Monday, April 18, 2011

Lavender....a color of spring

It was a beautiful Sunday in my town.  We
got quite a bit of work done in the yard
since it was a mild and not so windy day.
First of all some of the Redbuds in the
yard got a bit of a trim.  You can't get the riding mower under the lower branches, so they had to go.  I love the lavender pink color of the Redbuds.  They're beginning to leaf out now and soon the pretty blooms will be gone until next spring. 

One of the trees has a cute little bird nest
in it so I watched to make sure Hubby didn't
cut the wrong branch since the nest wasn't very high.  The Robin wasn't too happy about her territory being invaded and flew away.  She was back later in the nest.


The lilacs are blooming and the scent in the yard was just heavenly.  The color of lilacs is pretty, too.  I remember when I was very young that my Easter outfit was all in lilac or I suppose we called it lavender.  Even my shoes were lavender as well as my bracelet.  I don't think I've worn much lavender since!                                                                               

 This pesky ground cover weed is trying to take over our yard.  I'm
not sure what it's called, but I call it a Pain!  Our yard is entirely
too big to redo and put in that lovely grass sod.  We have 3 lots
 so you can imagine that it would be quite an undertaking not
  to mention quite expensive.   The moles have also been 
       having way too much fun making runs and hills, too.   

I don't like the noise of lawn mowers or chain saws on Sundays.  I really wish they would ban such noises on one day of the week, but I know that will never happen.  I suppose that for a few people that could be the only day they might have to get such work done.  We don't normally work this hard or noisily on Sundays ourselves, but it was such a nice and non-windy and dry day that we felt we should get these things done.  How was your weekend?

Until next time...


  1. Lavender really IS the color of spring, isn't it? A yard on my street is covered with this last stuff...the ground weed-cover, whatever, and it looked like a he was growing a crop to harvest! Before I got down there to get a photo, he mowed it.

  2. Your lilacs are soooo beautiful and I can only imagine the wonderful scent!! The pesky groundcover does have lovely flowers (for now). blessings ~ tanna

  3. Lavender pink buds . . . and they call them redbuds! I've never figured that one out.

    My Lilacs I recieved from Flat Creek Gal, aren't big enough to bloom yet, I can hardly wait for them.

    Looks like a wet week ahead!

  4. We're still deep in "messy" spring so no yard work yet for us. And perhaps just a bit next Saturday in hopes of making a welcoming presence for Easter guests.

    Glad that you had a good weekend of yard work. It always is such a mess after a long winter.

  5. I love licals. I don't know why I have never planted one. I hear lots of mowing on Sundays as well but I figure they work all week and Saturday wasn't a very nice day here. I mow on week days. One because I don't want it to intrude on my weekends and two I part of my yard runs along the gravel road. There are less cars but I ALWAYS turn my blades off until the cars pass.

  6. Oh the gorgeous lavenders of Spring... Wonder why they EVER named RED Bud with that name.. Maybe the buds are reddish --but overall, it should be called Lavender Bud... ha

    Beautiful Lilac.... At least the ground cover has pretty flowers right now... ha

    George mowed some yesterday afternoon also --since he hasn't been able to do it because of all of the rain... Oh Well!!!!! So goes Sunday!


  7. Your lilacs are so pretty and I'm trying to conjure up a whiff of them. There is nothing like that heavenly smell.
    I agree with you about wishing all that noisy yard equipment could be silenced.
    Glad you had a nice Sunday.

  8. Loved your post as usual. The pictures were awesome. I love Lilac bushes and I had a miracle happen with one that I planted. I may repost this story at some point. We don't have anything around here in blossum yet; which is sad. Just a lot of rain for now.
    Blessings to you! LeAnn

  9. I can just smell those lilacs right now...So sweet! Not sure what that pesty little {ground cover} is, but the blooms are very pretty...Feels good doesn't it, to get a lot done out in the yard...always makes me feel good!
    Love your usual!


  10. We have tulips, we have crocus, we have hycintha, we have daffodils...where oh where is our lilac? Hope it comes back after a poor showing last year. Your pictures are beautiful! Happy Easter!