Thursday, February 24, 2011

Look what flew in...

I've been watching a pair of Canadian geese at the pond this morning.  We've had a pair in the past that stayed several months and raised a family.  It was fun to watch the little ones grow and get as big as mama and papa, sadly one of the young died and we don't know what caused it's demise.  Maybe a fox or coyote?  We've seen them around the pond, too.  We've been having a pair stop by since that time and always wonder if it is the same pair?  But they haven't stayed long.  I'll be watching this pair to see if they hang around awhile.

This pair of ducks was visiting yesterday but as I was watching later in the day, they took off into the wild blue yonder and I haven't seen them since.  I think they are a duck called Gadwall.

Bottom's up!

This is the position they were in most of the time I happened to glance out the window.  They are diving for food and goodness knows we have plenty of vegetation around our pond!  As in moss and some kind of green viney thing that the name of escapes me at the moment!  I know it is pesky and hard to get rid of.  Any country folks out there know what I'm talking about and how to get rid of it besides using chemicals?  

 Eurasian Collared-Dove

This is the same bird as the pale looking dove I had in a mosaic a few posts ago.  I've been trying to get a closer shot of him as I didn't think he was a Mourning Dove because of being a much lighter gray and then I noticed the band on the nape of his neck and found him to be a Eurasian Collared-Dove. They have recently been moving into Missouri. 

It's supposed to rain and/or snow.  Maybe 1 or 2 inches of snow tonight.  They, whoever they are, are saying another big snow is coming in March.  But the grass is getting greener and I counted 32 Robins the other day so I know spring will be here eventually.  That means I better get started on some of the projects that I was too lazy to tackle this winter.  Which means there will more than likely be a bigger lull between blog posts.  So if I don't show up for several days at a stretch, you know I'm working!  I'll still try to keep up with visiting, that's my way of relaxing.  Thanks to all of you who visit and comment.  I appreciate you more than you know!  

Until next time...


  1. I love how they are in pairs, I think they mate for life. Whenever they fly over, I always count them...making sure they each have a mate! ;D

  2. we know wht you mean! Springs a comin and the work along with it!

  3. Oh How Beautiful....I would love to be there to see them..
    Just don't see things like that when you live in town.
    Can't believe yall are getting more snow! Are you in the upper part of Missouri? My husband and I came to Branson this past November with a bunch of our high school friends. Beautiful State. Be sure and give us an update as the whether or not they hang around!
    Stay warm....

  4. Hi Cheryl!

    What beautiful pictures! Canadian Geese are so pretty - and so are the ducks, what funny little creatures... :0)

    The Eurasian Collard Doves have also taken hold here in Idaho. They are so much bigger than the beautiful Morning Doves, and they eat their food. They also mate with them - I would like to know a way to get them to move out! Morning Doves are one of my favorite birds - I just love their call.

    I haven't seen any Robins in my neck of the woods - I can't wait to see one though, it would at least give me hope that Spring is on it's way. It's snowing and blowing today . . . and the forecast for the week-end isn't much better! Enjoy your green grass, and don't work too hard!


  5. Julie, I do the same thing! We have as many as a dozen Canadian geese in our yard sometime, and I'm always sad to see an odd number.
    We had a pair to have goslings a couple of years ago. I think there were 5 babies to begin with. We watched them grow, and then within about a week, they were all gone! It was so sad to look at the parents, knowing all their babies were gone.
    Okay, I'm going to get a tissue now -- sniff, sniff

  6. What fun to be able to watch the geese and ducks at the pond. Are you talking about milfoil? It's pesky and green, but I don't have a clue how to get rid of it. No snow is going to keep spring away. (That's what I am telling myself as we're looking for a foot of the stuff tomorrow. I won't be looking too hard.)

  7. What great shots you were able to take of those ducks! Cute bottoms up!

    We got the blizzard here yesterday. And coldest it has been in 18 years they say!

  8. Cheryl I hope your Canada Goose couple stay and get a whole family raised there at your pond. We have had some stop over, but they must be migrating somewhere else because they are gone the next day.

    We got maybe 1/4 inch, a dusting. It's pretty, it is even clinging to the sides of the tree trunks. It is a beautiful snow because I know it will be GONE before the day is over! Good luck on your projects, I am going to be awol for a bit. My niece is getting married Saturday!

  9. are right, they do mate for life and I count them, too!

    Ms Bon...we just can't escape the work, can we? Hurry spring!

    Shug...we got several inches of snow and the geese are still at the pond! Hope they stay.

    Barb...I love bird-watching and still don't know all the varieties of birds here. But the robin isn't hard to miss! I know spring can't be too far away when I see them! Hope you don't get too much snow, we've had more than we wanted.

    Kimmie...wildlife is pretty and I love seeing all the different kinds and colors.

    Diana...oh that is so sad! To lose 5 must have been devastating for the parents!

    Vee...I've heard the green stuff that invades our pond called Buttercup. It has a little yellow flower on it in the spring.

    Gwendolyn...a blizzard! Oh, no! Our 3-4 inches don't sound so bad now.

    Rambler...lucky you...1/4 inch! We had 3-4 inches and the roads are a mess. It'll melt this weekend tho. Have fun at the wedding!