Friday, December 9, 2011

My Friday

I'd like you to meet my grand-furbaby, Marley.  Marley stayed with me today (Friday) while my son was working in St. Louis.  They spent last night with us and will be here for part of the weekend.  Marley is not quite a year old and as you can see in the photo she likes to chew and tear up her new toys.  

She was quite good really, but someone wasn't at all happy with this alien creature in her house.   Someone being Stormy - the reigning queen kitty.  The back arched, the fur stood up and the tail resembled that of a squirrel.  She hissed, bared her teeth and hissed some more.  Then tucked her tail and hightailed it downstairs to the family room.  Where she pretty much hid all day.  The last I saw of her, the expression on her little furry face said that she was insulted that we gave so much attention to this strange creature in her house.

Isn't she sweet?  Little Marley was oblivious to poor Stormy's discomfort today.  I don't see a harmonious relationship in the near future, so there goes the photos I hoped to take of the pair under the Christmas tree this year.  

So, that was my Friday.  Furbaby-sitting a puppy and placating a very unhappy fuzzy-faced kitty.  At this hour, all is well with the puppy upstairs and the kitty downstairs.  The Christmas tree is still standing and all the Christmas decor is where it's supposed to be.

I looked out the window and noticed the full moon. 
It looks like clouds are moving in.

I was right.  

Have a happy weekend!
Until next time...


  1. Oh My Goodness...Stormy didn't care for another fur-baby being in HER house.... Little Marley is adorable.

    Enjoy your weekend dog-sitting.... What a cutie.

  2. the moon shots are great, but marley is GORGEOUS!!! those eyes!!! what a doll!

  3. New pets are difficult to accept for the old ones. Hopefully The Queen will come around.

  4. Little Marley is adorable! I hope Stormy is coming around. :)
    You're moon photos are beautiful.

  5. Marley looks like such a sweetheart. Maybe one day, Kitty will learn to tolerate Marley

  6. That is one adorable puppy - so cute! But I can imagine that Stormy's nose was just a little out of joint over THAT whole business.
    Gorgeous moon photos! I would have had a good shot of it setting this morning...if my camera battery hadn't been dead. :(

  7. Cheryl Marley has the sweetest face and the softest eyes. Poor Stormy! But if the tree is still standing, your GOOD! That moon was something last night. I started to see it on our way home from Futon yesterday. I tried a snap it but no go from the car. Love your shots!

  8. Pix can't type this morningDecember 10, 2011 at 6:37 AM

    You are good and Fulton not Futon!

  9. Beautiful shots of Marley's sweet face and of the moon's, too. I love your header! Have I already said that before?

  10. Oh, wasn't the moon beautiful! You took some really nice shots.

    Stormy is not a fan of sharing HER people and home! That Marly sure has some beautiful eyes. Enjoy your pet-sitting weekend and here's to hoping the tree and decorations all stay in place. lol! blessings ~ tanna

  11. What a sweet furbaby...

    Your full moon shots are beautiful.
    We are actually having some winter temperatures here in the south.
    It's beginning to feel like Christmas.

  12. gorgeous puppy eyes....the best love in the whole wide world!!

  13. great moon shots and I love Marleys face, soooo sweet i want to kiss that face

  14. Marley has the sweetest face! I am glad you were there to keep them both from running amok! And you know I love those moon shots, they remind me of mine!! I'm loving the moonstruck clouds, too!

  15. Cute dog! My husband said he saw the moon when he woke up this morning and said it was beautiful. He even tried to get a picture of it, but it does not look anything like your picture! Hope you had a nice day!

  16. What a beautiful face is on that dog. And just like kids - separate them - one up and the other down. sandie

  17. Aw, so sweet. My cats wouldn't like a furry visitor in our house either :) My parents "babysit" my brother and sil's doggy when they go out of town too.
    Loved the photos of Branson too! I heard it's cold back there :) A friend just posted on FB that it was down in the teens. Stay warm!

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  19. Awesome puppy, and I'm not surprised the queen kitty is upset. Glad the tree is ok!

  20. Marley has the sweetest face.. what a shame she and Stormy couldn't be furry friends and pose by the Christmas tree.
    Your shots of the moon are awesome, Cheryl.
    Hugs, Pam

  21. Marley is that innocent face.

  22. Good job showing the dog's personality in a photo. Sounds like if you want picture of the dog and cat and Christmas Tree you may have to resort to Photo Shop.

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