Thursday, April 7, 2011

Two of my favorite things

Hubby and I grabbed some fast food yesterday (Wednesday) evening and headed to the lake and ate while watching the sun go down.  It was a very nice day here in mid-Missouri.  The sun going down behind the clouds usually tells me that rain may be in the forecast and sure enough I see on the weather map on my sidebar that we have a possibility of strong storms tomorrow. 

After we got back home, and when no one was looking, I got into my secret little stash of chocolate.  I know, I'm shameless when it comes to my little craving.  Just gotta have a little bit every single day.  A tiny bit.  Okay, some days it's more than a tiny bit.  Here is my new little addiction craving.

This delicious chocolate can be found at Aldi's.  It comes in several flavors like dark chocolate, etc.  I found out about it in JCPenney's lingerie department of all places.  A lady I was standing behind at the checkout (she was buying a girdle) was talking about how she loved chocolate and was taking a lot of it with her on a trip and mentioned where she got it and how good it was.  Well, you can bet your bippy that as soon as I was out of the store, and into my car, you could see me hightailing it over to Aldi's to get some of this most delicious treat to try out.  Now I don't know whether to thank her or wish I had been in Dillard's that day instead of JCP! 

This wonderful chocolate is made in Austria.  You can see how many calories is in just a "tiny bit".  Maybe next time I'll buy the dark chocolate...isn't it supposed to be good for you?  Oh, but it's just 1.29 a bar...very reasonable. If you have an Aldi's in your area and love chocolate like I do, you must try it.  You'll thank me...I think.

Well, there you have it.  Two of my favorite things.  Sunsets and chocolate.   I'll probably be having to join a gym before long and it would be just my luck to get an instructor just like Christo!  (see post below)  I don't pick up anything heavier than a chocolate bar myself.   Or a hamburger.  Oh, okay...maybe my kitten.  

Until next time...


  1. That sunset photo is stunning. What a gorgeous sight. Chocolate is one of my weaknesses. Now I will heading over to Aldi's too.

  2. LOL! I'm a co-stasher of chocolate myself! LOL! And, I can't think of much better than chocolate and sunsets like the one you posted! blessings ~ tanna

  3. What a breathtaking shot. That is a breathe deep and be happy scene.
    Do try the dark. I love it and it is good for your heart. We don't have an Aldi's which I am grateful for. Phew.

  4. I'm grinning because I was out and about last night with my hubby, too. We didn't watch the sunset, though it did set while we were galivanting. That photograph is gorgeous!

    Yes, I love chocolate, too. Can't keep any in the house, though. Too dangerous. I'm not a "tiny bit" person. I'm so happy that we don't have an Aldi's around here. I'm terribly sensitive to suggestions.

  5. Sunsets and chocolate ~ what's not to love about that combo :).
    Your photo of the sunset is just beautiful. I'm glad you and hubby took the time to enjoy it.
    I do have an Aldi's and it's on the way to work and I'm headed to work in a few minutes - uh oh!!

  6. Love your photo. We're fortunate to live on the water, and witness those breathtaking sunsets.

    I had to laugh when I read that the lady in front of you was buying a girdle.....and talking about chocolate! ;)

  7. I will have to see if I can find this chocolate..YUM and YUM to the beautiful sky too..awesome! ;D

  8. Next time check out the holdiay candy at Aldi's. Buy all the boxes of truffles they have, no save me a few. (since we shop at the same Aldi's) They are made in Belgium and delicious. At Christmas they had some coffee flavored with dark dark chocolatae !! OMG so good!
    See ya there

  9. Beautiful sunset! Sounds like the perfect end to the day. It's probably a good think we don't have an Aldi's here.........

  10. Hi Cheryl, I love sunsets/sunrises--but chocolate is not nearly as important to me as peanut butter.... That's my weakness!!!!!

    Glad you found some good chocolate. My hubby eats one small square of dark chocolate every day for his health.

  11. What a beautiful sunset! It's freezing here today. I'm hoping my plants will survive. My husband keeps a chocolate stash too :-)

    Thank you so much for your continued prayers for my nephew Jordan :-)

  12. I shop at Aldi but I have and will continue to purposefully ignore that isle and that chocolate :o)

    Love sunsets and yours is beautiful!

  13. Gorgeous photo of a gorgeous sunset! Glad you two got to enjoy it, one of life's simple pleasures.

    I used to keep a bag of the little bite size Milky Way bars in my stash but had to give them up when my stash was discovered and devoured! The discoverer can't eat just one and is diabetic so I don't buy them anymore.

  14. cute....too cute! Love the sunset picture...What an awesome view...
    Now to the chocolate...My favorite is chocolate milk. other than that, I'm not that big of a fan!
    Might have to try out your brand of chocolate...But wait, do you think I would become addicted??? Oh well, I think I'll give it a try (if I can find it here)

    Enjoy your chocolates...Promise I want tell...

  15. I love sunsets also. That is a beautiful picture. I am going to have to check out the chocolate. Thanks for your kinds words on my blog.
    Happy Easter to you and yours.

  16. What a beautiful Missouri sunset you captured on the water there!

    Oh baby, chocolate is a grand weakness of mine. In fact my thighs are quiverin' just lookin' at the package. It's probably a good thing the closest Aldi's is seventy miles away.

    God bless and have an amazin' day. Eat a piece of that glorious chocolate for me....'K'???

  17. Beautiful Missouri sunset you got!
    I finally got some of the dark chocolate. It is luscious!!! It left a lovely lingering taste in my mouth. Thanks for telling us about it.

  18. That sunset picture is beautiful, Cheryl. Aldi's is my salvation - and I love that little no calorie chocolate bar that you are so addicted to. Oh well!

  19. Your sunset/lake photo is breathtaking! And we love that Aldi chocolate too. Actually, I'm trying to be good 6 out of 7 days of the week... but you can bet there will be some Choceur chocolate waiting for me on Sundays.. my free day :) Hubby loves the dark, and I like the milk chocolate or the hazelnut, or the almond -- or really just about any of it.. lol. -Tammy