Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Sunshine and Sunsets Make Me Smile

Hello!  What a wonderful day we had yesterday with spring-like temperatures and warm sunshine.  The sun has been shining the last few days and ending with some beautiful sunsets.  I've been finding myself singing this song  🎶...sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy...🎵while I'm alone.  Wouldn't want to sing where anyone can hear me...even the kitties cover their ears when I'm singing.  ☺  

I'm still working on going through my stuff and want to get rid of that which I don't use, need or love.  Right now, I'm still working on the books.  Next up are the stacks of magazines that I thought I'd go through someday and cut out recipes and ideas.  "Someday" never seems to arrive, so I'm going to be brave and toss them out.  Yeah, right.  We'll see how that goes.  

The hardest thing for me is getting rid of those items I don't especially want but have somewhat of an emotional attachment to.  I've read that we need to remember that they are just objects, without souls or feelings.  I tend to feel like I'm tossing out part of myself or the one that gave me that object.  Silly, isn't it?   Do you keep things for purely sentimental reasons that you no longer need or will ever use?

I'm trying my best to stay away from the news, it's not good for my blood pressure.  So I need to keep myself busy, busy, busy.  Yesterday, I went to visit my neighbor who is in the hospital with a broken hip.  She is 80 or so and was bending to pick up the cap that fell from her milk carton.  Her foot slipped and down she went.  Her hip was broken in 2 places.  Fortunately, someone was there with her at the time.  She says she will go to an assisted living residence when she is released from the hospital.  I'm so sorry this happened to her, she just lost her husband a couple of years ago and I've noticed that seemed to take a toll on her health.

Back to the books...and I need to do some laundry.  I always hold on to the railing as a precaution when going down the steps.  A lot of the time I have to take them one at a time because of my ankle or my knee.  My next house is going to have a laundry on the main floor! 

Happy Tuesday to you!  Hope you have sunshine on your shoulders today...ours has darted back behind the clouds again as I've written this. 

xo Cheryl   


  1. Hi There, Here's one you can sing: "You are my Sunshine, My only Sunshine"......

    Sorry about your neighbor. My daughter-in-law's father broke his hip recently from a fall... He is doing okay--and is going through physical therapy/re-hab....

    It's hard to get rid of sentimental things for sure... When George and I first got married, we both did a great job of getting rid of stuff before we moved here. Now that we've been here since 2002 ---things are quite cluttery... We need to do it AGAIN... (Maybe we just need to move!!!! ha)

    Have a great week and keep on sending those awesome sky pictures.

  2. yes, we had sunshine and I sing that song sometimes myself and others, like you are my sunshine. sunshine has and always will make me feel happy. so does getting rid of stuff. the odd thing is I have been on a 3 day roll of tossing out and cleaning. I did a post and you are the 4th blogger, which makes 6 of us that are all doing the same thing. good luck.. I cleaned a closet today that nearly killed me, 3 hours almost 4 of work. sunset is stunning.

  3. I've been humming that tune, too, Cheryl! Love me some sunshine on my shoulders! Yes, I hold on to things for purely sentimental reasons. If you figure out how to detach, let me know! ;) So sorry about your neighbor's fall. I'm glad she has you to visit. blessings and hugs ~ tanna

  4. Such a beautiful photo, Cheryl, and like you I have a tendency to hold on to things especially books, and magazine! Like you I have thought about going through my things and doing away with things that have accumulated over the past 50+ years! But find it so hard, I guess you could call me silly! ~smile~
    Please continue to hold the rails has you are going up and down the stairs, I tripped and fell going up ours about two months ago, and was very fortunate to of not broken any bones!
    I too have a friend that fell this past Saturday night and broke her hip, she is doing well, and will probably enter a nursing facility when she leaves the hospital!
    So nice to visit with you this afternoon,

  5. Your picture is GORGEOUS!!! So many of my blog followers are cleaning out stuff, too! Forget spring cleaning, I think most people do it after Christmas. Yes, I have trouble getting rid of sentimental things. Also with things that are real expensive, but I don't use anymore. But I have already done two rooms, and we have taken several carloads to Goodwill. Oh your poor neighbor! I have a real bad knee and have real trouble even walking. I have to use scooters in stores. I am unable to go up and down the steps to the washer and dryer, so Phil has to do the laundry! I would love to build a mud room onto the end of the house with a laundry room in it. We only have one floor, but so much is in the basement.

  6. (Commenting here is so difficult...trying again for the third time. Usually, the third time is the charm.)

    Typing extremely slowly also seems to help.

    Where was I? Oh, yes, the stunning sunset. And the agreement over watching the news. Such a lot of fake news or news presented with bias or slant. Ugh. Both our bps will be up.

    An upstairs laundry room is wonderful...we all should have one.

  7. I love sunrises and sunsets too. GREAT SONG you are singing too. BEAUTIFUL photograph. I have an attachment to all books. And tea mugs. Good luck with your project to downsize.

  8. Love that gorgeous picture.Oh,I am so glad to hear that others keep things purely for sentimental reasons.I have gotten a little better recently, but still have a hard time parting with some stuff.

  9. Hi,
    WOW, what a lovely photo!
    Yep ... we are in downsize mode here too. Not an easy project at all.
    Sending a HUG, I feel the pain.
    xx oo

  10. I love that photo...

    I have gone through my books and feel like I just cannot part with any more. I have quilt magazines, though, and think about getting rid of them. Then I think what would I do for inspiration if some day I did not have internet???

  11. Oh, your sunshine and warmth sounds so good. Your photo is lovely. I was going through some boxes looking for something today and found aobut 5 different small boxes full of cards I have received through the years. I struggle with wanting to throw them a way for sentimental reasons. Mewanwhile, I realized how I need to really go through our house and de-junk. It won't happen for a while; but it is a goal.
    I hate the news too and would prefer not to hear all the contravesary that surrounds Pres. Trump. Let alone just the evil that is evading our society. It's all so sad.
    Well, thanks for the picuture because it warmed me up. I am wishing for that sunshine to come through soon.
    Do be careful going downstairs; I have to be too. I am sad to hear about your neighbot. My sweet 96 year old Aunt just broke her foot and is now in re-hab. Chances are she is going to have to move into an assited living place too.
    Blessings and hugs~

  12. Morning Cheryl, love the pictures, cold but sunny here today. I'm a hummer, don't even realize I do, sing too.Blessings Francine.

  13. beautiful photo! so sorry to hear about your neighbor, so glad someone was with her. this instantly makes me think of my grandma. :) she's in Georgia and I miss her.
    I can clean out stuff, but not sentimental things. I have so much from the day my son was born. :) I have things that I refuse to let go of and I have some items he made for me that I'm getting laminated so I can enjoy them for years to come. :)
    the news...lol...I'm actually happy with part of the news and very unhappy with the other part. lol I think people need to stop and remember there are people in this country that don't get any help. their homeless and it's not always their fault and a lot of them are veterans, so it saddens me when they are forgotten about in our own backyard.
    I put on happy music quite often to pull me through the down times. :)
    happy days, Cheryl!

  14. So very sorry about your friend. That is probably the biggest fear as we age. Downhill is not always the easy way to travel.
    You are making me feel the urge to purge. If you have a lot of magazines, I have found the nursing homes or assisted living homes will take them happily. They say it helps if they have pretty pictures in them. Had to laugh at your singing and the cats. When ever I start, Callie immediately goes to the door and begs to go out. Good thing I'm not sensitive.

  15. As a nurse I often saw that broken hips lead to a quick decline in life style. It's good to keep our bone density as strong as we can and do balance exercises to keep mobility as much as possible to hopefully prevent falling and fractures. I hope your friend will feel stronger after rehab and perhaps delay assisted living a little longer. 80 is not that old these days!

    I am doing the same thing with stacks of magazine, too, Cheryl. I mainly save them for recipes so what I'm doing it just ripping out the recipes I think I'll actually try and then tossing them out. Then I sort them into categories and the next time I think "what should I make with these chicken breasts, or what crock pot meal can I try?" I look in the files and pick out a recipe I clipped. If its a winner I keep it, if not, out it goes. I did not re subscribe to any magazines until I get this task done so that is motivating me.
    Some sentimentality is OK. When we moved and I had to dispose of a lot one way or another I allowed myself to keep some sentimental things. I am trying hard not to add on anything new until I get rid of something old, especially with clothes.

  16. I called all over and asked who wanted magazines. I had several of those 'recipe' magazines and one of the churches wanted those for their 'recipe' club. A friend took well over a hundred of my gardening magazines! And the books- oh the books- I portioned those out to anyone that loved books and I texted them titles and they each told me what they wanted. It was hard to do-but I kept the ones I loved and let the rest go. I also had YEARS of decorating BOOKS (a small fortune worth) that were dated and no longer of interest to anyone...sad...I donated those to our thrift store and hope someone will pick them up and love them. So hard to do---I know how hard it is---Hang in there- you will do it and just feel a tremendous 'relief' when the job is done. xo Diana