Wednesday, April 20, 2011


According to a recent article I've read the top five colors for spring fashions are honeysuckle pink, orange, yellow, tropical blue and lavender.

In the decorating world, all of these colors with maybe the exception of tropical blue made the list as well.  I don't let lists like these influence me when I choose items for my wardrobe or paint color, etc, for my home.   For fashion, I like almost any color with the exception of gray.  You will not find any gray in my wardrobe as it just doesn't go with my coloring.

And for the house, I prefer a neutral background so I can accessorize with any color I choose.  The exception being my red kitchen.  I love it and will keep it a few more years, I'm sure.   I haven't decided yet what color to paint the upstairs bathroom walls.  The beadboard will probably be white.  Right now the main colors there are navy and white.   Here again, in decorating, I like most colors with the exception of gray.  I've always found gray to be a depressing color.   But that is just me. 

Remember when earth tones were really popular?  I once wallpapered our former kitchen in a chocolate brown with white dots in the design.  The cabinets and woodwork were white.  I got compliments on that kitchen.  I can't imagine a brown kitchen now.  But the truth is that one of the reasons I picked out that particular wall paper was that it was a really heavy vinyl and it covered a lot of flaws on the walls of that kitchen in the old farmhouse we used to live in.  And it turned out great and was "in style" at the time.

I'm not a real big fan of green although I like the soft sage green.   And I was quite fond of the navy, hunter green and burgundy color scheme several years ago.  I do love plants and feel that they add punch to a room.  There are several shades of green that I feel only belong outside unless it's a plant.  Take this green below. 

No, you will not find John Deere green in my house.  It really almost matches the green of the grass doesn't it?  Maybe that's why I don't do green in the house...we are surrounded by it outside in the spring and summer.  And remember the avocado green and harvest gold of long ago?  Oh my.

What are your favorite colors?  Is there a color that you wouldn't ever wear or have in your house?  Do you like neutrals or a lot of color? 

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  1. I'll pass on the honeysuckle pink. The others I love. My favorite color right now is RED. I have all kinds of flowers in red & purple. Have a great day.

  2. Hi Cheryl~

    I'm glad to be back too! I missed you!

    Isn't it funny how colors change so often? But, what comes around goes around, doesn't it. Going through all those pictures, I found lots of different colors that came and went out of fashion! Like, orange, or should I say, burnt orange! Orange carpet, orange and harvest gold plaid drapes, my harvest gold stove and matching refrigerator! And I would not have dreamed that I would ever get rid of my avocado green telephone, princess line . . . with a dial! Oh my!!

    Well, my taste has changed some, although I still have an avocado green tea pot in my travel trailer... :0) I love the earth tones too; my living room is kind of a buckskin color - it changes throughout the day, according to the light. I have the same color in my bedroom, accented with blues, browns and gold. I do love green, but like you it has to be a muted color of green, not bright or dark. I'm finishing the bathroom in the basement, and I also have white bead board on the walls! I'm painting the top with a beautiful yellow, to keep it light and bright!

    As for my clothes - I'm partial to black and white, it never goes out of style!

    Fun post - makes me think that I need a few changes in my color scheme!


  3. It depends on what day it is!! Maybe what hour! LOL! Hope you and yours have a wonderful Easter! blessings ~ tanna

  4. I don't think of ORANGE in spring much at all... I like the yellows, pinks and purples/lavenders of spring...

    I'm more of a plain jane person --and I use neutral colors most of the time. I did put a mossy green carpet in the house --and have been satisfied with it...

    My favorite colors are YELLOW in Summer, ORANGE in Fall, and BLUE in winter...


  5. I am not swayed much by what is in this year or that year..but I do love color and almost every color too, except for gray, to me it's kind of depressing. I don't think I have a very favorite but I do seem to love red! ;D

  6. Love bright yellow clothing but I can't wear it as it does not go with my skin tone and coloring at all. BUT love to see it on other people.

  7. My closet is filled with bright colors and plenty of red but for my house, I too like to keep the walls fairly neutral. It's just so easy to add or change colors that way.

    For some silly reason Hubs calls the John Deere green...Zebra green. I've never seen a green Zebra or figured that one out!

    God bless and have a fantastic day!!!

    BTW: Happy Easter Giveaway, my place...ya'll come!!!

  8. Mine is purple! Its my birthstone but I just love the color! I even had a purple PT Cruiser at one time. The house is mostly white, that what the hubby likes. But I do have a bath with purple accents! :)
    Happy Easter!

  9. I like neutrals so that I can add color just like you. When I was a young bride, my colors were autumnal ones so I was pretty happy with the gold refrigerator. Ha! My favorite color is yellow, but I can't wear it. My hubby's favorite is green as is my sister's and my daughter-in-law's. I understand it's a calming color.

  10. I pretty much like all colors. Your John Deere reference made me remember a house I see when I travel between schools. Whomever lives there shows their happiness by a John Deere green garden. Every garden ornament is that lovely shade of green.