Thursday, February 23, 2012

Lemons, anyone?

I've been reading recently about how there are a lot of 
health benefits in the drinking of lemon water.

I was at a health food store in COMO to buy a bottle
of calcium and on the way out, I stopped
and picked up one of their free publications.
Inside was an article about Carrie Ann Inaba, one
of the judges on D.ances W.ith the S.tars.  She
mentioned her parents and their battle with cancer
and how it caused her to reexamine her own
lifestyle and health choices and set about finding
out what she could to hopefully prevent getting
cancer in the first place.  One of her new
prevention habits is beginning and ending each
day with a glass of lemon water so that her body
can be more alkaline than acidic.   She had learned
that cancer cells have a tough time thriving in an 
alkaline environment.  

  I don't know what to think about the alkaline vs acidic theory,
some say there is a lot to it but others say not so much.
I have read where lemons have many health benefits.
I won't list them all since they can be found by googling.
I have found out one important thing, at least for me.
When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.
Just plain lemon water makes me pucker, I have
to add a little sweetener to mine!  

What about you?  Do you use lemons for any
reason besides cooking or baking?  

Until next time...


  1. if i'm at a restaurant, i always have lemons in my iced tea. otherwise, i can't say that i use them at all. hmmm...

  2. I always use them in my water...Someone told me they help with weight loss so I keep them with alittle splenda with the water and lemon you have lemonade.....

  3. So interesting.
    I mainly use lemons for cooking and baking, and once in a while for cleaning stubborn stains.

    Have to read up about using them for health reasons.

    Hope you have a great night!

  4. I love your lemons n the beautiful blue goblet!! This really interests me,because my best friend has just finished her second round of chemo in seven years for returning ovarian cancer, and she was telling me her system is too acidic. I will tell her about this!! I had been wondering what to do about it!

  5. I do like a little lemon in the water at a restaurant and in ice tea.

  6. I LOVE lemon and I have to have some everyday, just because I love it so much. I love it in water and my diet Pepsi, in about everything I cook. Rub it on the dry skin in your feet too! ;D

  7. We sometimes make lemonade. Other than that we don't use lemons. That will all change soon! But, I will have to add water. :)
    Thanks for this wonderful information Cheryl!

  8. I have been drinking water flavored by squeezing a slim wedge of lemon in it for years. I need a little sweetener too! Then I toss the squeezed lemon section in the disposal and run cold water with a couple of ice cubes~fresh smelling disposal :)

  9. i like lemon in my water when out at a restaurant. love it in my water at home. i try to only drink water all day long. the hubby says you need to not drink lemon water to often or it will mess with the enamel in your teeth. after i got married suddenly i started having more issues with my teeth... never had a cavity in my life & suddenly i have tons & even a root canal. not cool. but i drink every so often. enjoy your lemons. i love them in my cooking & baking too. (:

  10. Lovely way to display the lemons in the beautiful blue glass, Cheryl.
    Along with the water and lemon juice I add some honey to sweeten mine.
    Pam :)

  11. In the summer, after I walk, I love to add just a little lemon to my water. It refreshes me.


  12. First, I LOVE that photo!! Beautiful!

    Now, since lemon juice is acidic, how come it helps be on the alkaline side of the litmus paper? I don't know what I think about all of that, but I absolutely agree with you about the lemonade, Cheryl!! ;) blessings ~ tanna

  13. well i eat whatever i like, and i mostly like cake. i may be "slightly" overweight but i am happy!!

    i always tell people that i am just like corron candy, sweet and fluffy!!

    plus who wants to live to be 100, my stuff's starting to look pretty bad at 53, i can't imangine what it's going to look at at 83. no thanks!!

  14. I hardly ever buy lemons. I do buy limes once in awhile.
    I think it's best if we all get back to a greener life style.
    Too much processed foods, plastic containers for everything including water. Get a glass! Geez!

  15. They sure make a pretty picture with the blue! I think lemon water is probably very good for you. A few years back our youngest had a huge kidney stone and had to have lithotripsy to break it up so it would pass......the urologist told us that in the south, they call it the tea belt because we drink so much tea.....he did recommend lemon water or lemon crystal light! NO TEA!!! My dad and husband also had a problem with kidney stones.

    I don't drink as much lemon water as I should but I do try to drink lots of water.

  16. That is a beautiful picture showing the lemons.

    I keep them on hand always but just use them in cooking..remember my lemon curd? and I love lemon pie. I do like a slice in tea or water but rarely take the time to use it.

    What surprised me was that it is so sour (I thought acidic) that it would make your system more alkaline! That is something to check into.

  17. i love lemonade and love eating lemons, but rarely have either one. i love the new wildberry lemonade at Wendy's but am sure it is so full of sugar it does away with the lemon good stuff. i don't cook or bake but if i did i love lemon pie and cake like mother used to make. there are lemon trees here in Florida that the lemons are as big as grapefruit and wow are they good. the photo is stunning

  18. I was captivated by your photo of the lemons and the blue glass. So pretty and my favorite colors too:).
    Interesting information about drinking lemon water and it seems simple enough to do if it really helps.
    I try to keep fresh lemons on hand for cooking as I prefer adding lemon juice and fresh herbs instead of salt when I cook. I usually put a small lemon wedge in my ice water, but no sweetener.

  19. I always ask for lemon and water in restaurants. Water is the best drink choice for my diet, especially if I'm choosing a more indulgent entree, and the lemon usually is enough to counter any "taste" the water might have that's different from home to me!

    I use True Lemon, dehydrated lemon powder, and Splenda in my turmeric tonic that I have a few times a week. Turmeric has wonderful anti-inflammatory properties, but it's a little bitter on its own!

  20. I rarely use them! Unless a recipe calls for them, which isn't too often. My hubby loves lemons and has been known to just eat them like an orange. Enjoy your weekend!

  21. Lemons are very alkalizing. In fact, my Doctor told me to drink lemon water to help keep the candida away.

  22. John has started drinking lemon water to help with arthritis. I don't know if it's working yet or not, but I'll get back to you. If it is, I may have to take it up.

  23. I have heard this theory and think there is something to it - hard to believe that lemons are alkaline and not acidic.


  24. I love lemon in my water. If it helps keep away cancer, then that's an added bonus :)

  25. I much prefer the smell of lemons than the taste.

  26. I always ask for a slice of lemon in my water when I eat out. Have no idea why I don't do this at home. Maybe I will try it. Thanks.
    It is one of my favorite flavorings.

  27. You are so right, Cheryl about the benefits of lemon, and I probably would not have gotten sick if I had continued the practice of lemon water in the morning. An acid body is one that cancer likes. Thanks for the reminder, I will now begin to get back on my regimen. Thank you for your sweet thoughts and prayers for my health, I am feeling much better.

  28. Pure lemon juice in water,taken a couple of times a day helps keep your bladder healthy also helps if you suffer with cystitis.I t is good for your complexion and makes your hair shiny if you use it to rinse after washing.

    Lemon juice and granulated sugar rubbed in to your hands gets rid of stains and I have used lemon skins to clean copper.
    I also like them just for lemonade.!!
    Love the photos.

  29. That's interesting about lemon water. I like to add a little lemon to my water, but not enough to make me pucker. Not sure I could handle that without just making lemonaide, sugar and all.

  30. Yes, there are so many benefits to eating lemons. As part of my most recent detox, I have started drinking hot water with lemons every morning when I wake up. See my blog about the power of lemons and more details about my detox: