for the
bathroom remodel.  We have everything
we need, we're just needing to give the carpenter
the go-ahead.  He's ready now...we're not.  There
are a few things on our end to do like get
the beadboard painted, rip off the old tiles, 
things like that.  Why are we stalling?  I think
because it's winter.  We I don't like the house in
disarray during the best of days, but winter?
Winter is gloomy enough without a huge mess to
deal with too.  Okay, enough of that.  
 I'll just have to be brave and get started, and know
that when this project is done that I will be 
so glad and the skies will be blue again.

In the meantime, let me look closer at the tree. 
 See the bird's nest?

I've been watching this nest since the leaves 
have fallen.  No matter how much it has rained
or how windy it has gotten, this little work of art
complete with the feather hanging under it 
is still hanging in there and it does appear 
to be hanging.  I'm curious which bird
crafted this nest.  

I don't think the nest belongs to this cardinal, 
but he flew onto a nearby branch just long 
enough for me to quickly snap his picture.
A bright spot in an otherwise cloudy day.

Until next time...


  1. We live in the desert and have blue skies almost every day, but today we had snow! One sight we never see is a beautiful cardinal though, I'd love to see one of those :)

  2. After 3/4 of my life in sunny, brain boiling Florida, I kind of crave the overcst days. I know, I'm weird.
    Who ever built that nest was a good architect.

  3. Cheryl, it is just HARDER to get lots done when it is gloomy!! (Except for knitting. LOL!) I have so much more energy when the sun is shining!

    I doubt that is Mr. Cardinal's nest either, but he sure is a beauty! Hope the sun comes out for you today! blessings ~ tanna

  4. You're not alone, Cheryl. I find my energy levels plummet when skies are gray for too long. We had beautiful blue skies and springlike temperatures yesterday. I spent a good part of the day in my yard. Today is gray with rain expected and I am still in my bathrobe.
    I find birds nests to be so fascinating. It amazes me that such small creatures can build such strong nests. The cardinal is always a welcome sight.

  5. I love the shot of the nest, very creative bird that made that one. And where I live we don't have many really bad days so I enjoy it when I can before it gets too hot out. (o:

  6. that is one cool nest, can't wait to find out what lives there. heres wishes for you of sunshine and blue skies SOON as in today

  7. now you've got me humming that song! :) i don't blame you for being antsy for spring - or at least some sun!

  8. Sun will be shining here today. Though not very warm but warm enough. I'm not complaining cuz summer is right around the corner. Hugs.

  9. My guess is that knitted purse like nest is a Baltimore Oriole's work. We had a nest like that above our wine time place under the oaks and we had Baltimore's feeding peeping babies. I have some pictures of them if you would like to see them Cheryl. Could be some other feathery birdie though because there are other birds that build that style :) Beautiful picture of Mr.Cardinal. We have a cloudy sky here again today and it does tend to bring me down and I hear you on the mess of remodeling!

  10. We are having GREY skies in Las Vegas too! I thought we were getting out of the Pennsylvania winter, but it is pretty cold here and we have been wearing jackets for the last few days. Can't wait to see some sunshine.

  11. How sweet that the cardinal showed up on such a gray day. Oh yes! Weather very much affects my mood. Sometimes I can get over the hump by putting on some very cheerful music to work by. In fact, I should do that now. All the best with your projects!

  12. That's a sweet little nest. Winter makes us feel like doing nothing!!! Yes, the damp air makes my sinuses act up!

  13. The weather affects my moods too. Thankfully this mild winter has provided much more sunshine than usual, so I haven't felt so gloomy this season.

  14. Yes... the weather certainly can affect my mood too.
    I always joke that I'm 'solar powered', cause I need the sunshine to run :)

  15. That cardinal is gorgeous! I like the sun too. We moved from Chicago - they had 69 straight days of overcast - that is why we moved to Georgia! It is just the opposite! I need the sun too! sandie

  16. Well, it will be wonderful when you get it all done..I have never seen a red cardinal in real life, just pictures, I think they are so beautiful! We have the blue skies because we are at 7,000 ft. but it is cold! :D

  17. Sometimes the weather DOES affect my mood but something like a renovation would be a lovely pick-me-up! You'll be so happy when it's done. :)

  18. These are beautiful pictures! And yes, I'm beginning to feel the need for some sunshine as well!!! Hope you get the bathroom together soon!

