Saturday, March 26, 2011

Still hunting

What a yucky day we had here in mid-Missouri.  It started out very windy and cold then the snow began.  It was pretty heavy at first and looked like it could stick around, but luckily it tapered off to a lighter snow and hasn't accumulated much.  I hope it's over.  But the forecast did put a damper on my plans for today.  We wanted to go to KC to see our son and go sofa shopping but that didn't happen.   So I spent some time online looking.   Here are a few examples of what I've seen that are close to what I'm looking for.
I may be too picky, but I prefer a skirt on my sofa and I'm not too fond of the nail heads, but the color is perfect.  
I also like this color really well, but there are those pesky nail heads again.

This one looks very comfortable and is a Lazy-Boy reclining sofa.  It may be a bit too light in color.  I'm sure they would have other colors.

I did find a sofa with chair and ottoman that I really liked in CoMo, but it only came in one color and it wasn't one that would go with my living room color, and we're not painting again so soon!  I guess you can tell that I'm looking at a neutral colors or something in a light brown.  I want to be able to change the accent colors or use a patterned fabric on the pillows.  

Missouri bloggers, where do you shop for furniture?  Columbia doesn't have as many furniture stores as they once did.  A couple of my favorite stores have closed.   A friend reminded me of a furniture store in a smaller town that I hadn't thought of so I'll be checking it out soon.  I still hope to find a few more stores to look around in.  I like to think that I'll just walk in and a sofa will call my name.  So far, that hasn't happened.  

Hope your weekend is a good one!  Until next time...


  1. I do like that first one, nail heads and all. The bad thing about buying new furniture is that the new makes all the rest look old. It can start a chain reaction.
    Can't help you with shopping.

  2. It makes me crazy when I have in my mind just what I want and I can't find it! I wish you lots of luck in your search for the one that will call your name!!

  3. I like the second sofa first and then the top one! All the furniture stores that we have bought our furniture from have closed! We bought our Lazy-Boy from the Lazy-Boy store in Springfield, MO and shoved it in the back of my Beetle three years ago. Seriously! If I needed a new sofa I would probably head to CoMo too. Then Springfield and haul it home on the trailer, IF it wasn't SNOWING! Oh and Cheryl there is always the Lake :) Good Luck Sofa Shopping!

  4. We're in the market for a new sofa and chair...we're getting rid of one chair. I feel your pain. It's going to take some time. I wouldn't dare to buy a piece without first sitting in it, which is why we're getting rid of ours...too low...too one can get back up. :D

  5. I'm in the same predicament. I've looked for a sofa that does not have cushions but has one cushion and isn't a monster...long enough for me to lay down. I haven't found one and I finally gave up. There is a place I could have one made but I'm afraid of the expense. Hope U find one. Have a great day.

  6. Must be the time of year for new sofas. I have begun to search for a new one as well. Unlike you, I don't know what I want, but I know what I don't want. Ever have that problem? I like your choices.
    Good luck and let us see what you choose!

  7. I haven't bought furniture in years, maybe since the pilgrims came over. anyway . . .but i have a friedn who buys all hers from Water's in Vandalia. They beat the prices of JC Mattress on the same brands.


  8. I just went through this about 6 months ago...I think I did the best thing I could have ever done...This time I chose a chocolate sofa and large chair....I love it! I can change out the pillows and have a new look for each season...right now I am using lime green and corals and it looks great...
    Hang in there...That perfect sofa is out there...calling your name..
    Have a Blessed Week.


  9. Hi Cheryl!

    My favorite would have to be number two! I love the color, and it looks very comfy!

    Buying new furniture is such a hard thing - if you are like me, it will be with you for a very long time! Last year, I bought a new sofa and love seat, I loved it at the store, but not so much at creaks!

    Good luck!


  10. I have usually bought locally. The small furniture stores here are great to order ya any color in whatever ya like. I'm one who is willin' to wait for what I want. If not here I usually go to Springfield but I can usually do the best right here in my own backyard.

    God bless, good luck on the sofa search and have a terrific Tuesday sweetie!!!

  11. I really like the top one - nail heads and all.

    I haven't bought furniture in eons, but when I have looked for any I've always had the best luck with JC Mattress Factory in JC or Besheinen in Loose Creek.

    Good luck with the shopping!


  12. Good luck with your sofa shopping, Cheryl. I was at my sister-in-laws house yesterday and she was showing me her new family room furniture. It all came from Lazy Boy (sofa, recliner, coffee table and end table). It was very pretty and seemed comfy. Apparently if you don't like the color on the showroom floor, they do have fabric swatches to pick from. She has another chair on order and is waiting for it to be upholstered in the fabric she chose).
    Hope your weather is improving. Ours is cold and rainy.

  13. Good luck on your couch shopping. I liked the pictures of the couches. We have one in the light beigh color and we love it. You can bring other colors into the room and I have enjoyed working on that.
    Have fun decorating! LeAnn

  14. Good luck on your couch shopping. I liked the pictures of the couches. We have one in the light beigh color and we love it. You can bring other colors into the room and I have enjoyed working on that.
    Have fun decorating! LeAnn

  15. Hi Cheryl!
    Hmmm I like the second sofa and then the top one. When we first moved to the country and after 3 months of living in the camper while we renovated most of the house it was time for us to go couch hunting. What a job! We must have gone to about 6 stores in the city and even though I had a clear idea of what I wanted...I was still at a loss after seeing so many. I did NOT want modern but because our living room is so small and we only had room for a love seat AND I wanted it reclining...we ended up with something very similar to the last sofa. It's not my style but I went with practicality and besides...I wanted to sit and hold hands with my hubby while we watched TV. It was a perfect choice for us. Thanks for stopping by today...good luck with your bathroom renovations! I hope you have a WONDERFUL Thursday...
    Maura :)

  16. Good luck with all that...I like the top one! ;D

  17. Mine is almost identical to the first one. Good thing is you can change out the pillows.

  18. Maybe you need to come wander around the Nebraska Furniture Mart in KC. It seems like they have something in every price range--from the cheapy stuff to better. Although I don't think they have anything really high-end. But they have a LOT to look at.