Thursday, January 26, 2017

Wanted: Sunshine and Blue Skies

Aside from politics, the biggest topic around my town is the weather.  We have had endless gray, cloudy days but little precipitation.  Gray is so not my color.  As I was leaving the house Tuesday, I looked to the east and grabbed my camera when I saw a little bit of blue sky peeking through the clouds.  It actually turned off sunny for a few hours.  But we're back to dark and dreary again.  Now, I don't mind a few cloudy days.  In fact, when it's blazing hot and sunny for days on end in the summer, I long for a few cloudy days.  But this is getting to be too much!  Even BG commented on it being a bit depressing when he came home from work yesterday.  Oh well, we'll get through it.  January is almost over, can you believe it?  

I have started going through some books and weeding out those I've read and don't want to keep.  I'll take them to the upscale/resale shop where many of them were bought.  This might take longer than I thought, because I'll open a book to see if I remember reading it and get interested all over again and find myself reading to the very end.

I have started a new book that I will talk about in a future post.  It's a topic I'm interested in but I'm finding it a bit of a slow read, so I'm still just a few chapters into it.  I want to give it my undivided attention and my attention has been on the news lately.

Just have to say that the news these days leaves me shaking my head and wondering what in the world is wrong with people that think nothing of destroying property and hurting other people.  And then there are those crude women wearing stupid pink hats representing a v..... well, I can't bring myself to say it, it's just so asinine.  Gads.  These people have become completely unhinged and I worry for our country.  Our new president is off to a good start, in my opinion, but he certainly has his work cut out for him.  Frankly, I think we needed someone who was not entrenched in politics and beholden to special interest groups and lobbyists.  I know he is not a perfect man, but there are many biblical examples of God using imperfect, flawed people to carry out His plans.  I'm praying for his safety and that he will be the leader we need at this time in our history. 

As the chief cook and bottle washer, as they say, at my house food is always uppermost in my mind.  That is, what to cook and making sure that I have the pantry stocked with what I need.  I went with my daughter to CoMo one evening as she needed several things to stock the kitchen at her early learning center.  I also stocked up on some needed items.  It's amazing how 2 people can go through so many groceries.  BG takes his lunch most days so I have to keep lunch items on hand.  The kitties go through their food quickly, it seems.  And there are the bird feeders to keep filled.  So much food! 

After shopping, we treated ourselves to dinner at the Golden Corral.  I had a lot of veggies and fried fish.  Yum!  Okay, so I coated the broccoli and cauliflower with cheese and chose creamed spinach.  You only live once!  :)  By the way, their creamed spinach is sooo good.  What is your favorite veggie?

Our son came home over the weekend for a visit.  It's always good to have him around.  He and his dad watched both football games before he went back home to KC Sunday night.  He told me last night that Gates BBQ had reopened in Independence after a fire had destroyed their business a couple of years ago.  It was my fav BBQ place.  It was a crowded, noisy place but the food was worth it!  

While my daughter and I were in Como the other night, we swung by Hobby Lobby and she found this window/mirror for her kitchen wall.  The lighter frame is almost the same color as her walls.  She had been looking for an old window to put up with a pair of shutters that I have in my garage and intended to do something with some have some of those "some days" too, don't you?...and she never found one in just the right size.   When she spotted this mirror/window, she knew this was just what she wanted.  It hasn't been hung up yet, but I'll try to get a photo when it is.  It's more fun to take photos of her house than mine these days.  Some changes are needed here.  I'd like to paint my walls, but I'm not sure I'm up to that right now.  That sounds like a spring time project...but I already have a list going for spring so we'll see. 

Hope your week is going well....happy Thursday to you!

xo Cheryl


  1. Gray days are very wearying...I am hoping for some sunshine here today myself! That window is going to be darling! Yes, we have a man who is beholden to no one and that is going to make a world of difference. God has been very good to us in giving such a person. I, for one, think he stands taller than most in character because he has given so much and laid so much down to do this job. He certainly did not need to take on this cause. He is a very hard worker. Hope that you folks see the sun soon!

