Wednesday, October 4, 2017

October, My Favorite Month

"I'm so glad I live in a world 
where there are Octobers."
~L. M. Montgomery

October has arrived and so far our trees aren't showing many signs of being very colorful this year.  It's still plenty warm enough to have the a/c running night and day and we really need some rain here.

I didn't intend to stay away from blogging and visiting blogs for a week, but there has been so much happening around the world that I just didn't think I could put the right words together for posting or commenting.  My thoughts and prayers are with those who are hurting and those who need healing or comfort.

As always, for me, nature has a way of soothing a heavy heart.  I gaze out my kitchen windows to look for a change in color in the leaves.  See the mighty oak that stands in the Back 6 in the above photo?  It is a massive, beautiful tree and the leaves will hopefully turn that pretty shade of deep red before long.  

I haven't yet seen many birds or geese winging their way south.  Just the other day, I saw a Blue Heron down by the pond.  I'm thinking he will stick around for the winter.  I remember in years past watching him walk on the iced over pond. 

We picked up my car today from the shop.  A huge raccoon had run out in front of me recently and I couldn't avoid hitting it.  It left a nice-sized dent in my front fender.  The whole piece was replaced and now my car looks new again.  Well, aside from a few little scratches in the back where a woman ran into me at a stop sign a year or so ago.  The body shop is in the country and it was a nice little drive.

I love October and I love drives in the country.  In spite of the heat, I can feel that fall is in the air.  I'd like to make a trip to the Amish country sometime this month. 

I won't be buying many baked goodies when I visit the Amish.  At my doctor visit last week, I found out that my A1C numbers were much too high.  I've been put on a diabetic pill until I can get the numbers under control.  So that means no sugar and eating better.  Guess I pigged out a little too much in Branson.  

Maybe I'll even lose a few pounds.  I'm not obese by any means, but I could stand to lose some weight and I know that scarfing down sweet iced tea by the gallons and runs to the DQ for blizzards or ice cream cones are going to have to stop.  I knew that I was borderline diabetic but kept eating anything I wanted to.  Bad girl. 

My daughter loves decorating for fall and the above photo is of part of her front yard this fall.  We had fun shopping for mums and pumpkins at the Big Town one day last week.  I had a hard time choosing mums, I love them all.  I had to get one of the tri-colored mums which is in my first photo.  We also ate some good food while there.  That was before I got the doctor's report.  

My son came home for the weekend and we grilled one evening which was yummy.  He is the grill master in our family.  Shh, don't tell BG I said that.  He does okay, but Brett is better.  

Anyhoo, we also fixed several foods in my new toy, an oil-less fryer.  BG loves his french fries and I don't like to turn on the oven in hot weather.  I fixed some BBQ chicken legs, french fries and onion rings.  Not all at once, of course.  Everything I fixed turned out really good so I give this new gadget 5 stars.  The only drawback I find is that it is quite large and takes up space if you want to leave it on the counter top like I do.  The pull out drawer and basket can be put in the dishwasher which is a plus.  Both BG and I love fried foods, so I know this will get a lot of use.  Btw, I'm not being compensated for saying any of this

I'll run along now and fix myself a glass of iced tea with Splenda.   It's not my choice but it isn't too bad.  

Happy Wednesday to you!
xo Cheryl


  1. Hubby was told in Jan if he did not change his numbers he would get a pill like yours, he went off sugar and cut out most white flour, which is how I eat now and doesn't have to take the pill. another blogger lost 100 pounds and stopped her insulin by eating no sugar and no white flour. she was my inspiration. hubby did not need to lose either, maybe 20 pounds but no where near like me. good luck and enjoy your October.,

    1. The flour will be harder to give up than sugar. I love bread. But I can do this. My dad wasn't a big man at all, maybe same size as Bob, and he had to have insulin shots twice a day. I sure don't want that.

  2. Good luck with your diet and health. I have a friend in the same situation. Fall is my favorite season and decorating for it is so much fun.

    1. Thanks, Michelle. Yes, it is fun to decorate. I love mums and pumpkins and the fall candles smell so nice too.

  3. Your mum is go gorgeous...I almost bought one of the tri-colored ones but decided on individual colors...maybe next year. Your weather sounds like ours and we need rain so very bad as well. We have had wonderful fall temps since the end of last week but they are starting to climb again! Been there and done that with the blood sugar thing. I was on Victoza for years until it started playing havoc with my liver enzymes. The past year I have only been diet controlled but when I wound up in the hospital a month ago, my sugar levels went out of control. I tried to bring it back down with Metformin and found that messed with my stomach up so bad. I feel like if I really followed my low-carb like I should, I wouldn't need any meds. I hope you get everything under control.

    1. Thanks, Debby. Hope you get your blood sugar down, too. I was given Glimepiride to take once a day. My numbers have already dropped quite a bit in just a week. We can do this!

