Thursday, February 10, 2011

Down Memory Lane...

 Sing it, Kenny!

I love music of all kinds and today I wanted to share a photo I took a long time ago of one of my favorite singers who sings mostly country and western songs.  He's also been an actor, a songwriter and I read that he is into photography.   Most everyone has heard of Kenny Rogers who has recorded many, many memorable songs and has won numerous awards.  He performed at the Hearnes Auditorium in Columbia 30 or so years ago and we purchased tickets and went to see him.  I remember that he had a terrific show, I've always loved his warm, raspy voice.

One of my favorite songs of his is Lady, which was written by Lionel Richie, another favorite singer of mine.  Another favorite song is The Gambler which was also the title of a movie he made.  Kenny is still performing today in concert around the country.

Kenny and Dottie West teamed up in the late 70's...they had 3 hit albums together.  She was with Kenny at the concert we attended.  One of their songs they performed was Every Time Two Fools Collide, another favorite.  They both looked and sounded terrific together.  Look at that gorgeous red "big hair"! 

These photos were taken with my old slr film camera and the photos are getting a little faded with the years.  I  didn't take many photos as I just wanted to sit and enjoy the great music without worrying about whether I had a great shot.   I noticed later after developing these that Kenny has his eyes closed in most of the shots.

There's a lot to be said about Kenny Rogers, from his 5 marriages to his plastic surgery if one wants to go down that road.  I'll just focus on the beautiful music he's given us for so many years.  Thank you, Kenny!

Do you like country western music?  I have to confess that I don't like all of it, but that is true about most music, isn't it?  Who is among your favorite country western singers?

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  1. Good Morning Cheryl! It is -10 as I type this. MissouREE has lost its mind.

    I loved Kenny Rogers back when he was singing Just Dropped in To See What Condition I Was In in The First Edition over, yikes, over 40 years ago. I like him and I like his music. CH and I also saw him in concert in St. Louis a looooong time ago. It was a great show. I do like country music and like you I don't like it all. But I like to listen to Kat country and the newer tunes. I like George Strait, Sugarland, Keith Urban, John Denver, Glen Campbell, Gretchen Wilson too many to type here I think!

    The tilapia is just fine cooked in a regular old non-stick fry pan. We like to grill it outside but the weather has not been behaving as you well know. The grill pan my sis-in-law told me about is a Calphalon non-stick 12 inch grill pan. It costs 79.99 and I am thinking that I could spend that 80 bucks on something else my little heart desires cause my fry pan works just fine. All I do is buy a big old bag of frozen Tilapia at HyVee in the frozen fish section. They are vacuum sealed. I lay out what we need and let them thaw a little and then rub olive oil on them, salt and pepper them and flop them in the fry pan. I do like them well cooked/grilled, a little crispy brown on the edges. Nothing exotic. They are very tasty, not fishy. I crave them. I do think the Calphalon Grill pan would be cool, CH tells me they are on sale at Macy's online. Hmmmmm. I am sorry this turned into a mini novel :)

  2. Brrr Cheryl... I see on your weather that you all are at a -5 degrees this morning... We are having a head wave since we are at 16 right now... ha ha

    I love Kenny Rogers --and have followed his music for years and years. "Lady" is one of my fav's also...I love "There You Go Again" and "When We made Love".... Oh ---I could go on and on...

    Thanks for a great post.
    P.S. How 'bout "I Can't Unlove You"... SO neat!!!

  3. I too loved Kenny Rogers - saw him in Shreveport probably 30 years ago when he had just had a son with his wife, Maryanne, I think. Got discouraged with him after that, but still loved his music. Saw he & Dolly reunite on Opra and it was wonderful - Still love him.

  4. I like his music, but I like his singing with Dolly Parton more. Do wish that he'd felt comfortable with his handsome face as it was. I won't even pretend to know a thing about the five marriages. Five? Really?

  5. Hi Cheryl,

    Kenny Rogers has always been one of my favorite artists. I was sad to see how much plastic surgery he has indulged in. It makes no sense to me! I love many types of music, including Country. I actually prefer the old country rather than this new stuff. It doesn't sound like country to me. In addition to Kenny, Willie and Merle are two of my other favorites. And of course Dolly.

    I've been scanning many of my old pictures, trying to restore the faded colors. Yours seem to have fared fairly well!


  6. Cheryl, I loved Kenny Rogers...guess I still do...just don't hear much about him anymore...
    Thanks for visiting and sharing my beautiful sunrise this morning..I think we all needed a glorious sunrise!!!
    Have a sunny day!!!

  7. Hey, I love your new header. Looks Great.
    Wow..I loved Kenny's music then and I still love it now..however, I do have a few new favs. Love, Love, Love Brooks and Dunn. Also...Tim McGraw. Different music for a different time I suppose.
    I think it was much easier to understand the words back then! ha
    Cute Post..
    Have a Super great Day

  8. A Kenny fan here also...I am, believe it or not, a Willie Nelson fan...not so much the voice as the music, Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain, You were always on my mind to name a couple..
    Hope things warm up soon for you. Thanks for the Kenny memories.

  9. Well, I am old enough that I also remember when Kenny sang with the 5th Edition! I loved his old songs too but never saw him in concert. We did see Glen Campbell in Kansas City years ago & he was always one of my favorites. We recently watched the Hee Haw 10th anniversary DVD (my brother bought it for us) & Kenny was on it. Of course it is dated too. Have you ever been to Nashville, TN? If not, you need to go & do the Country Music tour & go to the Grand Ole Opry. We were there a couple of years ago when it was back at the Ryman for a few weeks & we saw Vince Gill & Loretta Lynn. Lots of fun! I'm more of a Southern Gospel Music fan these the Gaither's.

  10. I remember him when he used to play at the Golden Nugget in Las Vegas. I lived there & that was local home stuff...going down to the Golden Nugget on Fremont street and going to the lounge & listening to the singers and Kenny was one of those. The lounge was always full & we'd get there early to get a seat up front....first come first serve. He used to hand out tamberines for the audience to play along with the rest of them. Luved the rememberences. Thank U.

  11. I love his music! Sweet music man and Ruby being my all time favorite. I worked in the Stockyards in the mid nineties at a Mexican restaraunt across from Billy Bobs and I had the opportunity to wait on Dottie west this was just a year before her accident. The band members invited me to an after show party if I would bring the limes......What a fun evening Dottie was a very down to earth nice star she sang for us in the restaraunt. memories....