Friday, October 13, 2017

A Friday Chat

Siri is getting a work out today on my iPhone.  I'm doing laundry and when I put the clothes in the dryer and turn it on, I'll get my phone out of my pocket and tell Siri to set the alarm for 45 minutes.
My hearing isn't as good as it used to be and I can hear the phone whereas I often can't hear the timer going off on my stove unless I'm in the kitchen.

If you have a smart phone, do you put Siri to work, too?  

The photos on my post today are shots taken with my phone.  While downstairs doing laundry I stepped out back and took a few of the flowers and trees.  The flowers are fading fast as I have just stopped watering.  I do keep the flowers in front watered. 

The trees I showed in my last post was from 2013.  That was the prettiest fall we've had in several years, that I recall.  The foliage this year is slow to turn as you can see from today's Back 6 photo.  I didn't manage to capture it, but there is a bit of color that shows up when the sun is shining on it just right. 

I did see some pretty foliage around the Big Town this week.  My daughter had to cancel her plans due to staffing issues and couldn't go.  I went ahead because I needed to look for a new shirt and dress pants for BG to wear to an upcoming wedding.  

What I bought turned out to be too small so we both went back to the Big Town to shop one evening so he could try on things to make sure they fit.  We should have looked for clothes last weekend, but we had a full day getting haircuts and shopping for needed supplies for the house and headed home before we remembered the clothes.

When I was younger, clothes would have been uppermost in my mind.  Funny how your priorities change when you get older.  At least for me.  For the most part, I'm a jeans/capris and shirt kind of gal.  And I tend to wear my favorites all the time.  I have one shirt that I'll probably cry over when it finally wears out.  :) 

I remember way back when I first started working right out of college, we wore dresses or skirts and high heels then.  And the high heeled shoes had pointed toes.  No jeans were allowed back then.  And I loved shoes in those days and would buy shoes that matched my outfits.  That was before I broke my ankle and now the highest heel I can possibly wear is maybe 2 inches.  

How the First Lady walks in those stilettos all the time is beyond me, but they look great on her.  Well, let's face it, she would look gorgeous barefoot and wearing a gunny sack.

It's been rather chilly the past few nights here, but we're warming up again.  It's supposed to be in the upper 80's tomorrow and it looks to be a nice weekend ahead.  Hope you have a good one.

Happy Friday to you!
xo Cheryl


  1. Me too! I find that the older I get, the more comfort matters. I used to spend almost 2 hours putting n my makeup for work. Now I don't wear any. Maybe some lipstick for a special occasion. I always wore shoes to match my outfit, now I have lymphodema and I wear mainly Crocs. And the TIMER, don't even! I put it right in front of me, and will not hear it! Either it is broken or I am going deaf. The smart phone is a great idea! Speaking of that, your first picture you took with it is gorgeous!!! Also, this is the most beautiful cone flower I have ever seen.

  2. Hi Cheryl~

    Your photos are so pretty. I think my flowers in the back are gone too, it's just too cold here to keep them pretty when it starts freezing. We don't have those gorgeous colors either, I'm so disappointed, I love the fall colors!

    I haven't noticed my hearing getting bad, but my poor husband has hearing issues...don't tell him....shhhhhh. I have to repeat myself a lot and sometimes, he doesn't hear me when call for him, or is he just ignoring me?! Maybe some of both ;0) He tells me I have selective hearing...hehehe.

    I remember wearing dresses and heels! We couldn't even wear pants to school, until my last year. These days, jeans, shirts and sandals. I dread winter because I have to break out my shoes!

    I did go to the department store the other day and I bought myself a new pair of shoes, but didn't try them on my left foot, big mistake! When I got home, I tried them on and they were great on the right, but painful on my left foot - back to the store they go.

    Smart idea to use your phone for a seems I'm never without mine.

    Have a wonderful week-end!

    Hugs and Love,

  3. Not much color here yet either, Cheryl. It's been kind of a weird fall.

    I hear you-I wore high heels every day of life (even on my off days) for almost 40 years. When I quit wearing heels my legs just killed me because my muscled had adapted to wearing heels. Now I only wear flats. I still wear a lot of skirts but pants when I am outside working, etc. I was not allowed to wear pants/jeans/slacks growing up so they feel weird to me -even after all these years.

    Pretty pictures and I hope you found clothes that fit! xo Diana

  4. I use Alexa as a timer a lot of the time. She can count minutes or ring at a specific time. It's funny how dependent we can be on our gadgets.

