Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I had too much fun sitting on the patio in the warm afternoon taking photos of various birds.  So if you don't like birds, just skip this post!  This Bluebird photo isn't very clear, but I just had to include it.  I'll get this guy in a better shot yet.  We feel very fortunate to have a few pairs in our backyard.  Isn't he a beauty?

The female Bluebird.  

 Red-headed Woodpecker.  I could only get a clear shot of his back.

Downy Woodpecker. 
Looks like he's trying to decide which morsel he wants.

A Robin, looking sleek and handsome.

A Mourning Dove, whose voice is very distinctive.

Tufted Titmouse

Red-winged Blackbird.  The red isn't showing up very well in this not so 
clear photo, but I had to include him.  They are a favorite and are
always around the pond and love the cattails.  

Eurasian-collared Dove.  He looks similar to the Mourning Dove
but is a lighter gray and has a black collar on his nape.

I spied a pair of Meadowlarks walking in the pasture, but they didn't stand still long enough to get a photo that was clear.  I'll keep looking for them.  

I just love birdwatching and the biggest thrill of all yesterday was seeing my first Bald Eagles!  My hubby had gotten home from work and had joined me on the patio.  We were chatting and watching the birds when both of us spotted a pair of big birds or hawks of some kind flying toward our house.  We watched and saw the white heads as they got nearer and realized they were Bald Eagles.  They were flying fairly low, too.   I was so in awe that by the time I grabbed my camera and focused, they had flown over the house.   What a surprise it was to see them!   You can bet I'll be keeping a watch out for them again and try to be ready with the camera.

Have a good week, everyone.  Tomorrow I'm going to be hunting for a new sofa. 

Until next time...


  1. And you've learned your lesson, right? You know the one about always having your camera with you? I swear that makes the difference between a natural photographer and ones like me. Great bird shots! I love mourning doves and their soothing coo. And that you have a couple of pairs of bluebirds...we so rarely see them anymore.

  2. I love all your beautiful bird pictures. I especially love blue birds. We have them around our house also. We also see eagles. Aren't they awesome. Enjoy your birds and this good weather we are having.

  3. I loved the pictures of the birds. It has been such bad weather lately that I haven't been outside much; so this was like a breathe of spring.
    The woodpecker reminded me of when we lived in Spokane, Wa. Our home was above a wet land so we had many animals and birds around us. We had a fireplace in our bedroom and there was a woodpecker that would go up on the steel chimney and peck away. It was a very distrubing sound at 6 am in the morning. We tired to light a fire and that didn't work. I yelled at it up the chimney. My husband finally solved the problem and the bird went a way for a while.
    I laugh about it now.

  4. Birds have such a soothing effect dont they?! And all things from Mother nature! Your blogs so beautiful ! xx

  5. I love watching the birds too..these are all so sweet! Sadly we don't have any that will come t my bird feeder..too much wide open fields! ;D

  6. Great photos, Cheryl. I love to watch the birds and listen to them in the morning and when I take my walks.

  7. Oh Cheryl, You know that I LOVE this bird post... I can never see enough bird posts.... Thanks!!!!

    I love Red-headed Woodpeckers and I don't see them very often. They are so gorgeous!!! Glad you saw one.

    We have the Mourning Doves here --but haven't seen the other one... Neat!!!!

    AND--you are so lucky to see the Bald Eagles... WOW!!!!

  8. You got some great pictures there..I love the Red headed woodpecker...These birds amaze me!
    I would love to see a Bald Eagle..I have heard their wing span is enormous....Keep on looking...maybe you'll get a picture of one to post...
    Have a great evening..

  9. Your bird shots are fun this morning! That little Downey is a cutie checking out the selection. We have yet to see a Red Headed Woodpecker around our bit of country. Lucky You! Cool that you have a Eurasian-collared Dove too :) Seeing Eagles is exciting and I love your little girlie Bluebird. I am partial to the little girls. CH moved two of our BB houses around yesterday and we had lookers right away. They were still looking last night. We went to a wonderful BB and Chickadee seminar Monday night in Jeff at Bird's I View. I think you would enjoy their seminars Cheryl. Their next one is on Baltimores! I won a door prize and I never win a thing!!! Keep showing us your bird pics!

  10. Beautiful birds..wish they would come eat at my feeder. We live in wide open spaces and I guess they don't need my feed. Good luck finding a sofa. :D

  11. Cheryl, thank you so much for stopping by my blog so that I could find my way to yours! I LOVE bluebirds, so I was immediately a fan! LOL! That and I am a farmer's daughter myself. Grew up on a farm and live almost downtown now! Who'da thought? LOL! Nice to "meet" you. Blessings ~ Tanna

  12. Love your bird photos - I think bluebirds are my very favorites.

    I was also fortunate to catch a bald eagle flying over our place a few months back. Amazing to see them.

  13. new to your blog -- I LOVE bird watching too and get this I've held a harris hawk -- cool -- love your photos == I'll be back

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