  2. Yes. Yes. And yes.

    Oh, how I miss our Golden Corral. I'm the only one in our family though. LOL! I especially wanted to get to work in the bakery part and run that BIG mixer just once. ;) Hoping for you a sunny day soon! blessings ~ tanna

  3. I love that window mirror. I had one a little smaller than this one and without the shelf, but in dark straight wood. it hung for years and I gave it away. this one is much prettier. and looks more like a window than mine did. of course that was about 20 years ago that gave it away.. gray days depress me also. I love bright sun.. hope you get a few rays of sunshine soon

  4. My thoughts exactly about the events that took place in our nation's capital over the weekend. The vile and hateful things that were done and said literally left me unable to sleep well for a couple of nights and when I did sleep, I woke up thinking about it! God help them, is all I can say...He is the only One who can. I haven't been to Golden Corral for a good while...on purpose. I have a hard time controlling myself there but your place looks very delicious and sensible! Love the mirror and definitely want something like that in our future farmhouse! Enjoy the day!

  5. I love hobby Lobby, and this is an awesome find! I can't wait to see it in place. Yes, here it is not only cloudy, but so windy that it blew my scarf off my head today! We are to have flurries for the next four days!

  6. Hi Cheryl~

    Those dreary cloudy days really do get old quickly...we have them too... :0)

    It is unbelievable how much food we go through too! It seems like I am always running out of something, and making a run to the grocery. My meal planning is pretty much non-existent . . . I guess I should work on that!

    I love, Hobby Lobby! They finally built one here last year and it has been fun to go there and check out all the fun crafty things and cute decorations. It's a very dangerous place for me!!

    Fried fish sounds really good, and who could not resist creamed spinach?!

    Take lots of vitamin D3!


  7. We finally had some sunshine today, but it seems that grey is the predominant color these days.

  8. We had an hour or two of sunshine yesterday...I said to Roger, "See, the sun still exists!" I cannot talk politics without going off on a rant. I got tickled at the girl who cut my hair. I don't know who she voted for, she said things that made me think she could be either one. She said she was so tired of politics and hearing about 'the march,' on facebook that she wrote "Yes, I marched....I got up and marched my butt off to work to pay my bills!" She said people either loved it or hated it....said she really got the reaction to it.

  9. The weather seems to have an odd effect on me. I feel this need to make the most of a day when it's bright and sunny. On gray days I love to cozy up with tea and good approved reprieve! I have a growing stack that need to be donate as well.

    Love Hobby Lobby and all of those great stories who have one of a kind pieces and items...that mirror is so great!

    Jane x

  10. Love that wondw mirror. I agree God often does use imperfectpeople to fo HIs work and hopefully that is what is happening in the US.

  11. I don't like GRAY days either. And we have had too many here too. I do the same thing with books delving back into one I already read. Makes it impossible to part with them, I know. I love Hobby Lobby. That mirror is charming.

  12. I love gray days...but only for so long...then, it's time for the sunshine. :)
    your dinner looks good. it's one of our fav places to glad your son was with ya'll for's always so good when you can spend time with our sweet kids.

  13. THESE awful GREY days! The sun just broke through this afternoon for the first time in a couple of weeks and it makes me feel like stripping my clothes off and running outside...well...not that...maybe just running outside...okay-not that either....maybe just watching from the window...and, as I type- there goes the sun BEHIND the clouds again. WHY do I live here I ask myself...oh--yes---because my family is here!!

    I agree with your about the politics. What? You don't want to wear a pink JJ on your head? lol Me

    Have a great weekend. I sorted through my books last fall...but still have a few more to divest my shelves of and it is one of the hardest things for me to 'give up'. xo Diana

  14. we're having some sunny days and I love it. :) cute mirror! happy weekend!