    I cannot wear heels. I wore platform heels (remember them?) when I was in high school and I started having trouble with my hips! Eek! So I converted to flats. The only time I wear even a small heel is to a wedding or a funeral and then I am SO eager to get them off!

    Happy weekend to you!!

  5. i use alexa too. your flowers are so pretty. hope you both found what you need for the wedding. it can be fun to shop for sure.

  6. I enjoyed your flower/tree pictures. I had to giggle at the thought of our First Lady in a gunny sack! lol Like you, all I can manage is a short heel and I prefer sneakers! (I broke my foot about 2 years ago) We are still warm here in GA but I am hopeful for cooler temps soon. I would love to plant some fall/winter plants. Blessings to you this weekend.

  7. I really love your flowers and changing trees! Fall is coming fast here in the Midwest, the colors changing and the leaves falling. Driving to Michigan today was glorious!

    I wear basically the same styles...jeans, capris, T shirts, sweaters, etc., Sometimes I get crazy bored and go out for a few basics to boost my mood. Shoes are my downfall. I used to wear dresses and skirts to work all the time. Even in my twenties, I couldn't pull off more than a 3 inch heel. I know MT is wearing a 4 inch. She's good. Now I can do 3 inch if it's chunky-mayve because I'm chunky. lol! Sandals and boots-yipee!

    Happy Weekend!


  8. I agree, our First Lady would look great in anything...I do wish I could still wear those high heels she wears !!

  9. We are still having a hot summer here, but Fall will come on Monday. The temperatures are returning to normal. I cannot remember when it has been this hot here in WV at this time of the year. Our trees are pretty with the changing colors,
    but the heat has done there damage. The trees are loosing there leaves too soon.

  10. your photos are beautiful and good job getting help with memory from Siri. I don't have I fone, but do have google girl on my smart phone, but I would not hear the phone because it lays on the kitchen counter and I can hear it. I have a timer I can move from room to room but I forget to set it. had a boiled egg episode last week, 2 eggs boiled for 30 minutes.. at least they did not explode or set the house of fire.

  11. Cheryl...yes I (now-after I finally figured out I didn't have to use my password to use it) use Siri a lot!!! It's wonderful.. I can see how these kids can become so dependent on computers... from spelling to setting their timers😊 Oh yes, I too wore high heels and dresses or skirts to work for years!! Later , when my job let me wear jeans, I wore high heeled cowboy (cowgirl) boots. They were almost as dangerous as the dress heels. I'm a jean..slack kind of gal too. Haven't worn a skirt/dress for years...for one reason or another..

    Fall is certainly here, however, not a lot of color yet..


  12. The leaves are falling here but not much pretty color yet. It's been in the 80's here in Central Indiana but this week has been cooler. I have a small timer that I can carry in my pocket. We use Alexa if we are close to the kitchen. No heels for this old gal. A pretty pair of heels dresses up an outfit but tottering and/or falling is definitely not attractive. ha! The First Lady is always well-dressed.

  13. I do like pretty clothes, but they have to be comfortable as well.As for shoes,I have long ago given up on wearing a heel higher than about an inch.Once again, it's all about comfort.DO I use Siri?,not much, except to set a timer and occasionally to have some fun.

  14. Don't have a smart phone but I do use Alexa who lives in my Echo Dot a lot. Working at a bank put me in uniforms so all my spare money went for evening clothes. Now days I be hard pressed to find anything in my closet considered dress up. Don't miss those high heel days at all.

  15. Such pretty flowers! I haven't been able to wear any pretty shoes since I broke both sides of my ankle over five years ago. I have to wear sneakers for support. Mine just sit up in the closet in boxes gathering dust. Can't bring myself to give them away.

  16. OMG! I just picked up my phone, LG TracFone and tapped it and said set the alarm, she said sure, what time do you wish it go alarm? I said 3:38 and she said PM correct? I sadi yes and now I am waiting to see if I can hear it while laying on the counter in the kitchen. you may be the subject of a Madsnapper post. I call mine google girl. I should name her

  17. Not much color here yet either but our temps are finally cooling down and by Monday will have rain and temps in the 60s! YAY! You can buy Panera soups in the grocery here ad I have a chicken noodle and a broccoli cheddar waiting om me...and there will also be chili later too! I agree with you about the clothes thing...I just want to be comfortable but have to admit it's kinda fun getting all gussied up every now and then!

