Monday, August 15, 2011

A nice summer weekend

"In summer, the song sings itself."
~William Carlos Williams

Just a few remaining weeks of summer are left.  I always think of fall as beginning after Labor Day.   My flowers are surviving the heat in the flower beds, but the pots are beginning to struggle except for the Knockout Roses I planted in pots this year.  They are doing well.  

"Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability."
~Sam Keen
Hubby is doing great following his heart attack last month.  He has returned to regular work following 2 weeks rest at home and 2 weeks light duty.  Lazy is not in his vocabulary, so it's been a relief for him to return to his normal working routine this weekend.  He was called to work over the weekend when two utility poles were broken by a bad driver and had to be replaced.   Then the weekend was also busy with yard work.   We enjoyed a nice, late supper on the patio yesterday where it was shady and not too warm.  I can feel a subtle change in the air already.  Fall is just around the corner!  I do wish to enjoy many more nice evenings on the patio.  I love the evening hours just before dark, although nighttime has it's nice moments, too.  Such as watching the full moon rising above the trees while listening to the sounds of night.
"Oh, the summer night
Has a smile of light
And she sits on a sapphire throne."
~Barry Cornwall
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  1. Your flowers make a lovely splash of color,so nice to see.Our flowers are almost over as the summer in Ireland has not been good and we lost a lot of plants due to the severe winter conditions.
    After basking in the heat in England it was a bit of a shock coming back to the chill here and having to wear a sweater instead of light summery tops.!!!

    So glad that little puppy in your previous post found a good home.I agree with your sentiments about cruelty to any animals,it is so wicked.

  2. I can feel it too. There was an actual nip in the air this morning. I am so ready.
    Great news about your hubby. Hope he stays careful with his diet and meds. My brother had one about 15 years ago and is still active and fine today. He bikes about 1000 miles a year at 75. Warnings are wonderful things.

  3. I am so grateful your husband is doing so well. That was an eye-opener. We take so much for granted. Your flowers looks so nice. There aren't many hanging on in this neck of the woods. The heat and drought have been taking their toll. Dinner on the patio sounds wonderful... =) Hope you have a great week! blessings ~ tanna

  4. Great news about your husbands return to health. May it continue! Your flowers are amazing!

  5. Yes Fall is in the air. I thought I could even smell it yesterday.
    Glad hubby is BTW.
    Your flowers are still beautiful.
    Have a great week, don't ya love these cooler mornings?

  6. your gardens still look fabulous!!

    good news about your husband, i wish him well!!!

  7. Your flowers are so nice. I'm very glad that your hubby is back to his normal schedule. Yes, these evenings are perfect for sitting outside and enjoying the cooler air. We did that for about an hour last night and I really enjoyed it.

    My knock-out rose is under full attack from Japanese Beetles. I don't really know what to do about it other than to pick the things off. Ugh. They've ruined every blossom.

  8. I am so glad hubby is doing so well.

    My flowers have not survived the heat nearly as well as yours have. That's ok, though. I enjoyed them while I could.

    I was thinking the same thing last night about the weather... I can almost smell the changes.


  9. Good Morning Cheryl! I am so happy your Hubby is doing well! Great news. Your flowers are lovely :) I might be emailing you on your experience with Stormy and scratching. Iz is doing pretty well but if you have found a miracle something r other I'd like to know. We are still redirecting and she is concentrating on one chair.....MINE!

  10. fall -- not ready -- but I feel it too the change .. I love flowers and I too like listening to the sounds at night and early morning.. Life is Good and We are Blessed.. hugs

  11. We are getting faint glimpes of cooler temps and a touch of fall, too and what a relief after our HOT hight temps. Although they are saying back up to 100 this coming Sunday again. We basically gave up on our flowers. Your's are looking lovely!!!

  12. Glad to hear he is doing so well.

    Your flowers look great. I love that purple one in the last picture.

    We are enjoying these cool fall-like mornings!

  13. Oh, I so agree about summer nights...and sad to know it will all soon be over. Good news about hubbie, tell him to take it easy! :D

  14. matron: I guess I didn't realize there was that much difference in the climate of England and Ireland! I sometimes think I need to go back to school. :D

    ARPatti: I am ready for fall, too! Not so winter, tho.

