Monday, March 5, 2012

An Afternoon Drive and Decisions

It was a nice day for a drive.  Which way now?
Straight ahead or left turn?
Life is like that sometimes, isn't it?
Do we forge straight ahead on the same path
or make a turn in the road.   Do we stay
in this house or make a change and move to
a new town, maybe a different state?
Maybe you're pondering a career move.
Or something simpler like changing
the paint colors in your house.  Decisions.
They can be easy or very complex.


 I would love to live in the country again, it's where 
I grew up and where I feel the most peaceful. 
 But, I doubt we ever will.  We have a home that is
very close to town and a few acres.  It's not my 
dream house, there are many things I'd change if I could.
But, is any house perfect? 

On our few acres, we see these at the pond
every now and then.

 Even a wild turkey can be spotted once in a while.

There are beautiful sunsets
to be seen from our house and
equally beautiful sunrises.
 We have close to 3 years before hubby
retires.  Plenty of time to decide what we
want to do, whether to stay or move.

What about you?  We're all faced with
decisions.  Would you like to share one of yours?
Was it easy or difficult?

Until next time...


  1. You might like this poem about mothers

  2. I am one of those people who loves change, so decisions were looked forward to.
    I do sometimes wonder what would have happened if I had stayed the same road instead of taking that turn.

  3. Some decisions are fun... some are just a choice between bad and worse. I think it is really fun if you have the freedom and opportunity to decide where you will live... if you will make a big change or a small one... if you will stay the same. One of the statements I love is this: no decision is still a decision. The way we live our lives is always our choice.

    Look forward to seeing what you two decide over the next three years. =) blessings ~ Tanna

  4. Every decision is fraught with angst around here. Remember me? I'm the gal who let the Sherwin Williams guy choose the outside door colors. =D

  5. Such pretty pictures on your drive.
    I would like to be a decisive person, but the truth is ... I'm not. Luckily my husband is or things might never get done around here :).

  6. Interesting post Cheryl! We are struggling with the decision to sell here and move to Florida. As we purge and make the house ready to sell I fall in love with it more but I know we can't live here forever. We can't take care of 10 acres forever and the plan has always been Florida. I miss it, our hearts are there I think. If I could just skip the moving part and just be there already :) Good luck in your decision, you do have time and so do we. Nothing pushing us. If it feels right we go, if it doesn't we stay. Both places feel right and make us happy.

  7. i hate change in all things but one, and that is moving. i love to move, and until i married my hubby i moved a lot, and loved it. he is all about putting down roots that can't be pulled up. in 42 years he has lived in 2 places, and in 27 years i have lived in those two with him, i have begged to move, he is unmoveable. what you have is what i want, 3 acres close to town or in town. i am to old to be in the country, need shopping and doctors close by. good luck with your decisions. on other decisions i weigh pros and cons until i make myself sick, like buying a laptop almost put me over the edge, so did buying my camera.

  8. it sounds like you have a happy medium where you are. still some privacy and wildlife to enjoy. that hill of cattle is gorgeous, though... wow!

  9. I agree with Tex. Sounds like you got country yet close to town if you need to be. Awesome! Your pictures are great. I love the cattle coming down the hill!

    Me, some decisions come so easily and then others I just chew on for so long that I finally make a decision just to get it over with!

  10. At my age change is hard and scary, but in the past I have moved around a lot and every move was an adventure that helped me be the person I am today. (o:

  11. Cheryl
    I have moved so...many times and will again, so it is almost a natural for me.
    But every person has to figure out what's right for them. I'll say a prayer for you!!

  12. Such difficult decisions. We've lived here in the house we built ourselves for 30 years. A long time! Our 3 kids all moved West of Jefferson City - 30 minutes to an hour away. They have begged us to move closer to them. We even found the perfect land to build on, overlooking the Missouri River. But in the end, we couldn't move. Our heart and soul is right here - where our kids and grandkids can come visit and keep their memories alive for as long as possible.

    God helped us with our decision. I hope he helps you with yours!


