Friday, August 12, 2011

Puppy Love

I have a sad story today with a happy ending.  This precious
little bundle of fur was found abandoned by the side 
of a country road yesterday.  

He was found by one of my daughter's employees on her way
to work.  He was all alone on the road and she stopped her car
and picked him up and brought him to work with her.

Puppy now has a new home with the girl who found him
and will be loved and given the care he deserves.

It is beyond my comprehension how anyone can so 
callously abuse animals
or just dump these little ones out to fend 
for themselves.  How do they think
they will survive?  They don't care.  
You've all probably seen the ASPCA commercials
with the Sarah McLachlan song. 
  They break my heart to watch them. 

This little guy is lucky and was rescued by someone 
who will love him.   Good for her and good luck
to the little puppy.  I wish all the animals abused or 
abandoned were so fortunate.

~All the photos were taken on my daughter's cellphone.

Until next time...


  1. Oh I'm so glad this has a happy ending. He is so precious! This happened with our children once and we too were lucky enough to find a good home for him.

  2. So precious! I agree: how can anyone be so cold-hearted?? Glad this little one has a loving home. (And I can't bear to watch that ASPCA commercial - have to look away and mute the volume.)

  3. Makes me crazy that people can be so cruel. He is absolutely adorable and precious. I'm so glad he has a loving home!

  4. I'm so glad your daughter saw him... and so glad you taught her to care. blessings ~ tanna

  5. Your daughter's employee deserves kudos which she will receive every day that puppy is in her life.
    I spent 15 years in rescue, I have no feelings for those who do such cruel things. I only wish them a similar fate--without the being rescued part.

  6. i can't watch the videos, animal abuse makes me hurt and also makes me very angry. so happy this precious little one found a good home. i will never understand it.

  7. How pretty it is in here...your header is so lovely...

    Oh my. I can't imagine doing such a thing to a poor little fellow as cute as this. All the best to your daughter's coworker and this little guy.

  8. Hi Cheryl, First of all, I love your new blog look.. Very pretty...

    That is so sad about the puppy-but the story ended well. Thank Goodness... Makes me so mad when people treat animals that way...Dang!

  9. Yes, cruelty to innocent animals and children is beyond my understanding, so glad he found a home!

  10. good that somebody found him!

    BUT do not get fooled by those comericals! THEY ARE NO GOOD! all they do is get money into their own pockets NOT any animals. I have no clue why Sarah would go for a thing like that! for every 200 dollars people sent only one dollar goes to actual shelters!

    don't let them fool you! but so good somebody found that pup!

    Hope you have agreat weekend!

  11. campandcottageliving: He is so cute and everyone that saw him fell in love! So happy that he was found and given a home.

    Kimmie: Yes! I would have had a hard time saying no to this little cutie!

    Dianna: I do the same thing! I don't watch tv much, but it seems that whenever I do turn it on, that commercial comes on!

    Jill: I know I'll never understand cruelty to animals. And children, wow, that REALLY makes me see red!!!

    Tanna: Thanks, we're really glad he was found, too. It was meant to be.

    AKPatti: You and I think alike, about the similar fate thing. I have no use for cruel people. Period. That may sound harsh, but it's honest.

    Sandra: It flat makes me cry to see anything abused. I'm so happy that this little pup will have a good home.

    Vee: Thanks! I decided a new blog look was long overdue.

    BetsyfromTN: Thanks! I love the color blue, but I hope to remember to change it once in awhile. It's kind of like my house, once I get things a certain way, they are apt to stay that way for a very long time! Ha!

    bookbabie: I'm sure he'll be well taken care of now, thanks for stopping by!

    Leontien: Wow, I didn't know that about the organization. Thanks for the heads up! What a shame the money doesn't go where it's supposed to.

  12. Our current dog was found in a ditch and brought to us by our neighbor. They know my husband never says no!

  13. he is adorable, just adorable.

    a happy ending indeed!!!!

  14. and leontien is right, sometimes even less. sometimes zero money finds it's way to the cause. many charities are frauds.

  15. Yes, Debbie and Leontien, it's always wise to check online to see the status of your chosen charity. To maintain their tax deductible status they must be open about what percentage goes to administration, etc. Even then it can be deceiving...the transportation company paid to distribute goods (which is often the greatest expense) if often NOT a nonprofit and is actually owned by the people running the non profit...very tricky. sweet that this little guy found a home by someone who will love him and care for him! A very sweet story...I didn't mean to through a damper on it with my little rant! But it never hurts to be careful ...

  16. My house lights up at night flashing "***Suckers ****Suckers", flash,flash. We get all kinds of puppies and larger pooches dumped on us. We take them, fix them up, foster them out. We find them along the road, just like the one above. We've kept some too. I think with the economy like it is, folks just can't afford their pets sometimes. I now have a holding pen for strays, which helps keep them from MY healthy animals until I learn something about the strays. That's one lucky little baby pup the gal found.

  17. So thankful that things turned out good. Its kinda heartless to put animals out. Very sad.

  18. gld: We had that problem several times when we lived in the country.

    Debbie: Sad that so many charities are that way.

    Deb: I never send money to anyone unless I know for sure they are legit. You are so right, it pays to be careful!

    Debi@7Gates: Thanks for stopping by. It is so good of you to care for those that have been abandoned. You are to be commended as it is a lot of work. Thanks for having a lot of love and a big heart to care for them!!

    Shug: Sad that there are so many heartless people out there, I say. I haven't been by your blog yet, hope you had a good vacation!

  19. I don't understand how people can be so cruel. Thank goodness for people like your daughter's co-worker.

    Living in the country, we have been the dumping ground for many cats and dogs. All of them have found a home with us or we've found them a home elsewhere. I've often wondered if there is an invisible to us sign on our fence that says "Animal Rescue Here". Oh well!

    Have a wonderful week!


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  21. Ok, I'm not spamming you.. just catching up.. lol! This post touched my heart. We have some sweet "happy endings" who live at our home too. I will never understand how and why people can just drop an animal off.. makes me very upset.
    That pup is adorable! God Bless the rescuers in the world! -Tammy

  22. What an adorable little puppy! So glad he was found by someone with a kind heart and what a wonderful ending! Don't get me started on what I think of a person abusing any animal!