Friday, January 4, 2013

It's Friday!

One of my projects this winter will be going through most, if not all, of my old photos that are scattered here and there, and trying to get them in some kind of order.  This is a job that I've put off for far too long.  My photos online need to be gone through, too, and many should be put in folders that are easier to find and others just need to be deleted.  Maybe I'll run across something that might even find it's way into my blog.  Do you have a special project you're wanting to get done this winter?

The photo above was taken last winter.  I'm afraid that the water is frozen over right now.  The ice isn't thick enough to walk on, as a man in a nearby town just found out while trying to rescue his dog who had fallen through the ice.  Luckily, someone saw him and risked his own life to see that he was rescued.  The man should have known if the ice wasn't safe enough to support a dog that it wouldn't support him.  It's said that ice is never 100% safe since it doesn't freeze uniformly.  So, please, be careful if your pets want to venture onto frozen ponds or lakes this winter.

 Last Friday, we had friends over for dinner and I served the above pie for dessert.  This is not the plate I used for dinner.  I actually brought out the placemats and the Mikasa for company.  :)  The pie is very quick and easy to make ahead of time.  Here's the recipe:

Candy Bar Pie

8 ounces Hershey candy bars
1 teaspoon instant coffee, dissolved in 2 tablespoons hot water
12 ounces Cool Whip 
1 graham cracker crust

Melt the candy bar and add the coffee mixture, stirring well.
Fold in the Cool Whip until well blended.
Pour into the graham cracker crust and freeze for 2 hours.

That's all there is to it!  Easy-peasy.  Just my kind of dessert recipe.
I made mine about 3 hours before company arrived and it still wasn't frozen very solid and was easy to serve.  Our friends liked it so much that the recipe was asked for, so I thought I'd share it with you.  My chicken breast recipe was also asked for, so I'll share it another day.  

It's hard to believe it's Friday again and another week has flown by.
Hope you have a terrific weekend!
Until next time....


  1. that is about the easiest pie recipe i have ever seen and it looks delicious. love the reflection photo, it is a perfect reflection. if you keep your photos on an external hard drive, i was told by the geek squad at Staples, that the more you delete photo or move them around the better chance the external hard drive will crash. he told me it is better to leave the bad ones on there than to delete them. just passing on a what if for you

  2. hate to think about the ice breaking...

    i just did my winter project - catching up 2 years into old-fashioned photo albums. :)

  3. beautiful view.

    pie looks delicious. need to try that for sure. i love new recipes. thanks for the suggestion. enjoy your weekend. big hugs. ( :

  4. I need to clean out and organize my photos, too. It always scares me to death when I see people venture out on the ice :)

  5. Goodness....this pie looks so Good!
    Easy too!
    I'm with you..I need so bad to go through my photos and organize them..
    I have so many and I'm not sure I even know how to do it!
    I'm sure you're a lot more tech savvy and it will be a breeze for you..
    Have a good weekend.

  6. Sounds like a great plan.. to get all your photos organized.
    I just cleaned out a bunch of digital files, and saved a bunch of pictures on my zip drive.

    Have a happy weekend!!

  7. oh cheryl, i need so desperately to clean up my pictures. on my memory cards, on my computer...the ones i have printed. it just seems so overwhelming. and i don't know how to do the zip thing, i get a headache just thinking about it!!

    your image today is beautiful, a gorgeous reflection!!

  8. I've got a cruzer sitting here waiting on me to get busy copying. I keep putting it off. That pie looks yummy!

  9. Just my kind of pie, too. A couple of weeks ago, when my daughter and I went shopping, she noticed two figures on ice that she was concerned about. Two miles down the road and she was still concerned so I told her that listening to that nudge was probably wise. We turned back to find them playing hockey on the pond beside the road...a grandfather and his grandson. She got out and sweetly asked about the thickness of the ice. The grandfather pointed to one end of the pond where the water was not yet frozen, then he hopped up and down on the ice to prove it was okay. Ai yi yi. Anyway, she smiled and said that she was concerned enough to turn back. When she got back into her truck she asked me what to do next and I told her that we can't control other people, but that she could pray that they'd get good and cold and need some hot chocolate. =D

    We have a constant reminder of thin ice at a grave just below my mother's where three little boys, skating with their dad, fell through thin ice and were lost.

  10. A beautiful photo, Cheryl, I feel the same as you about ice, and often wonder why people take such chances!
    As I sit here tonight with my coffee, with nothing to snack with it, I am drooling over this pie, and oh! would I like a piece. ~smile~
    Thanks for the recipe.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  11. I love the combination of the goose and the cattails. This is a HUGE job!!! And real pics plus computer ones. My goal is just to clean out all the drawers and cabinets and my recipe boxes! I would add this wonderful and easy pie to them, but it needs frozen and I never have any freezer space, boo hoo!!! It looks divine!

  12. Okay... Your showing Hershey candy bar pie... Now... I have to assume it is calorie free???

  13. I've been working on my pictures too! Deleting a lot of them and saving a lot too. Now I need to transfer them to a thumb drive. Just in case my computer dies on me.
    That pie looks delicious.

  14. Oooh...I do love chocolate pie.
    And goodness, I need to organize my photos too. The ones on my computer are in pretty good shop - organized by date with the folders named.
    But those "hard copy" ones....they're scattered hither and yon!

  15. Hi Cheryl, Gorgeous photo. Love that reflection. AND --that pie looks delicious.. I may have to try that one sometime. YUM...

    Too bad about the man/dog falling in the icy water. They are lucky to be okay... Yipes!!!!

    Have a great weekend.

  16. That defines the phrase easy as pie! Love that winter photo.

  17. Beautiful duck on water photo!!!!!!

    When people speak of keeping track of their pictures.... Well, I do it quickly/easily. I put any I like, on my blog, or on my private blog-for-trying-out-blog-looks. And then I delete them.

    All kept. All done. :-)

    Again, I have to tell you what a lovely blog look you have!!! Happy sigh. Lucky you, to keep being able to do this.

  18. Cheryl that Pie!!! That's going to happen this weekend, so nice of you to share the recipe! Lovely pictures too. I am turning a small room with lots of windows that faces our North woods into my own special place. That's my project. I am waiting on the chairs to come in. Two. I couldn't completely leave CH out, the view is too pretty!

  19. I do hope you'll share your lovely photos as you go along with your clean-up. Those photos do have a way of piling up quickly.
    Your pie looks and sounds delicious and I love the "ease" factor. Thanks so much for sharing the recipe.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  20. Yikes!! So glad someone saw that man in the water!! Did they get the dog out, too?

    THANK YOU for the pie recipe!! Looks wonderful!! And, good luck on your photo sorting... the idea of that just overwhelms me and I need to do it in the worst kind of way!

    Have a great weekend, Cheryl!! blessings ~ tanna

  21. That pie looks delicious! I really like that photo, I don't remember it. Hope you have a wonderful Sunday!

  22. Yum....the pie looks and sounds delicious! Going through photos, I would bet, is on every one of our lists. :) Happy to see your getting through yours. Happy Sunday!

  23. Photo sorting is once again on my to do list and this is the year it will get down, finally! Thanks for the easy dessert recipe too. The bird photos in the previous post were great, and such detail and close ups too. Happy New Year!

  24. You and I are working on the same project. Photos, photos, and more photos! I'm hoping to get many of them into some semblence of a scrapbook this year and get many of the older photos scanned and preserved. I'm tired just thinking about it!

  25. Wow, I need to do a picture project. I have a load of pictures to go through. Maybe this year; I can hope.
    Loved the picture and thanks for the recipe.
    Blessings and hugs!

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