Thursday, July 26, 2012

Thursday's this and that

Your cat will never threaten your popularity by barking at three in the morning.  He won't attack the mailman or eat the drapes, although he may climb the drapes to see how the room looks from the ceiling.  ~Helen Powers
Life continues to be interesting with two kitties in the
house.  I have the spray bottle in reach at all times.  For such
a moment as the quote above describes.  Actually, Stormy has
outgrown such shenanigans, but the kitten we call Peanut
is just getting warmed up.  

There is no snooze button on a cat who wants breakfast.  ~Author Unknown

Stormy and Peanut get along really well, much to my
surprise.  They love to wrestle and play together.  This is
good exercise for Stormy who, prior to Peanut coming to
live with us, was getting fat and lazy.  The outside kitties have
been trying to cope with the heat and we keep fresh water out 
every day which they like.  Truman, who is in the first photo
with Peanut and Stormy, is coming around and will now
let us touch him.  I hope he will get tame enough for us to
find a home for him and his sister.

I have one bit of exciting news to share.  We got our new
 shingles on today.  We went with black and it looks great.  
The color isn't stark black and, with the sun shining on it, it 
really looks more like a dark gray.  I didn't think they would
 do this until cooler weather, but they called this week and 
said they would go ahead and get the work done.  It feels 
so good to get one item crossed off the list!  Up next, 
the bathroom project, when the weather is much cooler, that is.
We're hoping for a little rain this week and a cooling of
temperatures.  I'll be ready to dance in the rain, if it happens.

Until next time...


  1. Good morning Cheryl..
    Cute quote... and true!
    Our new neighbors have two hounds, which they claim never bark or howl... yeah right!
    We'll see about that.

    Exciting news about getting the shingles! It will feel so good to get that project done!!

    Hope you get some rain today :)


  2. Hahahaha... those spray bottles work great, Don't they? Kitties can sure destroy a house if you let them.

    Hope you are having a GREAT week. Terry

  3. Ohhhh, I like your mosaic. Very handsome. Yes, the kitties in it are, too.

    So glad that the roofing project is all done. Always a good feeling to tick things from the list.

    Stay cool until that rain comes...

  4. Youngsters keep ALL of us moving! LOL!

    Exciting to get your new roof!! I have loved the gray/black roofs. blessings ` tanna

  5. oh, thank goodness ... i got really worried i think you might at 1st you had shingles... ok ... i re-read it & you house got dressed up a bit. thank the heavens. ha. ha!! see how rumors get started. is that a type of zinnias? so pretty. please, show us some dancing in the rain photos soon. ha. ha!! (:

  6. oops... see you got me all worked up... thought you meant ... ha. ha!! (:

  7. oops... see you got me all worked up... thought you meant ... ha. ha!! (:

  8. Glad you are training the little one. :-)

    Hooray for one project, being completed! Yesssssss!!!!!!


  9. Glad your kitty children are all getting along well!

  10. shingles would not be my first choice for an expensive home improvement, but they are necessary.

    paint, new furniture, pretty inside things....that's my kinda home improvement!!

    i'm glad you don't have "shingles" they are very painful!!

  11. LOVE the 1st quote & rings true around my place... there's a neighbor's dog that barks CONSTANTLY, all day, all night & I've just about reached my limit w/ patience! I just can NOT understand how they bark so much.

    I'm most definitely a cat person, no doubt about it!

    Maybe a 'rain-dance' would help the rain come, altho, they're calling for rain down here today, so here's to it!!! =)

  12. a black roof would kill us here. :) i bet it'll help heat the house in the winter, though - and keep snow off the roof!

  13. Oh, Aren't you glad when you can cross off the to do list? Those kittens are adorable. My daughter fosters rescue kittens in her home, and right now they are in the "let's dig in the houseplants and sit on the parrot's cage" stage.

  14. Definitely a good feeling to get those jobs out of the way and even better when you are happy with the outcome. It sounds like you made the perfect color choice.
    Cute kitty pictures today.

  15. Indoor kittens are quite a challenge. Especially when they are climbers. Your cat collage is pretty cool.

    I tried tro do the rain dance this morning, but the rain stopped before my toes could start tapping. It is clouding up again, so I am praying and keeping my fingers crossed.

    I cannot imagine surviving this type of heat without an air conditioner!!!!!

  16. I liked this kitty post!

    Hot here too in Tonganoxie, and back up to 90 after a bit of rain last night. I don't know what happened to our "60%" chance for today.

  17. Congrats, Cheryl, on getting the new roof... Bet those dark-gray shingles are pretty....

    You kitties are so cute.... I laughed when you talked about the squirt bottle... My son and gal friend have little dog... They use the squirt bottle with him since he doesn't always behave either!!!!! ha


  18. Had to laugh. I have one of those with no snooze button.
    How sweet that they get along so well. Hope the outside ones can find a cool spot in this miserable heat. Even the birds are panting.
    We got a sprinkle today, not even enough to register in the gauge. Maybe later for both of us??

  19. Glad for the roof! and love the kitties!

  20. Glad your roof is the kitties.

  21. Congrats on the shingles! Love the cats. You are so right about it being nice for the older cat. My Cait was starting to just lay around until Mr. Personality, Jackson, came into the family. Now she gets a regular run for her money! :-)

  22. Gosh a great day - you have a new rood and the two kittens get a long. I love cats and dogs! sandie

  23. I just know you'll be right out there when it rains -- I know the feeling when you have NOT had rain in a long time - and so when it comes and your dancing in the rain be sure to snapshot a few photos to share -- I did just that and I got wet right to th bone! As for cooler weather I'm with you there..needs some too! That photo of that flower is lovely - what is the name of it?

  24. Good Morning Cheryl! Congrats on your shingles and I am glad you are happy with the color. We are getting new shingles for sure now too. Sometime between one month and three months. We are in line with all the other hail jobs. We picked Estate Gray, dark gray~dark. I am beyond cranky and sad over the heat and lack of rain. This has to break soon right? I mean, how long can it go on. Praying every night for a break in this weather pattern. I am loving that Stormy loves the new kitty. They can be buds now... :) I bet the Christmas tree will take a beating this year. Maybe the heat will have broken by Christmas?????????????

  25. Glad your kitties get along. Our old cats never seem to get along with new ones.

  26. "Kitty cats are a priceless commodity." Yours are precious.

  27. Your little peanut is really cute! congrats on the new roof! I had my new one put on about five years ago. The roofers were amazing with their team work.
    Have a great week!