  15. Hi,
    We have sun peeking! We had a week of GREY and ICE! I fell, my son fell and one of my best friends had to crawl to let her dog out. AWFUL!!

    I agree with you about our country. STRANGE!!! And the profanity coming out of the women's mouths. Honestly, worse then some Highway Department Shops I have been in. It really makes me sad.

    Have a great weekend and I am praying for our country with you!

  16. Gray days...ugggg Yes, they are depressing for everyone, especially in the winter. The world already i black and white, it seems. The color is gone till spring!! Veggies...I love ❤️ anything fresh!! Green beans, asparagus, broccoli, I enjoy steaming them, served with spray butter and vegetable seasoning!! Yummm.. I'm sorry to say, I have to stay away from places like Golden Correl as I'm allergic to MSG and so many places like that have it in their food 😟 How nice your son came home for the weekend...always fun to have them around. Love stepping into your world, if only for a few minutes!


  17. I don't usually comment because I'm not on the PC a lot but I do enjoy your pictures and wanted to acknowledge all your hard work in renovating. Awesome, beautiful job! I agree with your observation of people and I pray for our President and elected officials daily.

  18. Hi Cutie, I am one who usually loves gray winter weather... BUT--what I really love is SNOW ---and this winter so far, we have gotten almost none... Grrrrrrr...... SO--bring on spring!!!! ha

    Love the Golden Coral. My favorite thing there is their pot roast and veggies... YUM.

    I am very happy with our new President and so disgusted at the actions of the 'left' --with their language, their attitudes, their constant protesting and burning of property, etc.... BUT--what is 'egging' this on is the horrible media who are out to destroy Trump at all costs... The people who don't really know what is going on and who won't listen to Trump and what he is doing are only listening to the Democrats in Senate/House and to that terrible, horrible media (who are trying to cause civil war in our country).... Since I've been dealing with the wildfire devastation in Gatlinburg lately and am amazed at those people (their love, compassion, strength, etc.) ---I told someone on a Facebook Post that I would love to see those stinkin' protestors (most of which don't work and many are probably illegal) put their energies on helping people... Why don't they come to Gatlinburg and help those people rebuild???? Dang..... Sorry for the rant.


  19. I adore pastime Lobby, and this is a magnificent find! I can hardly wait to see it set up. Yes, here it is overcast, as well as so blustery that it brushed my scarf off my head today! We are to have whirlwinds for the following four days!

  20. I always love reading your updates on what you are up too. I have a bunch of books myself that I should take off to a place like that. Right now I haven't been able to read a novel for a very long itme. Since we are on a mission for our church we have lots of other stuff to study. I will look forward to some good novels to read in the future.
    I am with you, I am so tired of gray skies. It has been like that for a very long time and it does get depressing. I am looing forward to some sunny days. My moods are much better on those kind of days.
    I feel exactly like you do on the political climate in the United Stakes. I agree with every thing you sad. I just keep wondering if it is a sign of the times before the Savior comes.
    I love that you have some swet moments with you duaghter and then a good visit with your son.
    Hugs for sharing these thoughts today!

  21. Cheryl where have you been?? My husband and i have felt very alone in our political beliefs. Listening to the news and media its so one sided... I swear they are determined to tear this country apart at the seams... all for ratings??I say to myself .. okay so where are all the people that voted for Trump... You know nearly half the country voted for him so where is that half?? Why is no one speaking up FOR him only against him... that is if you listen to the news... Not one supportive word... I'am embarrassed and appalled not by Trump but by the actions of the American people.. I have never seen a President so abused, put down and spoken poorly of.. and i'm 50 years old... The election is over and its past time for us to give this man a chance... IMHO the people have spoken.. I can't help it though... i DO wish someone would take away his Twitter acct... to me the President has no business being on social media.... that should be beneath him... Staying on Twitter/Facebook is a mistake i think.....For one think it just gives the reporters more ammo... Hugs! deb