Monday, August 1, 2011

Summer time, and the living is easy...

Hello August!  I hope you won't be as hot and humid as July!! 

It's back to work today for hubby after his 2 week hiatus.
He'll be on light duty for the next 2.  A doctor visit this 
week will tell us how he's doing and if it's okay to go ahead
with plans for our 2 week vacation this fall.

As for me, I hope to get some much needed cleaning started
this week.  I have been lax in the housekeeping department
lately.  This hot and humid weather and having hubby 
home has been a good excuse to be lazy, but it's time to
get to work.  My housekeeper must have lost my address 
and phone number because she hasn't shown up yet.  Ha!!

What is your least favorite housekeeping chore?  Do you
have someone to help you with housework or do it alone?  
I'd have to say my least favorite is scrubbing floors.
Probably.  I can think of a few more that I'm not particularly
crazy about doing either, but it all has to be done!  

Here's to a productive and good week for us all!! 
And a good month with some cooling temperatures
and rain for those who need it. 
Until next time...


  1. You know, I really wouldn't mind any of the chores.... IF you only had to do them once and they would stay done!! It is the doing them over and over and over that wears me out!! LOL! Happy cleaning! blessings ~ tanna

  2. Yes, welcome to August. Nothing like the man at home to impede the progression of housework. So glad that he's doing well and going back to work. He's probably eager to go.

    No, I don't have help, though I am earnestly considering it for some chores that just seem overwhelming to, attic, and basement. One can get someone to do that, right? Right. =}

    Wish I could share our wonderful and nearly perfect weather with the rest of the the 70s and 80s with nary a bit of humidity. It's a little like heaven every day. I'm in total agreement with you on gentle rains for those who need it, sun for the Pacific Northwest, and bearable temps for everyone else.

  3. My sweetie has begun vacuuming the carpeted areas! Who knew all these years he had it in him.......

    I am not complaining; he does all the laundry too. I fold and put away.

    Retirement has been good to me!

    Good luck with the doctor check up.

  4. Hi Cheryl, Glad your hubby is doing much better. Hope he takes good care of himself.

    It's hot here too... I don't like any kind of housework... I love working in the yard --but cleaning the house--BAH....ha


  5. the thing i dread the most is dusting. i will let the dust build and build. i like mopping the floors best. my help is my husband, he does the floors, i do the rest. i don't like any of it and if i worn the lottery would either live in a hotel or have a housekeeper

  6. Good news about your hubby. Sounds like he is doing great.
    Mine is vacuuming and cleaning a clean house. No sense of accomplishment. First order of business after winning the lotto is hiring a housekeeper.

  7. We both need to clean!!! I do have a housekeeper but she had knee surgery & guess who hasn't been keeping up! I have knee problems myself & no longer can get down on my hands & knees to scrub floors. I found a great dust mop at Target that swivels & helps me get to places I can't reach. Good grief...I'm sounding like an old lady! Put some inspiring music on with me & lets get rid of the dust bunnies! ; )

  8. i have that whole love/hate relationship with cleaning. i love when someone else does it & i hate when i have to do it!!!

    i have a girl who comes once per month and really CLEANS. the hubs and i share the day to day stuff. i am more of an organizer/project person. i love to clean out the cabinets or clean out a closet.

  9. ooooohhhh good news about the hubs :)

  10. Good Morning Cheryl! Stormy has a cute tummy :) Life looks rough for her there! So Hubby is back to work. A good thing. I am sure you will get a go ahead for your September vacation, fingers crossed. I have someone to help me with house stuff, his name is CH. He helps here and there IF I ask but he can walk over a piece of paper 4011 times and never pick it up. My least favorite chore in the house is keeping the hardwoods cat litter dust free and cleaning under the dang couch. Breaks my back. My other least favorite domestic chore-I hate grocery shopping!

  11. The older I get, the more I despise housework. I used to love it - it was a stress reliever. Now it is just a chore. Today I've been working on cleaning out closets. I am always amazed at how so much stuff accumulates. I just sorted them last year for a rummage sale and here I am cleaning them out again. Yuck!!

  12. Love that kitty picture!! My little Sundae-girl does that quite often....s-t-r-e-t-c-h!

    My least favorite housekeeping chore: all of 'em! No, I don't have anyone to help, although hubby keeps telling me to get some help.

    Family reunion here this weekend, so I'm definitely cleaning this week!

  13. I too have had a summer filled with so many activities that I haven't been doing my housework either. I was going to do spring cleaning and now it is almost fall. I hate to scrub floors too.
    Loved reading your blog today and the picture of the kitty was way cute.
    Blessings to you!

  14. Don't hate me but I love cleaning. In fact it may or may not have been joked in my family that if I did have a cleaning person, I would clean before he/she came to clean my house.