Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Book Talk

It's been a few days since I've posted.  I think my muse has taken a long snooze!  Or gone into hibernation, more likely.   We still have lots of snow on the ground.  I think this has been the snowiest January for us in a very long time.  I've been reading and relaxing.  And coming up with more plans...my hubby will be thrilled to hear!  ha ha! I love books and I need a larger bookcase to keep them in.  I'd love to have a built-in bookcase of some kind, so I got out one of my decorating books and started looking.  Here are a few I found.

The one above is awesome, except I wouldn't have
steel shelving...it would be wood.  It's a tad too big for me, I don't have quite that many books!  I'm quite sure I don't want to have to get up on a ladder at this stage in my life, so the height of these may be a bit much.

The size of the bookcases on the left is about right, I like the paneled wall surrounding them.  Isn't it great?  The chairs...not so much.  The fabric is too busy for me, but then I'm not dreaming of chairs at the moment.  

Some of my books are paperback books.   They probably wouldn't look so good in a classic library like this one.  Now, where would I put those?  Any ideas? 

Where would I put built-in bookcases?  That is the big question.  Space is at a premium here and it will take some clever planning, but I'm sure something can be done.  Hopefully.  I'm determined.
My husband will be so proud of me for having such good ideas, I'm sure!  He always loves my ideas!  You believe that?  LOL...me neither.  But a girl can dream, can't she?  Right now, I'm dreaming of bookcases.   Until next time...


  1. This post made me smile,I hope your other half is better at bookcases than mine.!!
    John had a lot of books that were stacked all over the place so I asked him to build a bookcase in the alcove in the sitting room.He spent the day building a frame,putting in the shelves,screwing the whole thing to the wall as it was ceiling to floor,he was very proud of it.Then came the moment of truth,most of the books would not fit in !! he had put the shelves too close together,so the whole thing had to be taken down and redone.We now have a bookcase,full of books that fit,but two of the shelves slope as he did not get them level !! he was not inclined to take it down again so it had to stay and it irks me every time I look at it.
    Good luck with yours,hope you own a spirit level.!!

  2. Cheryl your post makes me laugh and also maybe gives me some motivation. We have built-in wooden bookcases in our bedroom. A whole wall. There is NOT ONE, NADA books on them. What was I thinking. It is like I have been paralyzed to do anything up there! Five years those shelves have been empty and I am a reader and I love my books. I hope your hubby gets you some shelves made. I am going to spend the week dusting up there, organizing my books and getting them on the shelves! Thank you!!!! Sometimes it just takes someone else's perspective to make us see :)

  3. There was a time when I was dreaming of bookcases. Now I have them and the carpenter who built them, too. What a deal! I, too, love the last arrangement...so Brit and cozy.

  4. Hi Cheryl~

    I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who hasn't been in the blogging mood! Those darn winter-time blues!

    I love bookcases - all I have are the regular bookcases that don't hold everything I need, so I go from room to room searching for a book to read. I have a rock fireplace in my living room, and I would love to have bookcases on either side of it . . . oh, and some pretty lights spotlighting the perfect picture over the fireplace . . . ;0) Probably not going to happen for a while. But, I do like the bookshelves with the wood paneling too, very pretty! It's just kind of nice to have all your books in one place.

    We got about 4 inches of new snow last night - cloudy outside and gloomy again! Spring is just around the corner, then I can complain about the heat!! Take care - think warm thoughts!


  5. I love all of your inspiration photos! We have a nice freestanding bookcase we bought at Sam's club a few years ago, however our collection has definitely outgrown it. I'd love a nice built-in.. someday. Yes, a girl must have her dreams. Keep dreaming (and prodding!)... and it will come true! -Tammy

  6. I've found that the perfect place for a book case is any little area where there is nothing else. One wall of our guest bedroom is a book case. It doubles as a place to display photos, store games, put a radio, and stuff like that. It is great!

    Good luck with your plans!

  7. George and I both have alot of books ---and when we got married, the house we chose had a big room with lots of shelves for our books... Of course, even that wasn't enough--so we have bookshelves all over the house... ha

    Love the ones in your pictures--especially that last one.

  8. I have a Handy man that is real talented.. But its finding the time and getting our ideas to ahem.. Mesh together..lol
    One day I will have good book shelves!

  9. I turned the top of a couple double closets into my library. Sometimes a girl just has to settle!!!

    Don't ya just love the smell of books. Heeehehe, just sayin'....

    Enjoy your day and may it be richly blessed man!!!

  10. Oh glory to goodness...I don't know why my fingers typed 'man'!

    Sometimes they seem to have a mind of their own! :o)

  11. Oh goodness. You made me look. Had forgotten all about it...the things I say!

  12. I love books...and I love bookcases. I have some small ones in my little library/studio..but I have managed to fill them quite nicely...it seems as those books have babies when I'm not looking.(O:(O: