Friday, March 21, 2014

Random 5 Friday

Here are my randoms for this Friday and a few questions, too.  

1.  My latest flea market finds were a red crock and a Mary Engelbreit flower pot, both for just a few dollars.  I haven't decided what to do with the red crock, or whatever it is called.  It's bigger than it looks and I already have a utensil holder.  Any suggestions?  I haven't a clue whether it was previously used for utensils, food or plants.  It doesn't have any lettering on the bottom.   

2.  Seen by the pond this week was our resident Blue Heron.  He wasn't around much through the winter, but now I see him pretty often.  I feel like he ought to have a name since he's here so much that he's almost like a family pet.  Well, sort of like.  What would be a good name for this heron?

3.  After a busy day of grocery shopping, looking at Lowe's for a new light fixture, and a little flea marketing, it was time to stop for a little "energy boost."  I'm sitting in that white car and picked up my camera to capture the sign inside the store.  It says "what's your favorite flavor".  My first choice is Pistachio Almond when I'm at Baskin Robbins, but truthfully, any flavor would do.  What is your favorite?

4.  Here is BG, and a co-worker on the left, trying out their new safety belts this week.  I didn't take the photo, another co-worker on the ground snapped it with his phone.  He's quite a be his age and having had a heart attack nearly 3 years ago and can still keep up with those half his age.  I would have a heart attack if I had to climb that pole.  I'm scared to death of heights!   BTW, I think that is a new line they're building, otherwise he'd have on those heavy, long rubber gloves they wear when the lines are energized.

5.  The weather was nice enough yesterday to sit outside in the sun without a jacket on.  Today promises to be more of the same.  "Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy...."  Name that tune!

That's all I have for this Friday.  Be sure to stop by Nancy's at A Rural Journal to see other randomness and have a fantastic Friday!

Until next time...   


  1. Wow, Number 4 looks so dangerours!!!! :O

  2. The song lyrics were recorded and co-written by John Denver. I'm not sure if the red crock is vintage, but Sears has one very similar made by Progressive International. It is a great find !

  3. Love your resident blue heron. no ideas for a name. how brave to be up so high to do those lines. frightens me too.

  4. Your new flower is cute, I like it.. And great shots of the GB Heron..they are beautiful. I would not be able to climb anything that high, looks scary..Wishing you a happy weekend!

  5. I will be humming John Denver's song all day now. lol

    As for the heron...we have one that we named also...we named ours Hector Heron. How 'bout Heathcliff, or Henri...anything that begins with an "H".

    Favorite ice cream? Blue Bell Black Walnut.

    And I agree, I am deathly afraid of heights.

  6. It's John Denver. I can see the album cover in my mind, but I can't think of the name of the song!

    Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy too. :)

  7. nice thrift finds ! I have two old pottery crocks that were my grandmothers and I used them for in they are just empty part of the year and then I might fill them with pussy willow, or hydrangea to dry out for the winter, things like that when they are in season.

  8. Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy I love that song and have no idea what the title is but now it is stuck in my head:)
    Love the red crock would look nice with utensils.
    Beautiful Blue Heron
    chocolate chunk and now as I am singing Sunshine on my shoulders always makes me smile:) and dreaming of ice cream for breakfast. Hug B

  9. A lovely assortment as always... Your husband looks very fit and capable up there doing his work. John says that keeping busy keeps a man young and that's why he won't let me call him "retired."

    Let's see... "Stan" would be a good name for the heron because he's tall and thin like Stan Laurel.

    The red it large enough to be used as a counter caddy for things you need like a few cute tea towels? I'm not very good with suggestions and usually get myself in trouble when I make them. ☺

    Baskin Robbins reminds me of a spring day. I remember enjoying Praline and Cream or something like that. We haven't had a BR store nearby in over thirty years. Have a happy spring day!

  10. i am in love with that flower pot - it totally stole the show & i got totally distracted ... what else did you say? ( :

    have a great weekend.

  11. Linemen are my heroes. When we are grumbling in the dark, they are in the worst of weather doing their best to make us comfortable again. Please give him an attaboy for me.
    I think that Denver tune is just named Sunshine. I sure liked him as a singer and his songs.
    Mint chocolate chip.
    The perfect use for that crock will surprise you in the near future. It always works that way for me.

  12. Cheryl,

    Cute flea market finds. I would use the red crock as a utensil holder. change up your kitchen a little. My second thought was a planter. What about a cookie jar or candy dish?

    I would all your resident Heron Blu. What about Herry?

    My Mom gave me a homemade ice-cream recipe that I am addicted to. Blueberry is my favorite.

    Enjoy your spring weather and have a wonderful weekend.

  13. John Denver. I can hear it now! And, Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy, too (let's just skip the part about it making us cry when it's in our eyes!). ;) Hope you enjoy another warm day!

    And, yep, I'm with you that climb would have me clutching my heart!

    blessings ~ tanna
    ps ANY flavor will do.

  14. Once again you have come up with a nice assortment of randomness.

    Love your new finds. My first thought with the red crock was utensil holder, but since you already have one my next thought is a red geranium would look nice in it. At Christmastime the possibilities could be endless. I think it would make a charming base for a small Christmas tree.

    The blue heron is such an interesting bird. You must really enjoy their visits. As for a name... I'm drawing a blank.

    Ice cream on a spring day. A match made in heaven. My favorite is usually mint chocolate chip. That is unless something else calls my name on a particular day.

    Your hubby does look very capable of doing his job well. One must be very brave to do that type of work.

  15. Harry the Heron and butter pecan or french vanilla, love both of those. fantastic foto with his phone, and i am with you, no pole climbing for me either .. i don't even like my step stool in the kitchen..sunshine makes life happy for me

  16. get some dried sunflowers for the red crock! fave ice cream? jamocha almond fudge, yum! have a great weekend! beautiful photos!

  17. Sunshine On My Shoulders is the tune. I would name him Bud, Bud the Blue Heron.. :) Fav ice cream flavor-banana with chocolate on top.. today! We so appreciate what BG does for us!!!

  18. Morning Cheryl, always enjoy the Random Five, now I will be humming that song all day :) Francine.

  19. We name birds too. The pair of white ducks we used to see at the pond near our house became Walter and Winifred. The heron we named Her-RON. (I am not sure if my husband Ron was flattered.)

    I hate heights. Hats off to BG!

    Ice cream? How about any of those decadent chocolate flavors, like Double Fudge Nut Brownie or Death by Chocolate or something like that.

    Happy weekend to you!!

  20. Good Morning Cheryl....
    Happy Friday to you.

    Great pic of your man. He must be in good shape. I am admiring that red crock!! I could certainly find many uses for this lovely thing. And...that scoop of ice cream speaks pure delight to my soul. I'm a fruity kind of gal so I'd have to go with the delicious flavor of strawberry...

  21. I definitely see wooden utensils in the crock.
    Hendricks is a good name for a Heron and "Sunshine" by John Denver is an all time favorite.
    I prefer plain old Vanilla to anything else but love many flavors.
    Funny, some people take to working at dangerous heights naturally. I'll keep my feet on the ground.

  22. Oh that Engelbreit pot is darling! Kitchen utensils in the crock for sure! My favourite flavour is vanilla!

  23. Oh I do love that Mary E planter, I am such a fan of hers and especially with the cherries. Hmm ice cream flavors, something with nuts is always a fav of mine. Happy Spring!!

  24. bless your hubby. :)

    a blogger friend of mine called her resident heron 'hank' as in hank heron. ;)

    the crock is pretty. i'd probably plant something in it as long as it had a lot of rocks on the bottom for drainage.

  25. Hi Cheryl!

    Cute finds! I love the red crock - anything would look cute in it!

