Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tuesday this and that...

I can't believe school is starting next week here in our area!  The summer is flying by quickly, as they seem to do  every year.  The photo above is one I took a few weeks ago and is the school house at Shelter Gardens in COMO.

I've been so busy lately that I haven't been blogging or visiting as much as usual.  I hope to get around to visit everyone soon!  

Hubby's doctor (heart) visit went fine and his sleep study went well also.  They didn't find enough to indicate that he needed a cpap machine at night.  That was surprising to me as I've observed him so often just gasping for air after he quits breathing for a bit.  And the snoring!!  Anyway, they should know what they're doing with the testing.  I hope.  
We've had a change of plans as far as vacation goes.  After talking with the doctor who said a trip would be okay as long as we are near medical centers, we've decided to postpone our trip out west until spring.  We will, however, be taking a couple of weeks off to go somewhere not so far away.  We're just going to get in the car and see where it takes us in a couple of weeks.  Wonder where we will end up?  And then in September, we're going to our favorite place in Branson for 7 nights.  Our kids will meet us there for a weekend visit, but we'll have the condo all to ourselves after that.  We're really looking forward to this trip in particular.  Just to have a change of scenery and relax sounds wonderful!  We'll, of course, take in a show or two and go to a few of our favorite places.

It's a bit cooler this week and we've had a few little rains.  Most of the flowers are still hanging on but not looking as good as they could.  I'm surprised I haven't lost most of them in the extreme heat we've had.  It's been a job watering because I have so many pots plus the flower beds, but I tried to do that job very early in the morning before it got too hot.   We won't talk about the veggie garden.  :D

Until next time...


  1. I guess it is good he doesn't need a cpap machine. I have no idea how people sleep in those.
    Enjoy Branson. That is my favorite place to shop but it takes a day trip to get there.
    Glad also that the break in heat has hit you also. Yesterday and this morning were wonderful.

  2. Hi, you two are going to be so ready for that vacation! You have both been through a lot and need to go have some fun! :D

  3. I love your photo. I'm glad things are going well for your husband. It is great that you will still be able to get away to someplace you enjoy. Hopefully, you can relax!

  4. Your header is GORGEOUS. I could sit and gaze at if for hours. That garden looks like a lovely spot.
    I am so glad your hubby has received good news on the health front. I'm sure you will both be happy to get away and relax for awhile.
    I can relate to the watering of pots. It seems like I'm constantly watering mine and they still look like they're struggling.

  5. Good idea to keep the big vaca for later! You'll enjoy it more when you don't feel there is looming drama! Love your header....

  6. I'm not talking about my veggie garden this year either - mum's the word! ;) I always enjoy seeing familiar-to-me spots on your blog. It is fun to have other bloggers in this area! I love that little schoolhouse and those gardens in CoMo. I also found out about another garden there I want to visit sometime soon. We've been in CoMO a lot (too much) lately w/ hubs doc visits. Sounds like your hubby is doing well. Praying for his continued healing. -Tammy

  7. Hi Cheryl, Glad your hubby is doing so well... Sorry you've had to postpone your big trip--but you'll enjoy it more in the spring --after your hubby gets back to normal totally... Sounds like you have some nice trips planned anyhow....

    Our schools started this week. We build in about 15 or more snow days during the year --so we start earlier....

  8. Maybe it is agood thing that your hubby didn't get one of those masks. Our neigbor has one and the neighbor lady says that now he sleeps fine, but she can't! Becausee the noise it makes!


    And yes i hope those boys matured, but i have doubts... and i am sorry about your car!


  9. Patti: I'm glad about the cpap, too, because I don't think he would have used it much. They put one on him for a night during his heart attack stay and he hated it. Enjoy the cooler weather!

    Julie: Thanks! We are really, really ready for a change of scenery and relaxing. Can't wait!

    Jill: Thanks! We will hopefully relax very well on the vacation since we aren't going to be driving so far.

    Happy@Home: Kim, I'm glad you liked the header. I think it was 105 with the heat index the day I took that photo. I just couldn't go past the Gardens without stopping, but I sure didn't stay long!

    Deb: Yes, we thought it best to wait and we would enjoy the long trip more if we weren't worrying about the what if's.

    Flat Creek Farm: Tammy, thanks for your prayers! Hope your hubby is doing okay.

    Betsy from TN: Thanks, hubby feels really good. We're more than okay with postponing the trip. We'll have fun the next few weeks and have something to look forward to in the spring. Wow, school this week? Where did the summer go?

    Leontien: Yes, I thought about the noise, too. I'm sure I wouldn't like it! Glad he didn't have to get one. It's okay about the car, the ins. co. fixed it up and didn't total it like we feared. Thanks for your visit!

  10. Glad to hear your husband is doing well.

    Branson? I love Branson time. Have fun and relax.

  11. Your upcoming trips sound fun, especially when you just get in the car and see where it takes you. I'm so grateful for this cooler weather!! Meatloaf sounds good to me too.

  12. Journaling Woman: Thanks! Branson is a favorite place of ours.

    GardenofDaisies: The meatloaf was good! The cooler weather is wonderful! It's nice to walk outside without feeling like you're walking into an oven!