Friday, December 2, 2011

It's December!

Can you see the geese formations flying high in the clouds?  There were many, many more behind this group.  They were headed the same direction as we were on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.  Yes, as a few of you guessed, we went to Branson.  

We met our son here at Ozark for a late lunch before going on to Branson.  The home of the throwed rolls and yummy food!  People were carrying out dozens of rolls for their Thanksgiving meal that were for sale at the check out line.  

Guess who was one of those carrying out yummy rolls to go along with the turkey to be picked up at a local supermarket?  I prepared the rest of the food at the condo.  Ever fixed mashed potatoes without a masher?  Forgot to take one with me.  A fork and lots of elbow grease saved the day.  

We awoke to a beautiful morning.  The mists around the lake were so pretty.  The lake looks further away than it actually is in this photo. 

It's December!  Santa and roses just don't usually go together in December in Missouri, but they are still blooming in Branson and in my yard as well. 

I hope everything is rosy at your house!  We're motoring along on our part of the bathroom prep before the carpenter begins to do the really hard work.  Hopefully we'll be putting up the Christmas tree this weekend.  Hubby and I moved some plywood out of the middle of the living room floor and even though I still have some boxes stacked in a corner....we will have Christmas!!  

I'm still slow about getting around to commenting at everyone's blog.  I've been really busy and Stormy has rarely left my side since we've gotten home.  Here she is sleeping with her head on my laptop.  It's not easy to blog with kitty on the keys!  Hope to catch up with everyone soon.  Have a great day and a good weekend!
Photos of our favorite destination in Branson coming next week.

Until next time...


  1. I love your photo of the far away birds in formation, you can sure see the pattern!! And your kitty using the keyboard for a pillow, so cute. Cats are attracted to electronic computerized things! My friend's cat wants to sleep on the iPad, and my son's cat threw up on the computer keyboard! I would love to go to Branson, so will enjoy more pictures.

  2. beautiful photos. i love the waiting santa ... kind of cute ... him all sitting there waiting. wonder what he is waiting on? he need a magazine, or list, or cup of coffee. have a good weekend. (:

  3. That is a LOT of geese!! Wow! The Santa looks really good perched next to those beautiful red roses and oh, that view!! Looks like a wonderful Thanksgiving, Cheryl. I feel your pain in the remodel process. LOL! Can't wait. blessings ~ tanna

  4. What a nice way to spend Thanksgiving!!! Something I would love to do but would receive so much flack from my family. Looking forward to seeing the pictures!!! Enjoy your Friday!

  5. I have never seen so many geese formations in one formation. Usually when I see them there is only one big V.

    What a beautiful cat!!

  6. that geese formation looks like a womans elbow, like she was stretching and looking at the sky. down here Santa has hibiscus blooming.

  7. Awww Stormy must be mellowing Cheryl! Glad you had a nice time. And yes it is December, I still have ferns and petunias on my front porch! We saw geese fly over the Tiny Ten on Thanksgiving when CH and I walked. They were awesome!

  8. Those geese are amazing. They make air travel inspirational. Santa looks at home among the roses. He would feel right at home at my house, too.

  9. The lake is lovely. And Santa with the roses was priceless. I've seen Santa in many settings. But that is a first. Stormy looks sweet catnapping on the computer. I LOVE Branson. Look forward to seeing your pics. Take care.

  10. Poor Stormy! She may need to visit a kitty shrink. =) Don't they get needy after time alone. Kitties may be independent, but they really do like people.

    I knew it! Branson. (I'd have made everyone mash his/her own potatoes. ;> )

    Yay for Christmas and perseverance. You'll get it done; I just know that you will!

  11. Hope those geese aren't heading for Little Rock. They are on a cull campaign there.
    Santa and roses, wow.
    Glad you had a nice if muscle building Thanksgiving dinner.

  12. That is a very cool picture of the geese flying overhead!
    We are starting to get the eagles in now. They stay in our part of Utah all winter. I saw two of them yesterday....a golden and a bald.

    I'm certain your little cat really missed you.

    Happy Christmas decorating, and happy renovation too :)

  13. Wow! The pic of the geese flying is terrific! I would have been snapping and snapping!

  14. love that geese shot! and the roses are lovely still! good luck with all the work at the house! (pet the kitty for me!)

  15. What a nice way to spend Thanksgiving - just relaxed - no worries. And such a gorgeous place.


  16. We had such a lovely stay with our daughter in Missouri for Thanksgiving but didn't have time to go to Branson. I want to visit there sometime.
    I loved the pictures and the cat on the computer is priceless.
    I will look forward to more pictures of your favorite spot in Missouri.

  17. That is a lot of geese. That bathroom is certainly a big project. I love when it's done but I dread the messes more and more it seems. Can't wait to see the final result.

  18. Cheryl
    I love you Christmas banner!
    And lucky you to catch such a good shot of those geese. They're smart to head south!
    My SIL and BIL live in Ozark and my nephew used to work at Lambert's. Small world, right?
    I used to visit Branson often when my sis lived there, but it's been a long...time since I've been there
    I'm sure it's still as much fun as ever.
    Hope you get your tree this weekend
    I'm still behind with my decorating plans. Oh, well!

  19. We haven't seen any geese flying formations yet. I will keep my eyes peeled.

    Those Lambert rolls look wonderful!

  20. I know how hard it is to comment on everyone's blog. Wonderful pictures @ I especially like the misty view from the balcony. Why is it cats love to lay in front of our computers?

  21. I am so jealous...that is where I want to go..I hear it is so awesome at Christmas time! ;D

  22. OH! how beautiful Cheryl, I must get to Branson, it is on my top twenty bucket list.
    Glad you are back home.

  23. Hi Cheryl!

    I don't know what I loved best, the geese or the clouds! What a beautiful picture! I can hardly believe, you have roses still blooming, I just checked the temp and it was only 19 degrees! Soak in the warmth for me!

    I thought about you today as we were looking at flooring, and trying to decide what to do. I can't wait to see your finished bathroom!

    Stormy is adorable... :0)


    P.S. Mashed potatoes with a fork . . . you are a genius!

  24. I think I need to hug Stormy and tell her everything will be ok because I don't think she believes you. :)

    Branson is awesome and nearly in my backyard.

  25. Those buns look yummy, I love freshly made bread.
    Stormy looks content now that you are home.
    Enjoy your weekend, Cheryl, don't work to hard.

  26. sorry I only saw the clouds at first--wink!
    flowers around this time of the year -- beautiful and welcome and for Stormy what a cutie..
    hugs and be safe

  27. I think the geese must have changed their flight path here...we have hardly seen any and normally, any time you look, you see some at this time of year.

    Just checking in...I have been slow about blogging myself.

  28. Looks like you are going to be busy for a while! The pics of the geese and the lake were fantastic (o:

  29. Hey girl...I recogized those pictures immediately...BRANSON, Got to love those rolls from Lambert's...oh wow, wish I had some right now! also wish I were in Branson right now...
    Have a good evening..

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  31. Beautiful pictures. I know what you mean about the cat on your keys, mine does the same thing.

  32. We were just talking about the "throwed rolls" at Thanksgiving. We remember this from the last time we were in Missouri :)
    Beautiful photos!