Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A strange...

I had the table all cluttered up with my laptop, tripod and various books and papers.  So, of course Stormy had to be in the middle of all of that.  She especially likes to get under the papers and scoot them all over the place.  Tell me, please, if you have a sure-fire way of keeping your kitty off the table and other places you don't want them!  I fail to have any luck in this area.  Of course, it doesn't help if my hubby laughs and thinks it's funny that she does this.  
Now for the strange.  I spotted this poor little female Cardinal outside my window eating from my new bird feeder that was one of my birthday gifts.   At first glance I wasn't sure what it was.  Here she is followed by a closer shot.

The poor little bird looks like she's been scalped!  I've seen her several times at the feeder lately.  I can't help wondering what happened to her feathers.  Any thoughts?

About New Editor...I've had trouble this morning with placing photos where I want them.  The first photo was supposed to be in the center and it says "center" but as you can see it's not and it won't let me move it.  I've had this trouble before.  And other problems I won't go into now because it's time for me to get to work and quit playing with my blog!  Hope you have a great day.  It's going to be windy here, but at least the sun is shining.

Until next time...


  1. Your kitty is a pretty girl. I have to agree with your husband - I think it's funny when they get into stuff too.
    And the poor bird. That is really sad.

  2. Blogger can be a bugger...

    I'd like to know how to prevent a cat from getting in the middle of anything myself. Mine loves to be right in the crocheting. The sweetest thing is that she usually shows up for morning devotions, too. That we find very amusing.

  3. I love it when they I make my bed, my cat loves to be the bump under the the bird shot too! ;D

  4. I loved the pictures and especially the on of your cat. We have a dog that loves to get up on the bed and roll around on the pillows and then dump them of the bed. I would like to train him not to do that.
    I too have had a problem with centering pictures.
    You are such a blessing to the sweet bird. I think I will put a feeder out this year and see how it goes.

    Blessings! LeAnn

  5. oh, that poor lady cardinal; she has had her crown removed! yikes. hope it fills back in soon for her!

    your kitty is beautiful. i don't think there is a way in the world to control a cat. lol!

    blessings ~ tanna

  6. Wondering if a bigger birdy attacked him?

  7. We have lots and lots of cardinals, but I have never seen one like this. Glad the weather is getting warmer so her head won't be cold.
    I love your bird feeder and I agree with Tanna, I think cats train us instead of us training them!

  8. Poor little birdie.....but it sure looked like it was enjoying itself at the feeder....
    Beautiful Kitty...i love kitty's, but my sweet husband is not a we have a puppy!

  9. My goodness, I've never seen anything like that poor little bird! Hope your weather holds...too much cold and she had nothing to keep her warm!!

  10. Poor little Cardinal... She either had an attack by a hawk --or something ---or maybe she is sick... Sometimes birds get puffy looking when they are sick... I don't know --but she certainly is pitiful looking.

    Seems like many people continue to have Blogger problems. I know it drives us all batty!!!!!


  11. Sorry to be a day late leaving this comment. Love the photo of your kitty. I have read (no first-hand experience) that if you place aluminum foil on the surface that you don't want a cat on, after the first time they jump on it, they don't like the sound and won't do it again. Worth a try!
    And years ago (probably 30+), we had a cardinal at our birdfeeder that had the same scalp problem!