Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Frosty Morn...and more book talk

Hoarfrost this morning.

My daughter took these photos on her way to work this morning.  I noticed last night it was very foggy and awoke this morning to a beautiful, sparkling and frosted world!  I went to Columbia this morning and I would have loved to have been able to snap some photos of the beautiful scenery but the traffic was too heavy for me to stop.  Winter seems determined to show it's best-dressed self this January in my area.

I just had to run by the Upscale Resale shop today and I made out like a bandit in the book department.  Heck, I was half afraid when I made my way to the checkout that they would tell me there was a limit on books!  I was pleased with my finds...from Truman to Reagan (you can't say that I'm not bi-partisan in my reading choices...ha!) and a little Erma Bombeck for some humor and I thought my golfing son might like the Jack Nicklaus book.  I also bought a few that I didn't get a photo of.   And, I purchased a little plaque with a rooster painted on it for the kitchen.  I love my roosters, too! 

Looks like I need to introduce my bookcase ideas to hubby because if I keep bringing home books, I will definitely need more shelf space.  It's hard to part with my old favorites because I'll reread them.  I heard someone once say that books were like old friends...I agree.   What are you reading this winter?  Do you have a favorite author or type of book?  I love everything from biographies to mysteries to home decorating to inspirational and everything in between.  In short, I just love books! 

I just realized that by the time most read this post that it will be Thursday morning, so keep in mind that I wrote this post just before midnight and the morning I speak of was Wednesday morning!  

Until next time...


  1. My goodness, I get up this morning and look out the window and it's another frosty morning! What's up with this? Anyway, it's another pretty start to the day. The temp is supposed to get into the 40's later today...yay!! Have a good day!

  2. Love the Frosty trees! They are really pretty!
    I found this awesome spice book at the library.. Its called the spice ingredient cookbook.. Real orignal I know.. Anyway it has some good recipes and some spices I had never heard of.. I have checked it out twice now.

  3. Morning! Love your frosty trees. I have been reading "Spoken From the Heart" by Laura Bush, "Winters Garden" by Kristen Hannah, & have about a half dozen others started that I've never finished! (I have a bad habit of that...) I have a Kindle but find myself still wanting to purchase books that I can hold in my hand! I love the Kindle--but there will always be something about a book that I love. As a young girl, I spent many Friday nights at the Boone Co. Libray, checking out Sue Barton nurse stories & Grace Livingston Hill inspirational love stories.

  4. Beautiful picture!

    I love, love, love my books. I've just finished re-reading Pillars of the Earth and World Without End by Ken Follet. He is one of my favorite authors. Two others is Nicholas Sparks and Maeve Benchey.

    Hope you get those bookshelves soon. You are going to need them!!!!

  5. I know! Another 'hoarfrost morning' it was! But, so beautiful. Your pictures are lovely, and I like your book selections. I have a huge stack of books to read, and various projects to start. However, I'm not making much progress on anything yet. There's still plenty o' winter left though. Best wishes with the bookcase project.. keep us posted! Enjoy the warm-up! -Tammy

  6. A book lover too? I could spend hours in a book store. I especially love children's books. Funny isn't it? Our temp. today in East Texas was in the 60's. Lots of sunshine and it felt so good especially after having had weeks of cloudy days....
    Take care. Always enjoy your post

  7. I recognize some of those books! A well-rounded selection! Some history, some humor, some devotional. I love Max Lucado's books. Love history too. I'm starting to stack my books two rows deep in my bookshelves, which doesn't work too well when you are trying to find one in a hurry. Wonder what style bookshelf you will convince your husband to build for you! Let us know.

  8. Hi Cheryl, That horafrost is so pretty.... Looks just like snow....

    Sounds like you really got some great deals at the bookstore. I read alot of health-oriented books --since I am getting older and trying hard to stay healthy.

  9. The frosty trees are gorgeous--great photos. Love books too--one can never have too many :)

  10. I've been out of "blogland" for a while, but read this on my iPhone and couldn't comment at the time. I came back tonight and found this post again so that I could see these photos on a big screen. Just amazing...reminds me of my time in Missouri in the early '70's! Great photos!