Wednesday, August 3, 2011

How far would you drive for dinner?

I would drive over an hour to eat a 
 Chicken Quesadilla Fajita 

at this Mexican restaurant in Odessa
which is sort of a halfway point 
between our house and our son's home
in north Kansas City

to eat with our son who wanted to
see how his dad was doing.
He had just gotten through with a
job in Kansas and drove down I-70 to
meet us.  

  We had a wonderful visit over a delicious
meal and when we walked outside to our
cars, we noticed the beautiful clouds.
Of course, I had my camera along for such
occasions and quickly snapped these shots.

I managed to get the above shot of our son as
he was backing out to leave.  You can probably
see that he's thinking "put that camera away!"

This little restaurant has really good food.  I 
love to eat out and love Mexican food.  The 
older I get, the less I like to cook.  So, I'll
drive many miles for dinner!  How 'bout you?

Until next time...


  1. I would drive a long way also!!

    Mmmm mmmm mmmm!

  2. Not me! My husband will suggest stopping at a restaurant to eat and I tell no, let's go home and I will cook.

    Strange, I know.

  3. Twenty eight miles is what I do now for a really good meal. Local choices are sub par. Mainly I prefer my own cooking and love to experiment.
    Handsome boy you have there. Great meal and company, you can't beat that.

  4. Well....."back in the day", when we were dating, my (future) hubby drove 2 hours to take me to dinner in the Outer Banks of NC. And he'd do that now - if he took a notion!

    I love your post today. I love that your son wanted to "see" how his dad was doing.

  5. No, I don't think your son said that at all. He looks as if he's perfectly willing to indulge his mama.

    I'd drive that far, too, but not for see my son.

  6. we eat out...we drive far, we eat local, it matters not,

    i would drive miles & do to see my boys!!!

  7. I would not drive more than 5 or 10 minutes for dinner, but would drive to meet my sons for dinner. but not just to eat. i know a few that drive and hour plus just to try a new restaurant. i hate driving/riding and rarely go more than 3 to 5 miles from home for anything

  8. We wouldn't be true bloggers if we didn't live with our cameras in our hip pockets.
    Beautiful clouds!
    Beautiful son!
    Beautiful food.
    We drive to Jefferson City for Mexican a lot. We love the small little LaBamba on Missouir Blvd. they have the best frozen margaritas!!!
    Keep Cool!

  9. Hi Cheryl, I remember when I first moved to Tennessee after living in Texas for 12 yrs... I missed that really authentic and GOOD Mexican food...

    But--some pretty good ones have now come closer to our area. In fact, there's now a really good Mexican Restaurant not far from us, Cancun's.... We love it.

    Great that you got to see your son.

  10. Nice the Hubby and you got to see your son. We love Mexican and in fact took our ridiculous selves out in the heat yesterday and ate at our fav Mexican restaurant in Jeff. Mi Tolteca. We need to try out Patti's place and compare. I am a chiles rellenos gal. We have been known to drive all the way to Springfield for Chik-fil-a. Well! It is a beautiful rural drive if you don't go the Lebanon way!

  11. Sure, an hours nothing. I live 40 minutes from town, so adding a few more minutes means nothing to me. Especially if it's for a chicken fajita-it's one of my favorites. And then to see my son-I would easily drive over an hour anyday!

  12. We are lucky to have a wonderful little Mexican place 5 minutes from our house! So I don't need to drive far for that. But to see a son (or a daughter), I would drive to the ends of the earth.

  13. We travel an hour to PFChangs! I'd travel farther for good Mexican! It's the thrill of the hunt, ya know?

  14. Yeah - I am game.. hour fine put more then that well - I would have to be on a gate-a-way an already on the road - wink!

  15. It looks like it was worth the drive for a number of reasons!

  16. ha! We have an El Camino Real in our town too! So i don't have to drive that far! ;-)

    Have a great weekend!

  17. I would travel far for good cooking!!!


  18. The travel would be worth it to have good food and time with a child. Loved the pictures!
    My mother was a big picture taker and we complained and now I am just like her and I am the picture taker.
    Just keep enjoying the moments.

  19. The food sounds (and looks) good! Great pics also of your son and the clouds. Glad you got to meet up w/ him! Looks like we might have some nice heat relief this week. Are you ready for it? I am!! :) -Tammy

  20. Hi Cheryl!

    Yummmmo! I think I want to come to Kansas to have dinner with you! I love Mexican food!

    So glad you had your camera along - I love pictures of clouds, and that one is gorgeous!

    You are such a sweetheart to be checking on me - I have been thinking of you often and praying that your hubby would recover quickly. So happy that things are going well for you and your honey!

    I was so glad to hear that you got some rain in your neck of the woods - a much needed break from the heat!! It has almost been cold here - in the low 40's last night and very cool tonight - I'm not looking forward to . . . dare I say it . . . winter.