  13. Those life decisions are so difficult at times. I understand how hard it can be. My hubby and I are weighing the decision to downsize into a smaller home also.

  14. We made a decision to move from the country (100 acres) to less than an acre. It was a tough decision but we moved to a larger house on no land.

    We miss the country but the work is so much easier. We can now mow in about 1/2 hour instead of 8 hours of mowing. As we get older, we are looking for an easier life style and we did find it.

  15. I don't like change and we will probably never move unless health forces us to.

    We are living on a farm I used to look at and think I could die happy if I had it.....I do and I could!

    The house is a dream house and isn't perfect but I love it. I am pretty content and I try to appreciate it daily.

  16. I miss living in the country, too, & the only reason I moved into town was because of the gas prices... My house was broke into (2 weeks after I moved into town) & some very sentimental pieces of jewelry was stolen & what makes me so angry is that they probably bought drugs... I don't like the noise of the almost constant thumping of loud stereos, the loud & FOUL mouth pedestrians walking by, & the fact that I had to put up a gate on my back driveway to keep the neighbors from parking on my property!

    So sorry about the rant... I guess I need to quite commenting for the day... =0

  17. Where you live LOOKS like the country, it is beautiful! Retirement was a big deal for Phil, the paperwork starts six months ahead of time and so much is involved. You must live in the outermost suburbs, it looks perfect, lots of open space and animals. Are you really thinking you might move after retirement?

  18. Okay to me you live in the country already - I live much more in the city then you do. Your views are very beautiful. I agree about the road - you never really know the best road to take do you? sandie

  19. You're blessed that you will have a choice when the time comes...So many times life has a way of taking you on a trip over which you had no control....

    My issue is I guess I am a country girl at heart but my hubby is a city boy so have to give and take in order for both to be happy....So far it's worked....

  20. Hello There, Since I've been away from blogging for a week, I have alot of catching up to do. We had a wonderful trip to Arkansas --but it's great to visit with my blog friends. Hope things are going well with you.

    It's fun I think to talk about retirement and where you want to live in those special years.

    I would LOVE to live on some acres in the country (privacy is important)--but that's better to do I think when one is younger. These days, we 'need' to be closer to town/hospitals/doctors, etc....

  21. I would love to move somewhere warm and not deal with winter in the future. But I would want to pick up our house and move it with us. Silly. I doubt we'll ever move again, but it's nice to dream sometimes. The pictures you shared are so beautiful.

  22. This is a very nice post...we don't even have a few acres...I would be happy with that. BUT, am so used to being within a mile of a grocery store, 2 or 3 miles to a walmart...would take some getting used to having to drive any distance for anything.

  23. I'm still on a crossroad...

    Thanks for your lovely post!

    Big hugs from Indiana

  24. Decisions are behind us for the time being but life is still ahead of us so I'm sure something will turn up. For now, we are settled in. It's nice to be on a steady as she goes state of being.

  25. Your pictures are gorgeous. I especially like the first one. Thankfully no major decisions looming for me right now, but as Annie says: they're inevitable!

  26. As the saying goes 'Life is a journey' and I would have to say that I have enjoyed mine so far. One never knows what the future holds so I simply `go with the flow.
    Lovely pics, Cheryl.
    cheers :)

  27. LOVE that sunset. Fills me with inspiration. Decisions are hard for me. I recently had to cancel surgery for something that needs done. More pressing issues around here prevailed.

  28. These are some beautiful photos! Love the cows on the hill.

    I'm in the middle of some big decisions now. I need surgery on my neck (spine),put it off for 4 years now. I'm a chicken and I needed to deal with other little health issues that I found out about at the same time as my herniated disc. We may move now to a larger home so that my uncle can live with us and we would have more space and pool. But, I've been in my home for 15 yrs and it's starting to bother me a lot. And I'm thinking of going to school. And our plan for about two yearsfrom now is to move to NC so we're closer to family and good colleges and it's just a beautiful state. I've been feeling quite overwhemed lately.
    Do I owe you anything for this talk? Ha Ha!
    I always do a pros and cons list if that helps. :)