Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wednesday's Agenda

I'm going to brave the heat and go to the city
today.  I'm looking for window treatments.
This has been on my to-do list longer 
than I care to say.  Just call me a
It's a must for downstairs.  I took the old curtains
down because of fading and cat hair/scratches
and the sun really beams in the window in the
 morning without a covering and it heats
up the room too much.

I'd really like to just buy an old-fashioned roller shade.
Remember those?
A heavy vinyl one that comes in a wide size.
Something I can replace often when if the cats tear it.
But, I don't think they make them anymore.
At least in the size I need.  

The size is awkward for shades or blinds, so I will
 look again for room darkening panels.

I wish I'd had my camera close by tonight.
Peanut, the newest kitten, decided to shinny up
my drapes in the living room.  It was a 
funny sight and I had to laugh.  I must
be mellowing in my old middle age.   She
had such a look on her fuzzy face after she
climbed so high.  It was a "how do I get down
without falling or making a fool out of myself" look.

I am also in the market for new drapes as you
might imagine.  But, I've decided the smart 
thing to do is to wait until (a) we find a home for
Peanut or (b) she outgrows climbing drapes!

What's on your agenda today?  And, if you are a cat
owner, what kind of window treatments do you
have that are kitty-proof?  I'd love to know!

Until next time...


  1. Hahah... cats can sure shred curtains can't they? I have no idea what you could do to stop them from climbing.

    A friend of mine kept a spray bottle of water and every time they climbed, she sprayed them. another friend declawed hers... but I am not so sure I like that idea.

    If you happen to have any zucchini recipes on your blog, link them up here.

  2. we have kitty/doggy proof vertical blinds, we had to have them custom made, with no chains at the bottom, they swing free, our window is about 7 feet wide and the dogs were tearing down the drapes jumping at the window when anything even breathes in the front yard. they have been there since 1989 and yes i do know they are not IN fashion now, but they close at night and open in day and are animal proof.

  3. I have blinds, drapes and verticals.:) I have the same type of verticals Sandra has because of our puppy dogs. I bought material and made my own valances. JCPenny is a great store for window treatments. You can custom order just about anything. Yes, I do remember those shades. :) Have a fun day in the city. I'm out and about just about everyday.

  4. Well I have my cats declawed because I keep my cats indoors and because I can't afford to have my furniture and window treatments destroyed.

    Oh I remember when you could get a roll blind sized to any window and now I've seen them do so many cute treatments with putting fabric on them using the fabric glues and things and trimming them out. They don't do that anymore? Darn!

  5. I was interested to see the replies...nothing on my agenda for sure today. Been considering a trip to Arthur, Illinois but not even sure about that since we get Lo tomorrow.

  6. I still have roll ups in my bedroom. You're right. They're not made much anymore.


  7. I have blinds, but kitty proof? Is anything?

  8. Oh dear! Having to look for things for the house. Here, it's a needed chair.

    Unlike many women, I do not, not, not enjoy shopping!!!!!!!!!! So I feel for you. ,-)

    Mmmmmm, as to the kitty climbing the drapes.... Is it good to laugh and allow it, even though a kitty is cute? A cat, will not be cute. But will never have learned NOT to do some things. Unless it is trained.

    And even if someone else gives the kitten a home, wouldn't your training, be a gift to the new owner?

    Maybe...................... :-)

    "Auntie sezzzzzz..." :-)

  9. Waiting for age to settle in and for them to understand what a scratching pos is the only way to kitty proof your house. Good luck.
    I have those pull down shades as well as blinds which really helped during the 100+ days but I have regular sized windows. Good luck.

  10. CATS never outgrow climbing. Wait til Peanut sees a Christmas Tree. LOL We have vertical blinds. Maybe that would keep the kitty grounded. Good luck.

  11. Oh my, I am not a cat lover or any pet lover. We had a cat when we were first married and I loved her. And yes, she about destroyed our lace curtains! We have room darkening curtains in our bedroom and I love them. They really keep the room nice and cool during the day. Hope you have some success. Your photos are just beautiful!

  12. I don't have pets so I don't need to worry about window treatments. I still have roller shades in my den, but have purchased blinds and am waiting for someone to hang them for me.

  13. Hi, love the cone flower shot, my favorite flower. All your pictures are great, as for kitty proofing, not to sure, sorry. Blessings Francine.

  14. Beautiful sky photos! GOod luck with the window coverings. If you are like me, you will know it's the right one when you see it.
    In the mean time, enjoy little peanut.

  15. What I use is in the auto department of Wal Mart. They have they sun darkening plastic that adheres to the windows and it is great. They also have panels that darken at Wal Mart and Bed Bath and Beyond - we just did grandsons room with them. Love, sandie

  16. We don't have cats, but I still love blinds... We went through Budget Blinds a few years ago --and got some nice, wooden ones. They are good for cats since you can pull them up and down.... Good Luck with your purchases.

  17. My Wednesday came and went in a haze. Getting ready for vacation, so doing a lot of last minute things. Sure hope you found some window treatments. Have you thought about plantation blinds? That is what I have hanging on my kitchen windows. I love them because I can control the light. I don't think cats could do too much damage to them either.

    Have a wonderful Thursday, since Wednesday is history!

  18. Very nice images and I remember those old school window shades folks. Richard from the Amish settlement of Lebanon,pa

  19. Is there a cat-proof curtain???

  20. I would go for the roll-up blinds if you can find them..I like them the best -- when we had a cat we did not have curtains just blinds.. so I did not have the experience of cat on my curtains - wink!

  21. try here:

    i googled vinyl roll up shades/blindes. a lot came up!!

    pretty images today!!