  4. I am so sorry about your A1C! Mine went up several years ago. All I did was stop eating potatoes, and it went way back down. I think this fryer is one of the best things you have done!! I have seen them on QVC and they look so great. The only reason I have not bought one is because they are so big. But your health must come first. I think they need a lot of room for air to circulate? I have always wondered how the food tastes. Your mums are gorgeous, and even prettier is your orange centerpiece. Your back yard is spacious and beautiful. My word, is that all ONE tree!!!! AWESOME! I love oaks. It must be so very old.

    1. Ginny, I pull the fryer out away from the wall when using it, then push it back. I think the food tastes good and all the reviews I read before I bought it were very favorable.
      The oak tree that is in the pasture is no doubt very old as it's so huge.

  5. Glad you got the numbers checked and are being more careful. Fortunately, a lot of our health is in our own hands. I still struggle with my heart healthy diet but am pretty sure I am here now because of the effort. Keep up the good work.

    1. Thanks, Patti. I know you're right about our health being in our own hands, for the most part.

  6. Keep checking your numbers --and keep that A1c under control.... When I was first told that my blood sugar was VERY high (2004)---I immediately had to go on a 'pill' for awhile. BUT--I got on a good, healthy diet (wake-up call for me since I was obese)and lost a bunch of weight and started exercising... I haven't had any trouble with my A1c since then... BUT--it's a life long journey.... Fun Fun.... Good Luck.

    I too love Fall ---and in fact, I published a Facebook post today which says: "October is my Favorite Color".... I love it!!!!!!! (Love that quote you put on the top.)

    I'm sure you are glad to get your car fixed... That must have been a HUGE Raccoon... Yipes...

    We just got home from a wonderful 16 day trip out west... Awesome.

  7. Don't know what I'd do without my sweet tea! But we do what we have to do. I will get myself some mums soon. Take care of yourself.

  8. Loved the tri-color mum, Cheryl, I haven't seen those around here, will be on the lookout now. Glad to see you back blogging, it has hard for me to be faithful, though I am trying.
    I bet the view from your window in fall is beautiful, I love to stand at my kitchen sink and see the golden leaves fall.
    The oilers fryer, I saw on the Home show, and have wanted to try it, with you giving it a 5 that is good enough for me. ~smile~
    Sorry about the A1c number, but am glad you caught it in time, I wasn't so lucky, and it is a lifetime struggle.

    Read your last post and enjoyed it so much, going to Branson is and has been on my bucket list for a long time, and Dh and I love to play putt putt golf, and need to go real soon before they close for winter.
    Thank you for visiting and for always leaving a sweet comment.

  9. Hi Cheryl!

    I must admit, it is so nice to see you blogging again - you were missed!

    I love October, it is by far one of my favorite months. I love the change of seasons and don't think I could ever live somewhere where it was always warm or always cold. That big Oak of yours is amazing! Please post a photo of it when the leafs change, I'm sure it will be gorgeous! Mums are one of my favorite flowers, so hearty and colorful. Your tri-color mum is just beautiful, so much color!

    Dang doctors... ;0) It's so hard to get those numbers under control, but you at least have a good attitude about it, I would be growling. I think most of us eat too many sweets, it's my downfall for sure. I went to see my mother today, and afterwords, we stopped at our favorite place and had a piece of pie - it was delicious, but not something I can't do everyday, or every week! I love the oil-less fryer, good to know that they work so well!

    Have a good week!

    Hugs and Love,

  10. The Mums are gorgeous.I had a tribute-colored one, but it didn't last very long. I have wondered about those oil-less fryers.Sounds interesting.

  11. your daughters autumn display looks lovely. and your mums are beautiful.

  12. I like your daughters decorations.
    I love, love that quote about October.
    Sending hugs for the changes in diet.
    Have a blessed weekend,

  13. I am so surprised that fall hasn't come to you yet. Ours was a little late but moving along well now. We recently drove to Heber City and the canyon was so beautiful with fall colors. The massive oak is lovely.
    Your daughter's Halloween decroations are adorable.
    My husband is pre-diabetic too and his blood sugars are all over the place due to us now being as careful as we should.
    No more shakes for us at least not as often. It is so hard to give up the food we love. We are recommiting to eating better. We will have more time to put together better meals since we have been released from our full time mission.
    We willl look into the oil less Fryer; it sounded like a great product.
    Loved thisone! Hugs~

  14. When we lived in NJ many years ago, I was also told that I was pre-diabetic and prescribed pills to take. I also did the needle pricks daily, but my numbers were never too high. Now, I get the Ha1c test done at the sr center health clinics and there are never any issued. I drink iced tea with Splenda and it isn’t that bad, but then I have been doing it for years and also enjoy Crystal Light. Hope your diet changes bring results, Cheryl.

  15. The mums are beautiful...such lovely colors. Watching the numbers is never fun but a necessity. I watched my brothers go through the effects of diabetes and definitely don't want that. My niece lost a lot of weight, exercises every day and has cleaned up her diet, and has stopped her diabetes cold. Lots of discipline... I remember the days when we ate what we wanted and probably too much.