  19. It seems all of us have had more gloomy days than usual this winter and it does affect me after a while....In fact, we are having another today.....

    I think that gorgeous cardinal was a gift to brighten your day...He's something else, isn't he?

  20. It appears you are in good company. I've had difficulty in even blogging. Just no energy.

    We are in the middle of a bathroom remodel too. Fortunately hubs is much more motivated than I am.

    Pssstttt.... the sun is shining (don't say it too loud, though, it will go away)

  21. Cheryl
    I love bird's nest. They are all so unique-just whatever the bird can find to make a cozy&comphy
    I do get tired of the dreariness sometimes, for sure. I don't think I notice it too much until the sun shines and then I realize what I've been missing. Weird, I know!

  22. Even here in sunny south Florida we had almost a week of gray skies. It dose become depressing after awhile.
    Love your shot of the beautiful cardinal, Cheryl.
    I believe the nest belongs to a neighborhood squirrel.

  23. Me too! The sun has been missing far to much lately. I think I may have a touch of S.A.D.
    Hoping for blue skies for us both soon

  24. The weather definitely makes a difference for me! When the sun is shining my energy is up, lower when it's cloudy and not raining. Rain I'm okay with and feel productive, but if it's snow, I just want to hibernate!

  25. I'm always surprised at how something so seemingly fragile as a nest can stand up to the harshness of the weather. I think birds must be God's builders.

  26. I love bird nest watching! They just amaze me... what they can build with just a beak! lol What a pretty fella. We have one that visits by pecking at our window! :)

  27. Hi Cheryl, We've had many dark, dreary days here this winter also... In fact, it rained all night last night. BUT- today, we actually had a little sunshine... YEAH!!! Felt like spring...

    Love your Cardinal!

  28. The weather does have an affect on me. I sure hope yo get some blue skies and sunshine soon!
    I just love the nest! Nature is the best! The cardinal is so handsome. :)

  29. well...I do have blue skies...instead of rain...and that is tragic for our agriculture!!!


  30. Oh...but you have great photos..indeed!!!

  31. Oh how I empathize with you.I have no energy or inclination to do anything when the skies are grey for weeks on end,we had one nice sunny day last week and my mood was immediately lifted.
    Roll on blue skies and sun.

    The nest is a work of art,hope you manage to find out who built it.

  32. That is a stunning Cardinal picture. Don't ya just love that bit of brightness on a dull winter day? Rainy days just make me want to grab a quilt and a book. I'm not good for any projects then.

  33. That is a fantastic photo of the cardinal! I just love them! I think your blue skies are down here with me. Come and visit!
    We do have our share of gray cloudy days, but they don't bother me at all... probably because I am originally from the Pacific Northwest, where that is the norm. Cloudy days just make me feel like getting cozy with a good movie, reading a book or baking. (that part can be dangerous when trying to lose weight!)

  34. I;m waiting on spring, but a few sunny days would sure help my mood. Good luck with your project!

  35. The skies affect me absolutely! Even when I have work and projects to do in the house, I still get more done on a beautiful day. It started out blue today and now it's getting gray and somber outside. Ack!!!!!

  36. The pictures are awesome. I love the one of the nest and bird. I so want spring to come. We have had nothing but gray skies for so long. The sun peeks through once in a while. I am very unmotived when it is like this. I have projects that I keep puttin off too.
    Dang, I need to get myself in gear.
    Blessings to you and more blue skies to come.

  37. Love that the cardinal visited to bring you a little color! Hoping for blue skies for you soon.
    Meanwhile, we have a nor'easter heading our way today: wind, rain, sleet snow..... no blue skies for us in the near future!

  38. Mr blue is playing peek-a-boo with Miss gray..