Tuesday, October 10, 2017

This and That for Tuesday (almost Wednesday)

I was going to title this post Tuesday's This and That but the day will be over before I get this published.  I started gathering photos to write a post in the a.m. but I had too many interruptions and so here I am trying to finish while it is still Tuesday. 

We had some rain today and it's turned pretty cool tonight.  I see some changes every day now in the color of our trees but I'm pretty sure they won't be as pretty as in the above photo taken in 2013.  

BG and I had our supper late tonight and I fixed sandwiches and put some french fries in my new oil-less fryer.  They were really good.  I know...white potatoes are on the worst foods list for diabetics.  But I've been mostly so good for over 10 days now that I told myself that a meal with potatoes surely wouldn't be too harmful.  

I thought I'd share the photo of the fryer on my counter to show you the size.  It is a little big, but as I plan to use it often I rearranged things to make it fit.

This morning I cracked open a couple of eggs for breakfast and discovered another double yolk.  It made me smile.  I love little surprises and I love eggs, so the more the merrier.  Have I said that before?  The doctor did tell me that I could eat eggs for needed protein, not sure she meant 2, or in this case 3.  :)  I don't remember ever seeing as many double yolked eggs as I have this year.

BG and I went to the Big Town over the weekend.  He got his hair cut and we went to Lowe's to get a new kitchen faucet.  After discovering water on the floor the other day and then upon looking inside the cabinet to find more water, we found the faucet was leaking.  I didn't find a white one like I had, so I picked one out in chrome. 

I also got my haircut Saturday and while trying to get some photos  of the countryside while BG was driving, I snapped a quick selfie of the new do.  

There is a big wedding coming up that we are invited to and so new haircuts were in order.  Now if only I knew what to wear.  The wedding will be in a park, I suppose under a tent or something.  A  reception, dinner and dance will follow at an indoor location.  I just talked to the mother of the bride a week ago and didn't think to ask what kind of attire would be appropriate.  At some of these outdoor weddings, the men wear jeans.  I'll probably wear a pair of black dress pants and a nice top.  Not sure about BG, but I doubt he'll wear jeans.

I had more to say but in order to get this post published before the clock tells me it's a new day, I will run along.  Tomorrow will be a busy day with going back to the Big Town, this time with daughter Kim.  She has some work/business to take care of and asked me if I wanted to go along.  We won't leave until after lunch, so I hope to get some blog visiting done in the morning.

Hope your Tuesday was a good one!
xo Cheryl


  1. I hope you have a great day with your daughter! And I hope our trees will be as pretty this fall as your were in the picture. The hair looks pretty, and I want to see more of it! Also what you wear to the wedding. Those air fryers are so big, but it doesn't look that big on your counter! Maybe because it's black. I love eggs! Now if there were only triple yolks...

  2. hope you have a lovely time with your daughter. your hair looks nice. that stand of trees looks wonderful indeed.

  3. I really enjoy reading posts about daily life. I feel like I'm having coffee with you and listening to you talk about your day.

  4. sneaky way to get your hair shot.. LOL... where is your face??? beautiful photo at the beginning...

  5. Your hair looks great but where is your pretty face?! I hope you have a good time at the wedding-outdoor weddings this time of year can be hit or miss weather-wise.
    Have fun with your daughter- those are the best kind of days- xo Diana

  6. Wow, it has been 10 years since I have seen color like that here. Hope you get a repeat this year. Love your hair cut and hope you show us what you settle on for the wedding. Out door ones are iffy.

  7. Now that is a sneaky, sneaky way to post a selfie...no face! I love the haircut though...lol! It looks like you have quite a lot of lovely color...nothing like that here yet. I do enjoy finding a double yolk egg and like you, and most of the time I am reluctant to eat two whole eggs but what I do (almost every morning) is add the egg whites in the carton to the egg to give more protein without the added cholesterol. I always add just a pinch or two of grated cheese as well. Happy Wednesday!

  8. Just this week I am seeing the trees turn so fast. The colors are so pretty. I just wished they would last longer.

  9. Your haircut looks wonderful, Cheryl, black pants sounds great to me, I have so much black in my closet, and love it! I am glad you are enjoying your new oilless fryer, I will be looking me one very soon. Our foliage is just beginning to turn. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Hi Cheryl!

    Thanks for showing us the fryer-less fryer, I think it's such a great idea!

    Your colors are amazing! The trees in my area are really kinda bland this year, and today it was so smokey because of the fires burning in California, that everything looks kind of bland and smokey.

    Your haircut is adorable - I'll bet your face is too... ;0)

    I love outdoor weddings, it seems like you get all kinds of people, wearing all kinds of outfits, most likely, anything goes. But, I'm like you, black dress pants and a nice top can take me anywhere.

    Have a great day!

    Hugs and Love,

  11. I've often wondered about those oil-less fryers.I still am not sure I would use it enough to justify having it take up counter space.

  12. Now that is a stunning fall scene!! It is beginning to look quite fallish here, but one step outside the door and you think you've stepped into the tropics! Ugh. Waiting for a cool down . . .

    I have never heard of an oil-less fryer, but I am intrigued. Let us know some of your successes with it.

    I started to tell you to enjoy your trip to town with your daughter, but then I realized that the trip was probably today as I am running late with my blog visiting which is a continual story these days. So I hope it was a good trip! :)

  13. My daughter bought an oiless fryer and she loves it. I like your haircut- (I see you) :)
    Have a blessed day!

  14. I love your hairstyle! Thanks for sharing about the oil less fryer. John is diabetic also. That is fun about the double yolk eggs!

  15. No worries about being late in finishing your posts, Cheryl, as I am late this week in reading posts. The colors in your area look nicer than some I've seen here in Nashua, NH. We had some unseasonably warm days last week and this weekend will finally get seasonal temps so maybe the colors will really pop. Hope the wedding was a fun outing and your new cut looked good from what I could see :-)

  16. Hi Cheryl ! I loved your post as i always. I thought I wrote a comment, but must not have gone through..sorry. Love your new doo! Fall is fast approaching here too. Hope your day with your daughter was fun!


  17. Your haircut is cute! Looks like a wash 'n' go. I am very interested in your opinion of the oil-less fryer.

  18. I loved your title; it's cute! Wow, double eggs; I don't know that I have ever had one of those.
    I like the thought of an oil less fryer; I will have to look for one. My husband has pre-diabetes and shouldn't eat too much starches. It's a struggle for him and of course me too now.
    Your haircut looks adorable but I need to see your lovely face too.
    The Wedding sounds wonderful, so take some photos of the two of you and share.
    I love your posts!
    Blessings and hugs!