Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I haven't read what this season's colors are supposed to be.  
You know...the colors that the fashion world picks.
I don't pay much attention to those things.
The colors of nature are what I like.
So many colors to choose from.  
How could we possibly go wrong?

Meet Boots.  
He's a study in black and white.
I love both colors.  

Boots is not our kitty, but he is a frequent
visitor.  He thinks this is his second home.

Red is one of my favorite colors.
The Cardinal is always a beautiful sight in
any season.  And always hungry, too.
He even has a red mouth, or should I say beak?

Even the pesky Dandelion is a beautiful yellow.
Such a happy color.  How could you not 
love yellow?  If you have been blessed with
children, then surely at one time you were
given a bouquet of dandelions that were 
lovingly picked and presented with a sweet smile.
I treasure those memories.  Maybe that's why
I love the color yellow.

I'm loving the beautiful redbuds I see everywhere
this spring.  I saw several on my drive to Columbia
today.  I wish the beautiful colors of spring would
last a little longer than they do.

I saw a lot of flowers out at stores like Lowes
and Home Depot.  I am getting anxious to plant a
few new flower beds.  I've decided to stick with
perennials such as Stella's, Knockout roses, Blue
Salivia and Coreopsis to name a few.  They've
all done well and look great so far this year.

Are you going to be planting new flowers this 
spring?  What is your favorite to grow?  
 Do you have a favorite color?

Until next time...


  1. I have fond memories of dandelions too. But now I can't stand them all over my yard. My hubby and I for health reasons don't do much yard work. But I have my herbs. Rosemary, basil, and will be adding new ones this year. Your photos are lovely. Take care.

  2. All your colors are awesome Cheryl! I am planning on planting lots of impatience and purple petunias. I love the smell of petunias in the evening. Bet Columbia was a little more peaceful to drive around in yesterday :) SPRING BREAK! I do love those persistent little dandelions and we got em!

  3. I forgot about Boots! He is a sweetie. First time I have heard you mention him!

  4. i am a big fan of dandelions and I love flowering weeds. my favorite flowers are wild flowers and I love all colors but yellow flowers are my favorite. but i don't put yellow in my house or wear it. i love black and white and monochrome with pops of burgundy

  5. I've never thought of the dandelion as pretty, but your picture of it is. Gosh you got that bird up close with food in his mouth. Beautiful. Love all your flowers and that you are going to plant new ones! Sandie♥

  6. Aren't the redbuds and dogwoods so pretty? They have just about disappeared here and are in leaf. I love when the mountains seem glow with all the new growth.
    Coral is my favorite color.

  7. Everything is so beautiful this time of year. And...there's hope in the air.


  8. Beautiful photos of springtime this morning! Blue is my favorite color, and therefore, I love a blue hydrangea. Unfortunately, without "doctoring" my soil, mine are all pink....
    Love this time of year!

  9. I've learned over the years to stick with the perennials and fill in a little with annuals. I love daylilies. I just did a post today about my trumpet vine. I love purple, blues and pinks for flower color.

  10. I need to know more about the Knock-out roses that I planted last year. They seem to have been knocked out.

    Yes, you did make me feel exhausted with all that running you and your daughter did yesterday. What a great day you enjoyed!

    I think, not sure, that the color of the cardinal's beak is "the" hot color this year. I may be a year late. =D

  11. Wise lady! To not look up what "The Now Color" is. (Ugh... It's orange, I hear tell)

    What could give us a more beautiful color suggestion, than Violets???

    And Boots is purdddddy cute!

    Red, and Red Cardinals! Yesssss Ma'am!!

    I am not the Gardener, here. My husband is. And he is getting anxious to order some new Old Roses!

    "If we had no faults of our own, we would not take so much pleasure in noticing those of others."
    ~Francois de la Rochefoucauld

  12. Beautiful colors and photos! I love the one with the cat.

  13. all lovely! i like plants that'll suffer thru our hot summers and come back the next year - like my trumpet vines, lantana and ground cover vines. :)

  14. Cheryl - Walmart carries The Harbinger if you have a Walmart near you.

  15. I am so anxious to plant, but it isn't past our last frost date, so I am waiting. The redbuds are beautiful here, too this year. Love your photos.

  16. I totally love your beautiful pictures and the Cardinal is a very welcome sight on a dreary winter day.

    My favorite spring flower is the daffodil. I think most of our flowers froze yesterday when it went down to 23 degrees.

  17. I LOVE color...I have to have it all around me. I loved all these you shared, nothing makes me feel like a kid again than to see dandelions, love them! We are planting some perennials, I just love how they come back every year! :)

  18. Your photos are all so pretty and highlight the beauty of springtime. I, too, wish the blooms would last a bit longer. Our redbud, tulips, daffodils, hyacinths & cherry trees have already come and gone. But, they were beautiful while they lasted.
    I am going to try one hybrid tea rose this year. I had several but ripped them out a few years ago due to the Japanese Beetles. I miss them, so I am going to try one and see what happens.

  19. Your photos are a real knockout!!! I LOVE dandelions, and think they are not a weed, they are wildflowers.

  20. I think for sure that one of the colors for this season is coral, peach, tangerine. I have seen these colors everywhere.
    Love all your pictures.

  21. pretty colors and blooms!!

    i always wonder why they named it a "redbud" when the flowers are purple?? that being said, it is one of my favorites!!

    your cardinal capture is beautiful, are you shooting through the window??

  22. I love all colors! Your neighborly Boots looks eerily like our Shelby, who died this past Fall. So sweet

    We won't be planting much this year - mostly because we have planted so many perennials already, there isn't much room for anything else!

    This has truly been a beautiful Spring, hasn't it. As the Red Buds are dying out, the Dogwoods are popping out. I hope they are still pretty next week for Easter.


  23. Hi Cheryl..
    I just LOVE this post!
    Really makes me want to get outside and get planting!!

    Sweet kitty too!

    We haven't quite had warm enough weather to start planting yet..hopefully soon :)

    I've started another blog,and would love to have you come for a visit. (my old blog is staying private, and just for the family)

    Click on my name, or visit me at
    always fixin never sittin blogspot.

    Have a great day, looking forward to your visit :)

  24. Great pictures, Cheryl... My favorite is that awesome male Cardinal... That one is TERRIFIC.

    Glad your roses are doing well. My favorite spring/summer color is YELLOW.

  25. Cheryl,your photos are beautiful,the bird is gorgeous.
    I love wild flowers,we have an acre of rough grass land and I have just sown a sackful of wild flower seed in it to attract the butterflies and sustain the insect life.
    In the garden we have mainly shrubs,Azalia in yellow,orange,purple and lots of hydrangea and rose bushes.

  26. Boots is sure a handsome kitty...and you could say the Cardinal has red lips;-) Also, I am loving all the color, too, and always really enjoy the fresh green look of spring.

  27. Hi there! I do love the spring colour pallette - so bright and cheerful. My favorite potting flower is geraniums and the last two years I have planted Lantana 'sunrise' which is a gorgeous yellow/pink/rose combo and it blooms profusely in our climate. As far as fashion goes I hear orange and coral are the hot colours of the season. I like coral but not orange. Have a lovely day! Pamela

  28. I love those violets! I am one of those crazy people who mow around them in my yard.

    I love all the spring colors, but lilacs would be my favorites because they also smell divine.

    No new flowers for me this year.