Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday's flowers

I can't seem to quit taking pics of the beautiful
flowers and trees this Spring.  This tree,
which I think is a Kwanzan Cherry, was seen
at Menard's the other day.  I just happened to have
my camera in the car and was parked close to it,
so I snapped a shot.  I'd like to have a couple
of these in my yard.

 The Dogwoods are a favorite, too.  I'd also
like to have one or two of these.

My tulips somehow got tilled up one year.
I made the mistake of planting them at the edge
of the garden.  I won't name names, but he
didn't remember they were there.  I miss them.

This little Lavender pot was my grandmother's.
I have several pieces that belonged to her.
This is one of my favorites.  The stamp on the
bottom says Prussia, I don't know how old it is.
It may not be very valuable, but I love it.
I don't think I've said much about my maternal
grandmother in my blog before.  She was a sweet
lady and I loved to visit her.  I wish I had her
green thumb.  She loved to garden and was 
quite good at it.  I thought of her when I was 
picking a bouquet of lilacs yesterday at the
edge of the garden.  
The scent of lilacs in our yard is just heavenly 
this year.  The scent takes me back many,
many years.  I can  remember playing under
a huge lilac by our house on the farm. 
Do you have a favorite scent that makes
you think of someone or of your childhood?  

Until next time...


  1. you brought up a lot of wisconsin memories for me here - lilacs... ahhh... and menards. :)

  2. What a sweet little lavender pot. How meaningful that it belonged to your grandmother. It's amazing to me that there are people enjoying the scent of lilacs somewhere. Lilacs bloom around Memorial Day here in an ordinary year. Not sure what will happen this year.

  3. Haha - I have a gardener like yours. Your trees are pretty in pink and I love your flowers. You can take as many pictures and put them on the blog. And I love your lavender pot from your mother - so delicate and pretty. sandie

  4. I adore the sweet little lilac jar, such a wonderful memory of your grandmother. That tree is lush and beautiful! I love the scent of lavender and have gone to a lavender farm and done posts on it. Do you remember Yardley's Of London Lavender soap?

  5. Beautiful flowers!
    And I love your special lilac pot.
    My g'mother had tea roses!

  6. Oh please take an extra long sniff, of the Lilacs, for me...

    I love Lilacs.

    But since developing allergies, in older age, I can not enjoy them any more. -moan- -pout- -sigh-

    "I think, at a child's birth, if a mother could ask a fairy godmother to endow it with the most useful gift, that gift should be curiosity." ~Eleanor Roosevelt

  7. I am loving all the spring trees and flowers as well...I dont' think I could ever tire of them....The pink dogwood is one of my very favorites.....

    Gardenias always remind me of my mother because she loved them so much and had all over our yard when I was growing up.....

  8. It seems the spring flowering things are more vibrant this year.

    What a lovely little pot. I am assuming it was to store a potpourri of lavender in.

    I wouldn't let my helpmate near a flower bed with either a tiller or a string trimmer!

  9. It's probably the scent of lilacs that fill the air in our yard right now.

    I always love your pictures.

    God bless and have yourself a magnificent weekend sweetie!!! :o)

  10. Yes, ma'am, I do! I was in one of the candle stores several years ago & all of a sudden I smelled my grandma's closet! =0 *gasp* Nobody thinks of a closet as smelling good, but my g'ma's closet smelled sooo good! I started picking up everything around me trying to figure out which smell it was & finally found the candle... it was $25 & I wouldn't normally spend near that much on a candle, but I just had to have it... my g'ma has been gone since 2003.

    The Sweet Lavender pot is beautiful, wonderful capture, too! =)

  11. Dogwood is so beautiful. The flowers just don't stay around long enough.

  12. I forgot to mention Cheryl, you should add this post to Pink Saturday at How Sweet The Sound.

    I used to do it when I had my other blog. Then blogger shut my blog down for some reason. By then I had gotten sick with the candida and was blogging about it. There is not much pink I can blog about candida.

  13. Beautiful blossoms!
    We are still a few weeks away from blossoms here in the mountain valleys....soon I hope.

    Love the jar. I think it's quite beautiful.

    One of the smells that brings back memories for me, is Russian Olive trees. They smell quite sweet, and you know summers here when you smell them :)

  14. Everything is gorgeous here this Spring!!!! Aren't we lucky? Awesome photos.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  15. Congratulations on your beautiful space!
    Delighted with your pictures!
    I love being surrounded by nature!

  16. Love the lavender pot--and I love a lavender smell.. My favorite smell is gardenia....

    Love that Kwanzan Cherry... Gorgeous!!!!

    Have a great weekend.

  17. I too love the little lavender pot,what a precious reminder of your Grandmother.
    Big pink or white water lilies remind me of my Grandmother,as a child she always let me pick one to take home.I have tried on many occasions to grow them in my pond but I think the water is too acid,they never grow.

    Lilly of the valley does grow here and I love them and the perfume from them,my mother always grew them.
    Have a great weekend.

  18. haha....woops, i have a few tulips in the middle of my lawn this year!!

    gorgeous blooms, now if they would just last until winter ;)

  19. there is a certain face powder, they still sell it, it is in a orange/white/black container and when I see or smell it, i think of my dad's mother. my favorite smell is honeysuckle. love the pot and the beautiful pic of the dogwoods.

  20. Beautiful trees, and that lavendar pot is so pretty!

  21. I do have favorite scents...haven't written about them all, but you can read about some at my Pics& Pieces blog here:

    I LOVE dogwoods, and have you ever noticed there are some that are a more dusky pink while some are brighter pink? I would love one of those...I have a pink one...well, it is actually pink and white. It got injured one year, and now the blossoms start out mostly white and get pinker as they age.

  22. Your garden sounds so pretty! That tree is gorgeous! I would love to have a tree that bloomed some beautiful flowers. My grandma has a green thumb too. I could look at photos of flowers all day so please keep snapping. :)

  23. Isn't it wonderful how certain aromas bring our loved ones right back to us. I really need to plant some lavender.

  24. I love the scent of lilacs! I remember one time my hubby stopped on his way home from work and cut a bunch of lilacs from a bush on the side of the road and filled a bunch of glass jars with them and put them in our bedroom as a surprise for me! That was quite a few years ago, but I always think of that when I smell lilacs now! Beautiful photos!

  25. It is a beautiful Spring we have this year in MissouREE Cheryl. I love lilacs and I want some :) The smell of petunias brings back memories for me!