    Tanna: We were sure surprised by the heart attack. One would think he's healthy as a horse as the saying goes. Active, not overweight, etc.

    Jill: Thanks! I think he'll be okay if he will do what the doctor tells him. Giving up the cigarettes is not going well yet.

    OsageBluffQuilter: I love the cooler nights, too. We sat out for a long while last night. Until the mosquitoes ran us inside!

    Debbie: thanks! The flowers are doing pretty good altho I did lose several in places. You might see the bare spots in the photo, that's where they were.

    Vee: I'm sorry about your Knockouts. I've been keeping an eye out for bugs but so far so good. I'm just watering really good.

    Deanna: If we could just have a cooler summer I wouldn't be in such a hurry for fall even tho it's my fav season!

    Pix! Hi! I got Stormy one of those S-shaped thingies at WalMart for scratching. She finally figured out what it was for after ignoring it for 3 weeks! LOL She'll still try to scratch my chair once in a while, but has gotten much better. The sprays I bought didn't work worth a diddly. I wish there WAS a miracle cure, I really don't want to have her declawed!

    Kristeen: you are right. Life IS good! I'm just a simple gal, loving the simple things in life. Sitting outside in the late evening listening to night sounds is one of them!

    Susan: thanks! My flowers in the pots are not so pretty, but I think the heat is harder on them as they dry out so fast. I have tried hard to keep everything watered, but some of mine didn't make it anyway. I think our temps are creeping upwards, too. I just hope it stays away from the 100 mark.

    gld: thanks, he is doing so good that it's hard to believe he ever had a heart attack!

    Julie: We'll enjoy the nice summer eves as long as we can. It has been so hot here this summer that I didn't want to be outside at all!

  15. I am happy that your hubby is doing good and yes me too are looking forward to the nice summer evenings. Now that the terrible heat is gone we can sit outside and i love it.

    oh, and i don't know what a gunny sack is but i think i get the general idea and i like it! you grandpa was a smart man!


  16. I'm so happy to hear your DH is able to return to work!
    Your gardens are still lovely, I think.
    My flower beds are truly filled with dead flowers now. I need to pull them all out and clean them.
    I can't think of fall until the leaves turn here. I just refuse!

  17. Hi Cheryl, It has been a quick summer, hasn't it? With us being gone most of June, that has made the summer pass by really quickly. I for one though am anxious for Fall. I never do like a hot summer...

    Glad your hubby is doing well. He is a hard-worker, isn't he? Hope his health continues to be okay.

    Great pictures.

  18. Leontien: a gunny sack like my dad used many years ago is made of a fabric like burlap. It was used to hold agricultural products or seed. I don't even know if they have them anymore, they probably use other materials now. I remember they were saved and used for many other purposes including the one I mentioned to you. We would sometimes take the empty sacks to the corn field during harvest to fill with corn the corn picker (before combines) left behind in the field.

    camp and cottage living: I would love for summer to last a long time if only it hadn't been so very hot. It's nicer now and I lovin' it! I think a lot of us are anxious for fall to escape the heat.

    Betsy from TN: I agree the summer has gone by quickly in spite of it being so blistering hot. And yes, hubby is a hard worker. He's a good guy...I think I'll keep him. :D

  19. Love your quotes and your flower photos. I have the same little pink zinnias. They've really started thriving over the past couple of weeks.
    I, too, can feel the slightest change in the air....

  20. loved your thoughts and pictures today. I am happy your husband is back to work and doing well. My husband had a heart attack when he was 45 years old and I know how scary that is. He too does not rest well; he loved to be busy.
    The poem was sweet.
    Blessings to you and keep on enjoying those moments.

  21. I'm glad your husband is doing well! And your garden still looks fantastic to me! I'm so glad we no longer have those 100+ temps. The 80's and 90's feel cool by comparison! We took a ride in the convertible last night, and the air felt great. But every time we passed under a tree, the cicadas sure were LOUD! Ah, summer in the midwest. :-)