  18. Cheryl, I liked reading this post. I too used to be crazy for clothes and shoes. You know as we age and our shoes choices are limited because of arthritis in our feet or ankles....then the wearing of fancy cute clothes just doesn't go with old lady shoes. LOL I have so many sneakers and a few pairs of flats and some boots. No big heals on the boots either. I love pretty clothes still...I just don't wear them as often...of course not working or having anything to of makes it different. Loved seeing all your flowers. :):) Blessings to you, xoxo, Susie

  19. Lovely flowers, mine are all gone now but it's fun to see the trees changing colors, wont be long now. Oh, my, you are making me laugh...I wear the same clothes nearly every day. My favorite T shirt is starting to fray and has a tiny hole...I can't give it up. It fits just right. As for shoes, I rarely wear heels any more and just tried on those pointed shoes in a flat and went...really? These make my feet look even bigger and they are 10's already!!!!

  20. HI Cheryl. Your flowers are hanging on pretty good there. I just tossed my annuals this afternoon as even though they are still blooming a bit they won't survive much longer and tomorrow is garbage day. lol It was time. I really hate to see the end of the summer season and all it's beauty and now even the leaves are falling from the trees. Shoe shopping is a pain. It is difficult to find comfortable shoes for my feet and I've been wearing Skechers all summer and even indoors all winter as they are like walking on pillows. :-) It is boot season here and I have some comfortable ones from Naturalizer with a low wedge sole. I hope you are enjoying the fall so far. Thanks for visiting. Pam

  21. Hi There, We just got home from the Pisgah Inn in North Carolina and we did see some pretty Autumn colors. Nothing much here at home. It's just been too warm. BUT--today it is cooler, so maybe that will help....

    I use Seri a lot---even when I text (since I hate typing on that tiny keyboard.... She has trouble understanding my southern accent... ha ha

    We have Roses, Irises and Petunias still blooming --and one more Day Lily.... We just haven't had much FALL here... The summer flowers love this weather --but me??? NOT SO MUCH.... ha


  22. Hi Cheryl, I use Siri sometimes, your flowers look wonderful, our foliage is slow about turning too this year, especially the bradford pears.
    Your idea about clothes is just like mine, I have a pair of shoes that I wear everywhere and they are almost worn to a frazzle, I am going to miss them.
    I love everything about our First Lady, she is so graceful and so classy!
    Thank you for visiting and for you sweet comments, Thank you for your friendship here in bogland.
    Have a blessed week,

  23. My dryer has a timer on it so thankfully it shuts off and warns me with a buzzer when it does, otherwise it would probably run all We had snow last week--6 inches so we dragged our flower pots into the garage and back out again after it warmed back up to 70 two days later. Lots of work. I probably won't win friends with this remark, but I though ALL past first ladies did a pretty good job at looking elegant and classy over the years. It's funny how big fusses are made about women's clothes when other issue matter so much more. What women wear should not matter-- it's what they accomplish that should matter. Think Eleanor Roosevelt -- she was the classiest of them all as far as I'm concerned and she was not a fashion maven.

  24. Wow, I think it is awesome the Siri can do so much. I must try it sometime. It isinteresing as you get older how your priorities change. I had to wear a skirt and clouse all most everyday for two years while we were serving our mission. I am enjoying being back in pants and a sweater. I too can't wear really high heels anymore; but I have always loved shoes.
    Your photos were lovely and especially the flowers. Our outside flowers are starting to droop since the weather is getting colder. I am amazed that you are in the 80's. Have a sweet week dear friend! Hugs~

  25. Hi Cheryl, I am getting to blog reading a few days late, but enjoyed your Friday chat post. I usually forget to ask Siri to do things for me on the iPhone, but have used it to dial numbers. I just have to remember to say mobile to have Siri dial the person's cell number and not home. Also, I used to wear dress-up clothes and had shoes to match when working in the corporate world years ago. Now, I too cannot wear any form of high heels. And jeans and casual tops are my usual dress mode. How these women, including Mrs. Trump, can comfortably walk in stiletto heels amazes me.

  26. You had to mention Siri, that phone voice and I don't get along very well haha. She never seems to get what I'm asking her and will cut out and I'll have to start over again - then she'll have some crazy answer that doesn't pertain to what I'm saying. Sometimes I'm so frustrated I give up on her and try a different avenue. Its rather comical.
    Those flowers are so vibrant and pretty.
    I like to dress comfortable but will give in to heels when I attend a wedding or go to church. Speaking of which, I have two up coming weddings to attend and need to shop for forma dress. My least favorite thing to do haha
    Take care and enjoy your week

  27. Ha, Siri and I do not get along. She never understands me. LOL

    I am a jeans girl too.
    Have a great new week,