Thursday, March 8, 2012

A country drive revisited

Some of you may remember the post I wrote on Monday about a drive in the country.  And if you don't, that's okay, it wasn't that memorable!   This photo was taken on that drive.  I had just topped a little hill and saw a huge nest in the big oak tree and the Big Bird that was in the nest took off before I could stop and get my camera ready.  I don't think it was a bald eagle, but it was large whatever it was!  

Can you tell how large the nest is?  I zoomed in for a better look.  It's the largest nest I've seen that wasn't a squirrel's nest.  I want to go back soon and see if I can get a photo of the elusive Big Bird.  Have I ever said that I love simple things?  Birdwatching is one of those simple things.  

When I got home, I checked the bird feeders and saw a Downy Woodpecker feeding and snapped him.  He's not Big Bird, but I think he's cute. 

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I have a question.  Does anyone know why the background color looks so much different on my blog on the laptop as compared to the desktop computer?  I chose the color on my desktop, what I thought was a nice light yellow.  But, when I work on my laptop, the color looks totally different.  I haven't really noticed this with any other colors that I've used.  Any ideas?

Until next time...


  1. Great pictures. Hope you can catch Big Bird on the nest!
    Hope someone can help you with that color question....

  2. Now you know where he is, you will be able to stalk the bird for a picture.
    Can't help with the color thingy. Your background appears pale beige on my laptop.

  3. I am on a laptop Cheryl and it is a soft yellow. You got that Downy nice and sharp :) I wanna know who Big Bird is!!!

  4. That IS a big nest. Hmm wonder what it is.


  5. do you have Osprey where you live? the nest is very much like the osprey nest here.
    i have my laptop sitting next to my desk top so i pulled up your blog, on the lap top the color is so pale yellow can hardly see it and on desk tiop is is bright and i like it better, must be the settings on the monitors. i do all my photo editing on the desk top, never on my laptop since they look better on my desk top. but then who knows what you see on your laptop when viewing. mine is black so it is black on both. ha ha

  6. I too an anxious to see who that next belongs to..

    On my laptop you background is a beautiful color of yellow...not too bright and not too dull...I have no idea why the difference on a laptop and a desktop....

    I hope you have a great day....

  7. Oh, I'm anxious to see what kind of bird it is... it does look like a huge nest. Eagle's nests are huge, so it could be.

    I don't know about the yellow color... I was going to suggest the difference in settings from one computer to another, but you said it's only yellow that you have problems, so I'm at a loss! Sorry =0

  8. i hope you can catch the big bird, but i love your downy just the same!

    your background tones are a pleasant tan and beige on my laptop. i think each pc has different resolutions (just like when you view a photo on a cell phone, it can appear SO much brighter and intense than when you view it on a pc later...)

  9. Cute woodpecker...I enjoy bird watching also, but don't ever get any like this to come around. Mostly purple martins, robins and all the swallow/sparrows. Maybe you are using a different browser on the laptop? I have the same issue with mine.

  10. I wonder what the mystery bird is? Not being a techie, I don't know what your color problem is, but I can tell you how to bake a delicious cookie if that would help.

  11. love the photos with the trees and nest. The woodpecker is beautiful too. Your background color is coming out a lemony cream on my XOOM tablet. Very nice, indeed. I apologize for not being back to your site sooner. I had you bookmarked in one of the computers I used but not the other. And not here on my tablet. Fixed it and added you to follow so you now show up on my dashboard. Take care.

  12. I wonder if that big nest is a crow or a hawk. I can't wait to see what it is.

  13. Luv the woodpecker. I'm anxious to see who is living in that big nest. I'm sure you'll let us know.

  14. That is definitely a big nest. It will be interesting to see who the owner is.
    You got a great picture of the woodpecker. I'm with you on enjoying the simple pleasures of birdwatching.
    I am on a desktop right now and seeing your background as a very pale creamy yellow. I don't know why they appear different on different computers. I have found yellow to be a tricky color. I was trying to make my background a buttery yellow and could either come up with peach or lemon. I finally gave up.

  15. Squirrel's nest usually have a top and bottom. I agree with Sandra that it looks like a Osprey's nest. I love watching birds too.

    I'm on my laptop and the color on your blog is a light yellowish-beige color.

    Have a great day Cheryl!

  16. I think you may need to check the color settings on your desktop monitor, or maybe on your laptop. What a huge nest, it must be some kind of eagle, maybe an osprey. We have the downeys here, they peck on our bedroom window and wake us up!

  17. Great shot of the woodpecker...this is truly a beautiful bird.
    Wow, that is a really big nest! Let us know if you see the nest owner..

  18. I have no idea what kind of nest that is but when you find out let us know. I love that woodpecker. sandie

  19. Hi Cheryl!

    I love the pictures that you take on your drives - wouldn't it be wonderful if it was a Bald Eagle?! Hope she lets you take her picture!

    I love this time of year when all of the birds are coming back home - your little Downy Woodpecker is just beautiful. My husband saw a Robin yesterday, which is a good thing here in Idaho!

    On my computer, it's a desktop, I can control the color temperature, so I can make it cooler or warmer. Maybe you need to go in and play around with that? Good luck!


  20. I read with interest the comments cause I have had the color situation happen with me several far as adjusting the do we know which computer is right???

    BTW, your background color is light yellow on my laptop.

  21. Nice shot of the Downy Woodpecker snacking on the seeded suet.
    An osprey or buzzard might have built the nest.

    Your background is a lovely creamy yellow on my laptop. Color differences depend on the contrast and brightness settings of your two computers. Its the same between two TV sets.

  22. I love bird watching too. I don't know why I don't just keep my camera next to the back door, because I miss all the best shots at the bird feeder. I do everything on my laptop and hope for the best :)

  23. I was wondering if the nest belongs to some kind of hawk.We have hawks that nest in our trees and their nests are very similar to the one in your picture.
    Love the shot of the woodpecker,this is one bird we do not have in Ireland,so it is a joy to see.
    Have a good weekend .

  24. Hmmm, that's odd about the backgrounds. I do know that blogs look different from computer to computer. Today, your background appears white to me.