Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas at my house

"I wonder when she's going to put presents
under the tree and if there's any for me?"

A blogger told about using
a strainer to cover the lens to get the
starry effect.  Thanks, Vee!

I love to decorate with things that
we have had a long time.
The Santa sitting on the floor is made from
a post.  The Nativity was made by my hubby.
The arrangement on the coffee table was given 
to me a few years ago by my daughter.

 Did you go sledding as a child on one of these?
I remember taking sleds to the one room
country school as a child.  We would
go sledding at recess and during the lunch
hour.  It seems like we had more snow then
than we do now.  I don't remember my kids
sledding all that much.

  Santa is everywhere in my house.  Here he's
 hanging in front of the old oak-front cabinet
guarding my collection of antique dishes.

The old Hoosier cabinet in the kitchen gets
a bit of Christmas decor.  Last year, I had 
some snowmen sitting where the cookbooks are.
This year, I was too lazy to put the books away.
Did you, unlike me, get everything decorated 
according to plan this year?

Another item from years past, cut out 
by hubby and painted by meIt just 
wouldn't be Christmas without bringing
out our old handmade pieces.  I wonder if
the kids will someday consider them
heirlooms?  Ha!  

Here's yet another item I painted in acrylics.
It was a lot of fun to do years ago, but these things
aren't the style anymore.  It's still my style, I
   prefer the cozy, country look. 

It's been a busy week and will get busier yet.
I hope you're further along with the Christmas preparations 
than I am!  Now, it's time for me to get busy
on that bundle of cedar outside that is waiting for me
to do something with, we finally have a pretty
day with sunshine!

Thanks to all for your nice comments on
Tuesday's Barn Charm post - although I
think it posted on Monday by mistake.
I'll see you next week.  Have a wonderful
Until next time...


  1. love, love homemade decor! that sled is sweet! :)

  2. I'm going to have to try the strainer trick. That is cool!

    Some of my favorite decorations are the ones my children made for me throughout the years. We finally got our house decorated yesterday... it isn't perfect, but it is "good enough". Yours looks wonderful!


  3. Hi Cheryl!

    Oh, I love how your tree lights look - I'm going to try that idea as well! Vee has such wonderful ideas!

    Your home looks so cozy and Christmasy - I love the beautiful homemade/handmade items. I know that someday, your children will cherish them as well. I used to love to tole paint - what happened with that? I wish I lived near you so we could paint together!

    Slow down and enjoy the season... :0)

    Warm Hugs,

  4. I agree with you about there being more snow when we were kids.

    Your house looks beautiful!! Good job.

  5. Your decorations look wonderful. Love the homemade also. (o:

  6. I haven't had a wonderful idea in fifty years, but I do recognize a wonderful idea when I see one! LOL!

    Your home looks so cozy, warm and welcoming.

    (No, I have taken the easy road decorating this year. I just didn't have the energy for everything and that's okay.)

  7. Your house decorations are very nice. I love the old time feeling.

  8. Your house looks so pretty, festive and cozy, Cheryl. I think the pieces you and your husband made are the most special of all. You did a beautiful job on your painting.

  9. Your house is so festive and warm! Your tree is gorgeous! Our tree decor is very similar. :)
    I've only been sledding once. I took my son snow skiing and he loved it. As for me, I'm a bit afraid of heights so I stuck to sledding. Happy Holidays Cheryl!

  10. the place looks great. i love your decorations, everything looks perfectly lovely :)

  11. Everything looks homey and lovely. I want to come over.

  12. I have a pair of special "glasses" from Disney World that make the lights look like snowflakes. Every year I pull them out and take a couple of photos of the tree through them. My 5 year old loves to look at the lights through them, too. I'll have to try the strainer trick. Enjoy the rest of your preparations.

  13. Oh my goodness! I love your decorations so much. And I love your Christmas tree lights. You just put a strainer over it? It was gorgeous! I love your decorations from the past too! You have a lovely home and lovely memories. Enjoy the holidays! sandie

  14. Your strainer photos turned out primo!

    Don't you just love dumb fun photo tips?

  15. I wondered what you had done to get the star look in your lights... I have never heard of that... What kind of strainer?????

    Beautiful decorations... I love them all--but that sled called my name.... I used to have one!!!!!

    Merry Christmas.

  16. Very pretty! Now come decorate my house. :)

  17. I simply adore your old Hoosier cabinet, Cheryl.. and the Christmas treasures you adorn your lovely abode with.
    Antiques use to be an obsession of mine.
    Hugs, Pam.

  18. i had no idea you are so talented. everything is beautiful, the bear you painted is really pretty, i did not know cozy Christmas is out of style, I love it to. looks like your hubby is talented to.

  19. Very pretty Cheryl! Stormy loves that tree. Nothing will beat her little face poking out of the center of your tree! Like the light idea :) Not too much got decorated around our place and our "family Christmas" is tomorrow at the Mama's. We still have health stuff draggin' us down and I am getting over food poisoning, but things are looking up! I am looking for a peaceful, healthy Christmas and a piece of pumpkin pie! Merry Christmas to you and yours Cheryl if I don't get another chance and give Stormy a Merry Christmas scritch from us!

  20. A strainer?? Well, now I will have to try this!! I noticed the twinkling immediately, and was wondering how you had done that!! I love the sled, what a beautiful decoration it makes. And that long bearded Santa is very cool!!! You paint wonderfully, you really are quite an artist!!! I have no artistic talent myself, so appreciate it even more in others, your works of art are a joy to look at!

  21. Very festive and I like your cozy country style-mine as well.

    Merry Christmas!

  22. Love what you have done and the strainer effect if really neat. I will have to try it.

  23. Your house is lovely! You know how to make the Christmas affect throughout! Yes, I remember those sleds. Such fun and we didn't worry about splinters or safety features either!

  24. Love all your Christmas treasures! Alas, my house is a tad sad as we didn't decorate inside this year. Happily, though, it's for a good reason and next year I'm pulling out all the stops! I enjoyed your photos, though!

  25. So beautiful! Yes, I love pulling our old decorations out, sort of like our old friends! Enjoy!

  26. Homemade and passed down year after year are my favorite kind of Christmas decorations!! Your home looks so warm and welcoming and Christmas-y!! I have tons to get done in the next few days, too!! ;) blessings ~ tanna

  27. Love your decor too! I didn't do much decorating this year either. I think it's important to do only as much as WE want to do!
    Thanks for the tip about using a strainer for the light photos: you just might see that used on my blog in the coming week!
    Thanks for sharing pics of some of your Christmas decorations with us!

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  29. I have to try that strainer trick.....if I ever get the tree up!

    I love the old hand-made decorations too and yours are wonderful.

    I need to get off the computer and actually do some decorating here!

  30. Your home and decorations look wonderful!

    Stopping by to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas!!

  31. Ohhh sooo pretty! Love the starry twinkle light effect & also the bokeh in the background of the 5th shot! =)

    You asked if that's where everyone floats on Current River... that's not the main place, which is in Van Buren & some go to Doniphan, but there's usually quite a few people camping & swimming at Clubhouse Rd... They say that's a place where Al Capone had his 'Clubhouse' & hid from the cops... it burned down in the 70's, though.

  32. I love your decorations, so cheery!
    My cat does that too- lays in front of the tree and stares at the manger I have sitting in front. It's like she is mesmerized by all the lights.

  33. I like all your decorating!!!

    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

  34. I, too, went to a one-room school. In Iowa. And yes, we did go sledding at recess. Sometimes we'd line the sleds up and each person would lie on his/her belly on the sleds and hook their toes in the sled behind them: A sled train!

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