Friday, January 6, 2017

My Week...

Oh, what a night it was.

Do you ever have any sleepless nights?  You know, then, how it makes you feel the next day or two.  Tired, groggy, and just plain out of it, right?  

My week started off fairly well.  I spent a large part of the day Tuesday trying to find all the photos on my cantankerous laptop for my Before And After post of the work we did on Kim's house.

The next day, Wednesday, I did notice that my head was beginning to feel a bit full, but I braved the bitter cold and headed to CoMo to pick up daughter's payroll for her and exchange some drapes she had bought at Bed, Bath and Beyond, plus get a few needed items for myself.

Speaking of the panel was 2 inches longer than the other and when hung side by side you could tell that even the colors weren't the same!  And they were supposed to be exactly alike!

Fast forward to Wednesday night...daughter cooked another delicious meal for us since I'd run errands for her.  During the meal, I started feeling light-headed.  Soon, I had to have help to go sit on the sofa.  I was getting very dizzy.  I tried to lay down, but that made it worse.

After a while, BG helped me into the car and I took some Sudafed as soon as we got home and then went straight to the recliner where I stayed the whole night. 

I was afraid of lying down as I'd once had labyrinthitis and it kept me in bed for a whole month.  Never want that ever again!  I couldn't even get up to go to the bathroom and believe me, bedpans are no fun.  Especially when you are home alone while hubby is at work. 

Will this night ever end?
~An old joke:  Will you take my bags?  I can't, they're attached to your eyes.~
I thought this hilarious when I was young, until I started getting them.

So, there I am trying to sleep and once after dozing off...THUD!...a kitty jumped upon me and kneaded my tummy before lying down for a nice long nap.  Lucky kitty.  To still be alive.  ha!

I didn't sleep, only dozed a very few times.  Each of the kitties took turns sleeping on me, even Sissy who never, ever gets on anyone's lap.  Maybe she thought I needed comforting because I'm sure I must have groaned a few times...and probably muttered a bad word or two while impatiently waiting for the dizziness to ease up.  

As dawn broke yesterday morning, I was feeling better and able to walk to the bathroom unassisted.  Which was a good thing, because BG had bailed out of the house early to go to work after checking to see if I was still alive.  He doesn't do sickness very well.  When he is sick, he heads down to the man cave and you never see him again until he is very hungry.

I discovered that I was hungry for something to eat, so I decided to have an egg for breakfast.  Which butterfingered me dropped on the floor before I could crack it open to put in the pan.  Which required me to bend over to clean up the mess.  Whew!  I passed the first test because I got it done without getting dizzy.

Then, it seemed like whatever bug I had must have hit some of the kitties because I found 2 messes to clean up from them losing their breakfast.  Serves them right for pestering me through the night...ha!  More bending over for the cleanup, but thankfully no dizziness.

Today, I am still spending quite a bit of time in the recliner as my head still feels a bit yucky and I'm just plain lazy tired for some reason.  The Christmas trees and decor will have to wait until tomorrow to be put away, so I get to enjoy the pretty lights another night.

Exciting post, huh?  LOL!  I hope your start to the New Year has been better than mine!  I'm behind on visiting, but I'll get by as soon as I can.  Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

xo Cheryl


  1. Oh my goodness! Are you okay? This sounds purely awful! I sometimes get vertigo and do the ear adjustment thing, It works well for me thankfully. Get thee some rest and that tree can stay up until you're good and ready to take it down. Feel better soon!

  2. Hi~

    Oh, Cheryl, I hope you are feeling better! There is nothing worse than dizziness, truly the worse! Your cute little kitties were just worried about you, I have the same problem with my dog... :0)

    I have been battling fatigue after pneumonia, and I found that I just have to listen to my body. When it says I'm done, I'm done. Listen to yours!

    Get well soon!


  3. I'm sorry! Have you tried lavender oil in a diffuser? I use it at night and it keeps Abi from coughing all night. Just a few drops and it sends that lovely lavender up into the air. Lavender of course is sleep inducing.

  4. Oh, How miserable, Cheryl. That feeling of dizziness is just horrible. John had a lot of dizziness last year during his treatments and it is exhausting in addition to being disorienting.
    Allow yourself to 'lay low' and not feel guilty about it. I know how us women are. My husband is NOT good with 'caretaking' either but when he is sick it is like the world is going to is that?
    Sorry your poor kitties got sick, too. Hope you have a good weekend and are much better tomorrow. xo Diana

  5. My goodness, little Farmers Daughter...I sure hope you keep feeling better....we have snow and it's cold out here on the Plains of West Texas..brrr...we are staying in..

  6. I do hope you are now well on your way to feeling great again.

  7. That sounds wretched. I agree with the others: Let that tree stay where it is until you're fully recovered! Praying that you're feeling much better soon!

  8. Oh my, Cheryl...what you had sounds terrible! I hope you are feeling better now! Being dizzy is horrible and dangerous. I hope the New Year will bring better health and happiness! xoxo

  9. Hi Cheryl,
    Sending a HUG! My son is sick tonight. ;-( Grrr!

    I just read the before and after post. WOW!!!! Well done.
    Hope you feel better soon.
    Love, Carla

  10. SENDING some TLC. Hope you feel better soon. It's terrible when you're feeling too bad to barely move. If the dizziness continues get to a doctor.

  11. Oh no, I am so sorry! What is it about Christmas? I was in the E.R. on Christmas eve,but not with vertigo. Vertigo is AWFUL! I have had attacks since I was in my twenties. It would get so bad that I had to crawl. And when I close my eyes, things would STILL spin. You are basically helpless. An E.N.T doctor told me it can be caused by a virus. I see your kitty is smiling while she is laying on you. Cats can sense illness. Have you ever tried Dramamine? Sometimes it works for me, sometimes not. That's what the doctors tell me to use.

  12. I had to stop and look up the word labyrinthitis because I is new to me. wow that is a scary thing. and it does say it is caused by a virus. I suffer every now and then from vertigo or inner ear dizzy spells. my ENT told me to keep Dramamine on hand, I even carried it to work with me before I retired. it does not cure it, but it helps with the dizzy while you wait to get over it. it comes in drowsy for night and non for day... works really good. hope yours is gone and you are better today. I had a sleepless night to, my post yesterday told the sad story.

  13. Oh, noooo, Cheryl! So sorry! That is such an AWFUL feeling! I hope it is entirely gone and STAYS gone. Putting you in my prayers. blessings and hugs ~ tanna

  14. Hi, I hope you completely recover from this soon. A miserable way to feel.

    I had to laugh at the lucky kitty--lucky to be alive comment. My Cougar (his name, not a real cougar) one time jumped down from a chest right into the middle of Roger's chest when he was asleep. Roger would have did him serious harm if he could have gotten hold of him that instant. But he couldn't...

    What is more, Cougar knew. He never again touched Roger if he was sleeping. He slept with me, slept across my head, across my neck, and when he got old slept under the cover along my side with his head resting on my arm. He could smell Roger's way and know if he was asleep or awake...if awake, he would reach over and touch him or rub on him.

    He was the smartest cat I ever had...loved tomatoes and anything with tomato sauce...I still miss him to this day.

  15. Yikes. I had to look up labyrinthitis also. With that in your history, I hope you don't let this drag on too long before seeking medical help. Do take care and get help if you aren't better really soon. OK?? Sending hugs and prayers.
    On a lighter note, your cat is like Minnie. Both could use some core work:))

  16. I sure hope this week is much better for you! happy days to you!