Friday, April 1, 2011

Happy April!

I've always loved the sound of the word "April".  Maybe because it says spring to me.  At any rate...Happy April!  No, I don't have any plans yet for an April Fool for my hubby, but I'm working on it.  My son will be sure to pull something, I know.  My daughter always gets her dad.  Have you been April Fooled today? 

I just haven't had a lot of time for blogging lately, but I've tried to do some visiting.  We have so many projects we're involved in or trying to get off the ground that it's becoming a bit overwhelming.  And that's why I'm here now, taking a break!   It is a busy time of year for everyone, I know.  Are you ahead of the game or overwhelmed with projects like we are?

The bathroom is yet to be started on, but we have measured and planned and now are trying to decide on the beadboard and a vanity.  We may keep our old vanity, just spruce it up a bit with paint, new hardware and a counter top.  Here are a couple of pix I got off the internet of different sizes of beadboard.

This bathroom is similar to ours but ours is wider.  So many pieces will have to be cut.  I wonder if we do-it-yourself-ers can handle this job?  Hubby thinks we can.  I'm not so optimistic.  Why don't we hire this work done?  I asked this too and got a "We can do this"!   Hubby will never let anyone else do something he thinks he can do.  Shh...don't tell him I said that. 

I'm showing this one because the beadboard is wider than in the other photo.  I like this wider look of the boards.  But not sure I can find this in 4X8 sheets.  I will have to look at Lowe's again, which is where we'll probably get our materials.  Decisions, decisions.  Narrow or wider boards, keep vanity or buy new.  Just the planning is hard work! 

This is not my living room but I just love the sofa.   I'm thinking it might be a slipcover which is something I'd love to have.   An impractical white slipcover!  A sofa has been ordered at a furniture store that looks like what I'm looking for.  They said I didn't have to take it if it is not the right color.  It's really hard to tell true colors in a brochure.  Keeping fingers crossed here.  Wonder what it costs to have slipcovers made? 

That's all my ramblings for today.   Back to work I go.   Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Until next time...


  1. No April Fools jokes here...yet! Good projects going at your home..good luck with it all :D

  2. Yes, a major April Fools joke here from Mother Nature.

    Oh I like the beadboard idea...and I'm certain that you can do it, too.

    Like you, I'd love to go much lighter with my upholstery, but white scares me...perhaps a linen look would do as well. We must replace the furniture eventually because it was not quality stuff and has become difficult for nearly anyone over 25 to get out of.

    So, that all said, I'll be watching you over here. Best of everything with your projects.

  3. Good luck with the bathroom,we had someone in to do ours and it was a disaster from start to finish,but then our house is very very old.We finished it our selves in the end.
    The sofa is the same style we have in the castle,we have three of them and we had a local lady who made the covers.They are white,so we had two sets made for each,so that we could change them for cleaning.
    Have a good weekend.

  4. No April Fool's jokes happening over here either.
    I'm honored that you stopped by to visit me in the midst of your busy schedule.
    Spring is a good time for home decor projects. I love the looks of beadboard in a bathroom. I'm anxious to see what you come up with.
    The white sofa is lovely. I'm not brave enough to try it, but I have heard good things about slipcovers.
    I think sometimes the decisions are the hardest part of these projects. Good luck getting it all figured out.
    Happy April to you too.

  5. No April Fool's jokes here! But Cheryl how did you like the weather today? Finally some sun, yep a little windy but I will take it. So you have a sofa coming-fun! I love beadboard! Understand about real life needing to come first before blogging. I mean that is what we have to do, live our real lives and take care of everything in them! I always be here ready to read when you have some time to get a post up! Enjoy your weekend!

  6. I think decorating is fun and exciting. We've done a lot of it over the years. I have bead-board in my dining area and just love it. Mine is 2 1/2".

    Keep us up to date on the progress!

  7. I never was one to pull pranks but I sure got pranked a lot. Guess I am pretty gullible. This year, all was quiet.
    Good luck with the remodeling and I think it is neat your hubby wants to tackle it.

  8. Several comments to your post today:

    I also love the word April. When I worked as a secretary, I was always so happy when April 1 (or the first working day in April) came, so I could type April at the top of a letter!

    Hubby got me but good with an April Fool's yesterday. We had been offered an opportunity to sell some stock that we had invested in a start-up company. He came home and said the deal fell through..... and then handed me a (sizeable) check!! YAY!!

    And I love the beadboard. The old house I grew up in had walls similar to that. I think you and hubby can do it! Looking forward to pics of the project.

    Sorry to be so long-winded this morning!

  9. I love April also. It is one of the prettiest months in our part of the world.
    You can do the bead board! We did our bathroom seveal years ago and it turned out great. We used the smaller bead board, but I really like the wider board as well.
    Good luck,

  10. My husband {Sam} pulled a joke on ME.
    I didn't even know it was April..I was still way back in March.
    I love the bead board...both sizes!
    I'll bet you will enjoy having it in the bathroom. And..I do like that sofa! Just think, when it all gets done, you are going to be one happy lady...

  11. I love the white beadboard in the first pic. I have beadboard paneling in the lover part of the bathroom and this gives me an idea to paint it and the vanity as well. Maybe new wallpaper for the top half as well will spruce things up a bit!

    Thanks for the inspiration!!

  12. April is a wonderful word and a great month. One of my favorites on the calendar. The photos you posted are lovely. Maybe it's because I love decorating and seeing how other people decorate, but I really enjoyed this post. You have a wonderful blog. Thanks for stopping by mine and following.

  13. We need to redo our bathroom too, and I love the look of beadboard.

    Thank you so much for your prayers for my nephew Jordan. He's improving daily, and we're all greatly encouraged.

  14. Remodeling is always a challenge. We used the narrow bead board in our bathroom remodel. It was actually very easy to put up. We used some sort of white caulk to fill any cracks before painting. I think we got ours from Menards but I'm sure either Menards or Lowes will be able to give you tips.

    I'm thinking I have too many grands for those white slip covers - but they sure do look pretty!