    The Blue Herron is beautiful, but I'm not good with names, I'd just call him, Blue... ;0)

    My favorite ice cream flavor is, maple nut, yum!

    I hate heights - I could never do what your sweetheart does, too scary!

    Have a wonderful Friday!


  26. Hi Friend, Your hubby is amazing... We certainly do appreciate those who help get our electricity working... Bless him!!!!

    I would have said to use the big red crock for utensils --but you then said that you already had one.

    That ice cream sounds delicious... YUM.

    Love the Blue Heron... Beautiful bird.

    Have a great weekend.

  27. Love your new Mary E. pot, sweet. I am not sure who BG is...but he's an all American hero, when it comes to getting out power back on. Tell him to not let his spurs kick out.:) Blessings for a great weekend. xoxo,Susie

  28. Thanks for the ear worm ... LOL.
    Dang! I would not have the nerve to climb up that pole ... not now ... not even in my younger days! Good for him!
    Have a great weekend.
    diane @ thoughts and shots

  29. I love a touch of red in everyroom! I would use that red crock to hold something, I have one on the counter that holds some loon serving trays upright and I store things in there so they are off the counter.
    Harry the Heron!
    I like maple nut ice cream, I am never adventureous enough to try any other flavors.
    John Denver song and my husbands Aunt used to sing that to her children at naptime. I always thought the songs name was Sunshine on my shoulder!:)

  30. I miss Baskin Robbins, we don't have one around here anymore. I always loved the Banana Royale.

  31. The red crock would hold any collection you have, I collect rolling pins and would use it for that purpose.Your heron is lovely, How about Lucky.
    My favorite ice cream is Butter pecan.
    I always admire men who climb heights to work near power lines, and believe they must be in great physical shape. I do climb ladders but really am afraid of heights too.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  32. OMG! Number 4! I'm terrified of heights! xo Jen

  33. I wish I had more photos of my husband at work -- he's an iron worker and heights are part of his day as well. Me, no way!

  34. I am afraid of heights too! Hey, I love that turkey hiding behind your goodies! It takes a brave man to do line work, we see them all the time around here, and it is even scary to look way up at them. I think they deserve all the money that they can get paid. Don't get me started on my favorite flavor ice-cream! It has been and will always be chocolate chip. BUT it seems that cookie dough chip has replaced it, there is never any in the store. just as well, I am on a diet. SO good to see your comment!!!!

  35. How about Cagney, Hutch, Tipper, or Garbo? Great Photos!

  36. That crock would look really good with my red teapot!! i would use it for the counter top, perhaps you could switch it with the one your using. Lately, I only buy "stuff" if I know without a doubt where it's going or what I am using it for. I have way to much stuff!!

    I would name the heron "big blue"!!

    Have a happy Sunday!!

  37. Well, if you don't need another utensil holder... I have two by the way, then you could plant something in it. It would make a great flower pot or ivy pot.


  38. Those pots are so cute! They look good together. My favorite at BR is mint chocolate chip. Oh, I could go for it right now!

  39. I love your finds at the flea market. I think I will go to one or two this year too. You manage to find some great items.
    Oh, I do love the pictures of the bird. He is a beauty. Can you tell if he is a girl or boy. I will think about a name.
    I just have to have chocolate in my ice cream. I have been brave a few times and tried other flavors.
    I would not like to be on those poles. I think men who do this work are very brave. Loved the photo.
    Why don't you send some spring like weather here. We sometimes get a little hint of spring but it doesn't stay long.
    Blessings and hugs for this one!

  40. Will always love listening to John Denver sing that song..I love playing it on the piano.
    You do find great things at flea markets! I love ice cream but it makes me FAT! :) Probably quicker than anything else I can eat.
    A dear friend of ours was a lineman all his life after getting our of the Marine Corp. HOW I love your pictures! They are wonderful..clear..lovely.. *sigh* I need a new camera or my own photographer!