Monday, March 21, 2011

In and over the pond...

Good Monday morning!  It turned out to be a beautiful warm spring day yesterday.  Today looks like more of the same.  I plan to enjoy it as much as I can, because this is Missouri you know.  Wait five minutes and the weather is sure to change!

While taking a break from cleaning the garage and cleaning out an outside storage building, I sat down at the patio table and gazed out over the pond.  I spied some little ducks swimming around and diving under the water.

I went inside and grabbed my camera and sat back down to try to get a decent shot.  They spent as much time under the water as above.  These little ducks are called a Bufflehead duck.  The male is the duck with the large white patch on the back of his head.   I haven't seen them this morning, so it was just a quick visit apparently.

I was disappointed that the skies were too cloudy Saturday night to get a photo of the perigee moon.  But last night around 9:30 I went outside and got a few shots even though it was a bit cloudy.   This moon was over the pond, but I zoomed in and didn't get the reflection of it on the pond. 

And the next shot was taken by the same camera even though the moon looks a different color.

Can you see the lighter area around the moon?  And there is still a lingering bit of clouds over this moon shot.  I'm not sure why the two shots show the moon in different colors.  Maybe someone with more knowledge of photography can tell me.  All I can say is that I'm so glad I didn't have to wait until 2029 to get another chance at the super moon...when I'll only be 83!

Until next time...


  1. Wow! That second shot was my goal. Never achieved it. Wonderful job.

  2. The second shot of the moon is really good.I did not get any pics at all because it was so cloudy,hope I am still around for the next opportunity.!!!
    Love the little ducks,so sweet.

  3. Holy Cow, Cheryl, I'll be 87 in 29 years.... Yipes!!!! Glad I saw the Super Moon this week also.

    I get both colors with my camera also... Usually the brownish colors are when it's not quite as dark--but that may not be the reason. I do like the brownish one better though...

    Great pictures of the ducks playing in the water.

  4. Gorgeous moon shots! Wasn't it awesome?

  5. Love those little Buffleheads but they do like to dive. I got a lot of shots of ripples when I saw them last.
    Wonderful moon shot.

  6. Love the ducks..and I am always trying to get a picture of the moon, I am so facinated by it! ;D

  7. I haven't got the chance to see the super moon. It sure looks stunning and beautiful on your photo!

  8. Cheryl how lucky you were to have those Buffleheads visit your pond and to get some shots of them!

    Love your moon shots!

  9. Thanks, everyone for your comments. As you know, pond-watching and seeing what may be on or around it, is one of my favorite activities. It also keeps me from getting chores done sometimes, too!

    And I was glad to get a shot of the super moon even tho it was the day after and a bit cloudy. I'm like Betsy...and glad I didn't have to wait too long to see it again when I'd be at a more....ahem...advanced age! :D

  10. OH, you did such a good job on your photos!! It was way too cloudy here and I was soooo disappointed not to be able to record this! Excellent.