Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Missouri Blizzard

The talk of the town, and probably the whole state, is the blizzard of February 1.   The following photos were taken around my house.

 This is looking out the front door.  You can't see the step down and the flower pot is almost covered.

The snow looks lower in some places than others because of the wind.

Yes, almost 16 inches!  And it's still snowing.

I know this is nothing new to those of you who live in the northern states or in the northeast, but this has been quite a storm for the midwest.  We have had a lot of winds that has drifted the snow causing some highways to be shut down.  Interstate 70, which is a very heavily traveled interstate stretching across mid-Missouri was shut down.  That rarely ever happens.

My husband who is a rural electric lineman was called to work twice last night.  He got home around 11:30 pm and was telling how one of his co-workers got stuck in a high snow drift on his way home and had to have some of the crew try to get his pickup out.  One of the men got stuck walking in the snow, it was up to his chest.  My husband had to go pull him out.   The pickup is still stuck.  And will be until some of the road is cleared. 

Thankfully, we haven't had loss of power at our house.  The snow is supposed to end sometime this morning and then the road crews will have the daunting task of trying to clear highways and streets.   All area schools have been closed and a lot of businesses.

To those who have to be out in this awful weather restoring power to homes or driving road plows or feeding livestock or trying to get to work, etc, I pray that they will be safe!

Until next time...


  1. What Coop does your husband work for? I for for Three Rivers Electric Cooperative at Linn/Brazito.

  2. Hi Cheryl!

    I am amazed at all of that snow! I have been praying for all of my sweet friends who are in that path of that giant storm! What a story to tell your grandchildren!! Mother Nature is really giving the country a show this year - I hope she stops soon! We don't have much snow, but we were -15 this morning and will only reach single digits today - thank goodness we don't have snow with that kind of cold!

    Stay inside and keep warm - it's a perfect day to catch up on reading all of those wonderful books!

    Warm hugs,


  3. Good grief! What a mess. Your hubby doesn't have the best job in storms does he? Thank goodness someone does it, though. Stay cozy... We're still in the thick of it.

  4. The storm missed us here in S. Arkansas. I'd love to have some snow.
    I've enjoyed reading your blog.
    You have a new follower!

  5. Hey, Cheryl!! We are suffering together. :( When I feel sorry for myself, I just stop and think about the road crews, EMTs--all emergency personnel. They are brave and wonderful.

    Good to meet you! I live north of Springfield. Email me and I can be more specific.


  6. Whoa! Too much snow for me! We are supposed to get your wind and cold tomorrow, but not the snow. Stay warm, watch some old movies, and put some bread in the oven!

  7. Wow, that is a lot of snow for any area. I have a daughter who lives in Missouri and one in South Dakota. I know that they were planning on just staying in and having hot chocolate and watching movies and hoping they don't lose the power. Your husband has worrisome job; prayers will be sent your way.
    Hopefully, the storm has passed by now and all is ok!
    Blessings to you! LeAnn

  8. Wooooooo Cheryl, I just looked at your temperature on your blog. It's minus 3 degrees there... Gee--that makes our plus 18 seem like a heat wave... ha ha

    Beautiful snow pictures. Glad you didn't lose your electricity... That was one very powerful storm.

    Take care and stay WARM.

  9. Wow! That's a lot of snow. Thanks to your hubby and all others who work hard to keep electric on and roads cleared.

  10. Please tell your husband thank you for me. I am one of those people who live in the Northwestern states. I have about 3 1/2 feet of snow in my yard and it is snowing like crazy out right now. I am in awe of people like your husband who go out in the middle of a blizzard and manange to get the job done in misrable circumstances. I also know how you must worry. Beautiful photos.