Thursday, December 8, 2011

The color of Christmas

My tree was put up over the weekend and decorated.  I'll try to get a full shot when I've gotten a few gifts wrapped.  That is the next chore item on the get the shopping done.  Back to the tree....I always buy a new ornament or two every year and have many from years past that are fun to unwrap and put on the tree along with red ball ornaments.  Clear lights go on first.  It seems like red and white are the predominate colors, besides the green tree itself.  I have my Santa and Snowmen collections put out and most of the decorating of the house done.  At least inside!  

The color scheme at the Landing in Branson is blue.  

Above are more blue lights at the Landing and clear lights that are always on by the water show.  They've had the blue lights the last several years.  I'd like to see something different, but they didn't ask me!  LOL!  I love blue, but I'd like to see them use some other colors. 

What colors do you decorate with?  Do you prefer colored lights or clear?  Do you have your tree up yet?  It's only 17 days until Christmas!!  How can that be?

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  1. Your ornaments look so nice, I can't wait to see the whole tree!! We have a pre-lighted tree with clear lights. The ornaments are white, silver, and seafoam, it matches our furniture, I will be posting it shortly.

  2. I had a tree with white lights, pink, burgundy and gold ornaments. After we moved to the condo we don't have room for one here. I miss it. All the Christmas stuff is in storage. I settle for having the Christmas Village now.

  3. The tree in Branson looks so pretty! I guess I'd better get over there.

  4. Cheryl! Your knockin' me out with your pictures of Branson. It is stunning down there! We put up two trees, one with colored lights one with clear. Country tree on the porch and a little of everything tree in the living room. And I bought a Charlie Brown tree yesterday!!!!

  5. A little blue at Christmas is nice and goes a long way. =) How's that for diplomacy?

    Yay for getting the tree up! Look forward to seeing it all decked out.

  6. Good Morning Cheryl,

    Your tree ornaments are darling.
    I love the red and white color combination.

    Thanks also for sharing the pictures of the blue trees. Makes me think of 'Blue Christmas', by Elvis :)

    We always use clear lights.
    One year we broke with tradition and used colored lights, and everyone was in agreement that we should return to our tradition of clear lights. So that's how it's done around here.

    Yikes! Christmas is really sneeking up on us, isn't it ?!

  7. Can't wait to see all of your tree, it looks so nice... at least what I can see now.

  8. i like traditional colors for trees, as in reds, greens,like your tree. i hae nothing blue in my house and am returning a set of lights i bought last week because they are multi colored but have FLAG blue lights in withe other colors. i prefer multi lights but my little tree has white lights. burgundy pink silver and gold and crystals to reflect those colors.
    i think this is because my first trees were in the forties and child hood in the fifties and multi was the only thing they had.

  9. i do like the blue lights, but after a couple of years of the same thing, i'd imagine you'd want something different. :)

  10. The seventeen day thing has me in a small panic. LOL! Tree is up... I love clear lights AND I love colored lights... The outside is usually colored, inside white/clear. ;) Got to get busy! blessings ~ Tanna

  11. I love your Christmas tree and all its beautiful trimmings, Cheryl.

    hope all is going well with your BR project.

    hugs n smiles,
    Pam :)

  12. I love ornaments with history. I usually have multi-colored lights on my tree, unless I am doing a theme tree, then I use what ever seems to fit the idea best.

  13. Clear for me! My decorating has become boring because I do the same thing every year, but I don't know what else to do. Oh well! The lights in Branson were blue when we were there too. You might be right about the need for a change!

    Beautiful photos.


  14. Growing up we always had white, clear lights. I always wanted colored lights. So when we were first married we had colored lights on our tree for years until I discovered my love of clear lights. So I sent the colored lights down to my daughter to use to decorate her college room! Love the red and white!

  15. Your ornaments are so pretty! I can't wait to see your entire tree, it looks like it may be quite large. My main colors are red, gold and white lights. If I had the space, money and time I'd love to have a tree in every room of the house. My son has a small tree for his room and it has red, white and blue on it. :)

  16. Hi Cheryl, My first Christmas tree as a young bride in 1962 was ALL BLUE lights. We also used that nasty spray snow on the tree...I thought it was gorgeous... My--how times have changed...

    My choice of tree lights is MULTI... I don't like seeing an all white/clear lighted tree --although many people these days have them and love them. In my opinion, the more different colors there are--the better!!!!

    Love your ornaments --and tree (what you showed).. Can't wait to see the whole thing.

  17. Your tree is really pretty. I LOVE all the lights at Christmas. I decorate with just about every color there is. I think it all ties together with the Christmas greens.

  18. Your shot of the portion of your tree is gorgeous...and I like how you did the other ones.

  19. Wow, I didn't think abut there only being 17 days until Christmas. I still have a lot to do. We decorate with dark mauve, white and gold on our upstairs three and downstairs we have an stuffed animal tree that our sweet grandchildren can't distroy. We have clear lights on both of the trees. My sweet husband helped me with the decorating this year because I am having some back problems. It is getting better thank heavens. I loved all of your pictures too.
    Blessings to you for a fun post.

  20. I can't wait to see the whole tree - the part of the tree you are showing is beautiful - I love red and white.

    My tree is lit with colored lights.

    I love white ones too -

    My tree has a lot of Santa and red bows.

    I have my tree up but it is not decorated yet - this weekend.

    Love the blue of Branson too!

    Love Christmas time.


  21. Your tree look like it's very pretty. Thanks for visiting me today. Have a great weekend! It's crunch time!!

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  23. Hello sweet friend.. can't wait to see your tree in all it's standing glory -wink! I decorate our Christmas Tree in red's and gold colors with clear lights - that's what I like best but have used color lights. One thing that we have done is to make one new homemaked ornaments each year while the kids were home and had a speical 6' tree just for those hand made ornaments. So we would have two Christmas trees the other one I decorated in Christmas colors of red's and gold's with other christmas colors too..
    Hugs from Cabo